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Take The Food Stamp Challenge And Then Tell Me That SNAP Recipients Get Too Much!

Updated on July 24, 2021

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

How hard is it to eat when you need food stamps to survive? Take the food stamp challenge and find out! Try it for a week and then tell me that recipients of food stamp assistance have it easy. I contend that it is not easy to live on an average of $31.22 per week, per person. I am willing to try it. Are you?

How many times have I had to listen to people, not just on this site, but countless others, say, "Oh! I see these people buying things that I cannot begin to afford." I am tired of it and if that is your opinion, then it is time to put your money where your mouth is, literally! I would further suggest that at the end of the week, take the money that you would have normally spent on food, coffee at Starbucks, McDonald's, eating out, etc. and donate it to a local food bank.

At this time of year, especially, when we are so caught up in the frenzy of holiday buying and getting ready for a Merry Christmas, maybe we could all use a small sacrifice to keep the season of giving in perspective.

In September of 2012, CNBC reported that 46 million Americans were using food stamps. They attributed it to the recession that hit in 2008. The article also discusses the stagnation of wages and underemployment as part of the cause. The International Business Times reports that 16 million of our children are hungry everyday, and that 75% of the families receiving food assistance have family members that include seniors, disabled or children. 85% of the families are living below the poverty level.

I have had my fill of all of the talk from those who say that throwing people off the food stamp rolls will force them to become independent. Sure, let's force our hungry kids to become independent! That'll work! Let's force the working poor to become more independent by starving them! If you feel that way, then have the guts to face a fellow human being who is working hard for low wages and tell them, face to face: "You are a taker, not a maker, and I am tired of helping you eat!"

As I said before, I'm in and I am issuing a challenge to all Hubbers, and anyone else interested---let's do this together and then write about our experiences. This experiment could change some opinions and I cannot predict what those opinions will be, but am interested in any results from this challenge.

The Food Stamp Chart: Monthly Allowances

The Kaiser Institute has published a chart (below) based on 2011 allowances. Either go by your state allowance or use the national average. Remember to divide by 30 and then multiply that by 7.
$133.84 divided by 30 = $4.46 X 7 = $31.22 for a week going by the U.S. average. You can check my math. I lost my trusty calculator...

Average Monthly Food Stamp Benefits per Participant:

United States average = $133.84

Alabama = $135.18

Alaska = $170.83

Arizona = $128.70

Arkansas = $123.52

California = $147.11

Colorado = $140.48

Connecticut = $142.47

Delaware = $126.80

District of Columbia = $141.68

Florida = $139.55

Georgia = $135.37

Hawaii = $215.38

Idaho = $131.95

Illinois = $139.15

Indiana = $131.66

Iowa = $126.33

Kansas = $126.34

Kentucky = $127.60

Louisiana = $130.59

Maine = $128.43

Maryland = $129.19

Massachusetts = $132.29

Michigan = $136.18

Minnesota = $115.08

Mississppi = $123.29

Missouri = $127.05

Montana = $129.66

Nebraska = $122.69

Nevada = $124.36

New Hampshire = $119.54

New Jersey = $133.26

New Mexico = $127.07

New York = $148.63

North Carolina = $124.58

North Dakota = $131.58

Ohio = $139.87

Oklahoma = $128.43

Oregon = $128.25

Pennsylvania = $128.40

Rhode Island = $142.95

South Carolina = $132.21

South Dakota = $132.70

Tennessee = $133.82

Texas = $125.57

Utah = $117.41

Vermont = $122.10

Virginia = $129.55

Washington = $126.19

West Virginia = $119.81

Wisconsin = $116.28

Wyoming = $122.96

Guam = $216.25

Puerto Rico = NA

Virgin Islands = $176.11

I'm Starting on Saturday!

I am going to start on Saturday. Will you join me?


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