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Taliban Terror Creeping Into Pakistan's Nuclear Zone

Updated on July 29, 2009

 Despite the recent success of the Pakistan military in reclaiming and "cleansing" the Swat and Bajaur provinces of Taliban fighters, all that really has happened is a shifting of sand. The Taliban did not, nor could fight, against modern Pakistani army and air force weapons. They tried in vain to make a few "last stands" and were decimated. So, as any guerrilla type force would do, they would pull back and shift their focus on more lucrative targets. There is more than one way to skin a cat and the Taliban know this. They know they can focus efforts in Afghanistan and other provinces within Pakistan where the Pakistan army is paltry. In their mind, let Pakistan take Swat and Bajaur, we'll focus elsewhere.

Elsewhere is in the near of Pakistan's nuclear zone: the Karachi area, home to many of the 80 nuclear armed missiles Pakistan has. The recent proof of the Taliban shifting focus happened when the home of a Muslim religious leader blew up into a zillion pieces and the explosion was heard six miles away. Police found scores of explosives, rockets, suicide vests in the litter. At least this litter cannot be used to conduct attacks in the southern Punjab region where the nukes are stored, fornow.

Worse is that even IN Karachi, Pakistan's home of pragmatic commercialism and its hub, the Taliban have total control of some neighborhoods that have "armed' entry and exits! The Taliban run numerous illegal activities such as kidnapping for ransom, robbery, murder etc. The Taliban are a mob cloaked in Islam dress. When non-Taliban people attempt to enter these "Taliban zones" within the city, they are turned back. The major of this huge metropolitan area cannot even show up of there in fear of assassination. The Taliban tentacles have spread into smaller towns like Bahawalpur, where music shops and girl's schools have been shut down and non-Taliban visitors are threatened.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the USA has given Pakistan $11 Billion. Most of it to its army. Even with this amount, Pakistan is in critcal condition with fighting the Taliban. The reason is that 60% of its people share many of al-Qaida's or Taliban's views of the US and 30% of them favor, yes, favor militant attacks on the US or thier proxies. What is happening is all the money in the world cannot win the hearts and minds of its people if it all goes to the Army. If a fraction of this went to schools, education to combat the Taliban madrassas and their radical teaching, the percentage would be far less. The Taliban madrassas provide free tuition, free meals and scholarships to study abroad. The current Pakistani schools do not. if you are poor, which school would you attend?

The US places tariffs on products from Pakistan, how idiotic is this! Thus, by removing the tariffs would help its economy, its people and create good will.

Pakistan is eroding and who knows exactly were the nukes will land as the Taliban slowly speads into all facets of Pakistan like a cancer.



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    • Thesource profile image


      8 years ago

      My biggest question to you is why is US giving them all this money which eventually ends up with our enemies? Pakistan seem to be insecure with their neighbors like India and Afghanistan. Talibans are trying to destabilize Afghanistan and terrorize India and US. Pakistan pretends to be an US ally fighting with these terrorists. Can't US see that they are feeding the terrorist through the back door via Pakistan's ISI organization? Why is the US sending their young men and women into harms way into Afghanistan while funding their enemies?

    • athulnair profile image


      9 years ago from India

      Very informative, visit this hub and make comments about it.


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