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Taminadu Chief Minister and AIADMK Supremo Bagged a Landslide Victory in RK Nagar By-election

Updated on July 21, 2015

Chief Minister Jaylalitha ,the Winner from RK Nagar


Jayalalithaa Recorded a Massive Victory in RK Nagar:

Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa succeeded to have obtained a landslide victory in the by-election from RK Nagar Assembly seat beating the nearest rival by a havoc margin around 1.5 lakh votes. Since the beginning of the counting ,the AIADMK chief had an unbeatable lead. Number of total votes was 1,81,420 . Voters cast 2376 votes on ‘None of the Above’ (NOTA) button . 1,79,044 were for all the contestants. At the end ' Jaylalithaa got 1,60,432 votes while Mahendran managed to secure only 9,710 votes. Maverick social activist ‘Traffic’ Ramaswamy(He is popularly known as traffic in Tamilnadu.) secured 4,590 votes.An easy win of the AIADMK chief was predicted well before the poll and it seemed to be true since the commencement of the counting. The nearest rival of Jaylalitha, Mr. Mahendran of CPI bagged 9,710 votes only at the end. Jaylalitha secured 1,60,432 votes.

In this May of 2015 , the assembly seat was become vacant. Within six months Jaylalitha would have been elected as an M.L.A.(Member of Legislative Assembly) to keep the post of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. (Ms. Jayalalithaa contested the bypoll after her acquittal by Karnataka High Court in a disproportionate wealth case.) She had come back as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on May 23. This followed a seven-month hiatus .She contested the election to gratify the constitutional requirement of getting elected within six months of holding a post. P Vetrivel of AIADMK vacated the seat in May to enable Jayalalitha’s re-election.

C. Mahendran

A door to door caimpaign by CPI candidate C Mahendran.
A door to door caimpaign by CPI candidate C Mahendran. | Source

Some Important Dates


Supporters are celebrating with symbol of AIADMK embossed with an image of Jaylalitha


Campaigns and Oppositions

Campaign :-

The victory of Jaylalitha had been conceived well before the the poll took place. The supporters of Jaylalita or AIADMK gave allout assistance for the win of their leader Jay Lalita .The by-poll was scheduled on 27th June in 2015.JayLalita selected Radha Krishnan Nagar assembly for winning by-poll election .Party workers ensured her victory well before the election. The party machinery of AIADMK, led by former Chief Minister Panneerselvam( He was selected as the chief minister of Tamilnadu in absence of Jaylalitha who had been imprisoned due a case of disproportionate property) . Party ,across the state, tried its best to hand the victory in the by-election over to Jay Lalitha. Important opposition parties like DMK, BJP, Congress, MDMK and PMK had fixed to boycott the by-poll. However , CPI did not do so. It gave its one senior candidate against AIADMK supremo.The party workers wore the plastic green placards having a picture of two leaves with a photo of Ms Jay Lalitha. An image of two leaves is the symbol of the AIADMK party of Tamilnadu.Jaylalithaa is the present lone supremo of this party.

The party functionary highlighted the ruling party’s upbeat steps like giving free mixies, grinders, milch cows, sheep, laptop and bicycles for students and initiating popular ‘Amma Canteen’ which is an initiative for selling food items with high subsidy. Ms. Jayalalithaa showed her interactive charisma during election meetings. AIADMK had promised people of RK Nagar with the hope that the people of RK Nagar would be better benefited if Amma (Jay Lalitha) would have been favored in the by-election by the people of the place. They will prosper more swiftly than people of other region. They said that Development was peeping through the winning of Amma.All was because the candidate from AIADMK was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Opposition :-

DMK, BJP, Congress, MDMK and PMK boycotted the election with an allegation that the AIADMK would spread money to make their leader the victor. They also felt that the by-poll was not an important challenge for them. Assembly elections will occur early in the next year. Communist Party of India was the single party to challenge AIADMK of Jaylalitha. The senior state leader C Mahendran of the CPI was chosen against Jayalalithaa in the by-election.The CPI workers begged of votes to “protect the interests of working classes, the common man and democracy.” Mr. Mahendran was fully supported by the CPI party. He was also backed by other left branches including trade unions. He performed a door to door campaign in the bylanes of the claustrophobic North Chennai region. There were 28 contesting candidates in total. Ramaswamy, the social activist was another important figure in the election. But the main contest was between Jaylalitha of AIADMK and Mahendran of CPI.

Some Important Acronyms

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
Communist Party of India
Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran

Result of RK Nagar By-election


Poll Details in RK Nagar By-election

The poll happened on 27th June on Saturday.The turnout was 74.4 percent. The counting began at 8 a.m. at Queen Mary’s College. Impenetrable security was deployed.The first round counting was interesting.In this counting , 11,188 votes were computed .Among these,174 were of NOTA,9562 were of Jaylalitha. In that counting ,C Mahendran bagged only 930 votes. ’Traffic’ Ramaswamy (Ramaswamy is popularly known as ‘traffic Ramaswamy’),the independent candidate secured 289 votes. Thus from the beginning Jaylalitha led the computation by more than eight thousand votes. There had been 17rounds f countings before the declaration of the winner. The counting ended at 1.10 p.m. when the counting officers found that Jaylalitha secured 1,60,432 votes and the nearest rival C Mahendran of CPI got 9,710 votes to see his position well behind the chief of the AIADMK. The Governor of Tamilnadu congratulated her on her victory.

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Selvi J Jayalalithaa and Dr.K.Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu at Raj Bhavan


Panneerselvam distributing sweets


Promise and Prediction

The winner or the Chief Minister of Taminadu, after her invincible victory , assured her voters for their welfare. She said that the faith they had shown to her would be given back in forms of welfare .She thanked her party workers for whom he had succeeded to secure a massive victory. She also thanked the leaders of the alliance parties. The AIADMK supremo thanked everybody specially the voters from RK Nagar assembly. She said that result of the by-election of RK Nagar was a sign for the future prosperity of their party in the coming election next year. She said that the victory indicated AIADMK would have seen a massive success likewise in the election next year .

Congratulation :-

Tamil Nadu Governor K Rosaiah congratulated Jaylalitha for her success. The Union Minister of State and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pon Radhakrishnan congratulated Jayalalithaa on her landslide victory in RK Nagar assembly by-election.

Celebration :-

The senior AIADMK leaders, led by the former Chief Minister Panneerselvam celebrated the great moment of the undefeatable win by the chief Jyalalitha.They distributed sweets to celebrate the great issue of their leader’s landslide victory with great enthusiasms.Party workers from Srirangam in Tiruchirappalli district, from where she had successfully won last time and became the chief minister, celebrated the by-election victory of their supremo with gigantic dimensions .They danced,distributed sweets.Besides they burst crackers.They prayed before the almighty God in different places. In RK Nagar, the party supporters played songs of films of Jaylalitha .They also heard songs of the founder MGR.Thus they enjoyed the win.


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