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Let's Meet in the Middle

Updated on January 20, 2010

Taunting Terrorists Or Going Overboard?

Most people would agree that hiding our heads in fright would only give terrorists what they seek. However, taunting them as been done within the last month seems foolhardy as well.

The new world-record building, Burj Khalifa, officially opened January 5, 2010, with much ceremony and media attention.

While discussing the building's safety features, Greg Sang, Emaar's director of projects, said the Burj has "refuge floors" at 25 to 30 story intervals that are more fire resistant and have separate air supplies in case of emergency. He said the building's reinforced concrete structure makes it stronger than steel-frame skyscrapers.

"It's a lot more robust," he said. "A plane won't be able to slice through the Burj like it did through the steel columns of the World Trade Center."

That sounds like a dare - a lot like the unsinkable Titanic. We know what happened to that ship.

Democrats have dismissed the Christmas Day wannabe bomber as a lone wingnut, low on the food chain and barely trained. While the Republicans have gone in the other direction completely and in the process are giving the terrorists what their bomber failed to give them - lots of publicity.

The parties need to meet halfway. Downplaying terrorism is only daring them to be more successful and to keep trying. Republicans need to tone it down and quit giving them victories where there isn't one.

Fox News ran with the headline that President Obama reacted quicker to the Haiti Earthquake faster than the Christmas Bomber. Rush Limbaugh basically concurred.

President Obama provided an explanation about his under-the-radar approach and I actually agreed with him.

Terrorists take the smallest of victories and turn it into a windfall. Two or three deaths is a victory. In the instance of the failed bombing, there would have been no victory had the news media reported it and let it go. The government needs to investigate it and fix the problems. But the media is still harping on it 20 days later AND comparing it to the devastation in Haiti. Pleassssse.

Half a million people died in Haiti not to mention the injuries and we're trying to compare that to a failed bombing where the bad guy and a hero were burned. Yes it's serious. No it's not like 9/11.

While we must figure out how an individual got through security with explosives, turning into a police state is not the answer either.

It's obvious Americans will not sit back and let a handful of people kill them. In every instance since 9/11 where someone has been out of control, making threats or actually trying to carry out threats ordinary people have stopped them.

Now it's time to meet in the middle. Stop blowing everything out of proportion but don't taunt the would-be terrorists. Don't brag that we can't be touched. We are touched with every attempt but we are not destroyed. Move on.


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