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Team Trump is Unraveling

Updated on October 3, 2019

The rapid unraveling of the POTUS White House team is full of deceit, corruption, fake narratives that spin just propaganda, and just lies, to immunize Trump and his inner circle. It's like in the last days of WW2 when Hitler only could trust his inner circle of diehard supporters for advice, everyone else knew what Hitler was about.

The White House, on a daily basis, is stumbling over their previous lies and fake news about facts. We all know that liars always get caught in the end because facts are just that and sooner or later, the liar will be tripped up in their own web.

This is Trump's doing because he lies consistently. At every step, he relishes his non-cooperation mantra with regards to Congress. By stalling through non-cooperation, he hopes to buy time. Trump may win some battles, but it just shows a president that Americans cannot trust in any manner. If there is nothing to hide, then be transparent. Its a simple thing.

Whistleblowers Plus

Trump released the Ukraine phone call notes because he had to but he also wanted to. He thought he did nothing wrong and thought that by being transparent (by releasing the transcript) it would be to his benefit, image-wise. Had he known it would have the opposite impact and impeachment, he would have buried it in that classified server along with his transcript call with Putin and notes with Putin in Helsinki. I am sure he is regretting that bad decision.

Even Putin has now called on Trump to release any notes and transcripts on the one on one Helsinki talk where there were no others in the room. What is Putin's play here- he knows what was said and perhaps being the bad actor as he is, it could further hurt Trump's image as a pro-Russian president, or, clear his name.

The whistleblower that started the current impeachment inquiry rush, is not the only one. Another whistleblower has come forth with credible allegations to be investigated regarding his IRS taxes and audit. It alleges that Trump used inappropriate efforts to influence IRS audits that could be misconduct of POTUS. Court filings have yet provided Trump's tax returns, which leads one to think there is "undue influence" from Trump.

Abuse of Power is not hard to do for any leader of a country. Receiving a mere phone call carries substantial importance. With the Ukraine matter, the Ukraine president had noted that he wanted to buy more weapon systems from the US. Trump responded with, "that would be great but I need you do a favor". He then went on about investigating corruption and the Bidens, which was the real jest of what he wanted. He wanted dirt on his political rival to personally benefit him. It is clear. Any dirt found, would not be a benefit to America, only to Biden.

Then, there is the Mike Pompeo. He stumbled badly, like Trump has many times. At first, he said he knew nothing about the Ukrainian phone call, then, he had to admit it was a lie and that he actually listened to the call! So, he knew exactly about it from the start. It is really horrible knowing you cannot trust POTUS or his Secretary of State.

Both are habitual liars. They deceive and deflect facts. Both stonewall and ignore anything that Congress demands and has a right to oversight. This IS obstruction of justice. They instruct their subordinates to do the same.

All this does remind me of Nixon in 1973-4. His inner circle did the same thing and everyday more and more Republicans are supporting impeachment as more facts come out.


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