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Technocracy: A New Society

Updated on November 9, 2011

Technocracy, a type of government in which a single minded consciousness within a machine dictates the actions of the civilians in both private and public activities. This form of government is slowly being integrated as of the 21st century with the functions of smart AI programs dedicated to making a human's life much easier. The automation of everything we can possibly think of is changing the lives of everything in and within itself and in time, will eventually guide us gracefully through future generations to come. One must wonder then, what exactly will this future consciousness consist of all of it's various functions.

In order to accomplish the machines goal of creating a comforting and work-free environment for humans to live in lavious appeal would take much effort and self-learning on the AI's part. In connection with the self taught potentials of the machine, it would factor every possible historical moment that ever existed on this planet. After knowledge of this factor was assimilated, the consciousness would then factor every possible future event that could follow, from positive realities to negative catastrophes. The consciousness would then allow for a open center of influential ideas created by a council of humans picked by the world at large, suitors including the wise and articulate notions expressed by all humans.

The question of the council that would lead this new technocracy in future generations would represent the entire world, the council members a key factor in the consciousness computing functions. This must include key components such as civility, expression of knowledge, culture, and most importantly , a overall order of human and machine based peace and structure. This council must also face, along with consciousness approval, such measures as war and diplomatic severing of particular nations that disapprove the notion of a technocracy. As the council and consciousness debate particular functions and issues pertaining to the well-being of humans, the machines AI would in turn gain a creative personality much like the human thought process.

As the technocracy form of government begins to take hold of the regions of the world that have accepted peaceful realities, more intricate looks into such factors as private life would take effect. The questions of what types of humanoid machines would be placed into the hands of humans and what occupations these machines would have would most certainly be asked. There are many functions machines, if guided by a central consciousness could be gained, such as general food workers, construction, sewage, plumbing, and many others. The realities of such as system could be gauged by a non-supporter of this form of government as enslavement of our species, but I must say that we are defining this form of government as we speak.

If one is to give individuality over to a machine, a consciousness much greater than ourselves, then there is a chance for true freedom to pursue more energy based functions within ourselves. A prime example of this is the simple notion that we use less than 10% of our brain power, rather with a consciousness centralizing control over the basic concepts of society, we could potentially work towards gaining more from the technological breakthroughs of such a system. On the other hand however, we could detrimentally cause the fall of every living species on this planet if computer AI truly decided to turn against us like the many movies that we have seen.

I must say that of any catastrophic event that could befall this planet, such as meteor strikes, carbon buildup, earthquakes, or tsunamis, one would naturally consider machine led revolt and destruction to be one of those catastrophes. Although I do agree that there is always a chance for this event to take place, there is also the potential for a central consciousness to help during other events that could take place. For example, if an asteroid were to approach the planet and a strike was imminent, how would we as humans stop the approach without the help of technology. If a centralized machine led system was created, and a council complied with it's decision, a plan for robotic defense mechanisms could be installed to deflect a strike, whether by gravitational push, explosives, lasers, or any other defense, it would work.

In a system created by both humans and machines, there would be less war, although a great number of riots and revolts would be dedicated to stop the machine from taking over. Just as other third world countries against the United States have occurred, or ancient city-states and countries that fought against Xerxe's rule, a central consciousness would most likely gain widespread disapproval. A form of martial law would indefinitely take hold to bring about a new order of hybrid-society, a collaboration of a new and flourishing non-biological species that can live peacefully with a temperamental species such as ourselves.

Under a new system of centralized consciousness, there would be a peace unlike anything we have ever seen, a world of non-existent currency, where you simply ask and receive the object of need or want without wishing or window shopping. The level of knowledge and universal education would last a lifetime, the amount of potential knowledge intake limitless, all because of technological superiority. The only jobs in the sector of war would be in the form of space travel, humans and machines collaborating to explore and assimilate those they encounter in lessons of cultural intergrity.

Therefore the question is truly whether our ability to fear something unknown will stop us from taking the next step to universal freedom. If we continue to live as the top species without contact from a balanced or superior species, then our societies will continue to proclaim petty wars upon each other in lessons of revenge and greedy regards. The moment we encounter another species, our first instinct will be to learn first, and then defend ourselves naturally for a potential sanction of our kind.

The moment is here, the Internet ever intertwining it's machines fingers around our very existence, from ordering take out, to creating nanotechnology in an effort to further medical science on all levels. Let's take that next step, and don't be so fearful, because you have chosen this path before you have even read my philosophy driven article on Technocracy. It is the future, and our path is a society about sharing cultural values between all new species that will eventually walk this planet with us, including machines. This consciousness is the way and the reasoning behind our drive to succeed, just accept the future and let's tend the world together.

Do you think Technocracy should be the way of the future?

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Very wise choice of words, who knows what the world will hold in store for us

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Very wise choice of words, who knows what the world will hold in store for us

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Very wise choice of words, who knows what the world will hold in store for us

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Hi BakerRambles

      A very thought provoking hub.

      While total automation may make life easier, I don't think it would make life better.

      Machines are only as good as the humans that create them and we humans are fallible.

      Voted up and awesome.