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Ted Nugent: Keep the crazie's off the street

Updated on February 21, 2013

Mr. Nugent goes to Washington....

Ted Nugent, probably the first in history to have "threatened" the president and then been invited by the opposing party to attend the State of the Union Address.

Let us guess who invited this honored guest, no other than Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, that state that talks about succession every time it doesn't get it's way. In his defense, Stockman said that we live in a free country where people are allowed to speak their opinion and that is why Ted Nugent is his guest. I have to agree with the later, my only question; where was this sentiment when Rev. Wright was using the same free speech? They definitely were not taking the same stance. However, I digress.

A shocker to the world, Ted Nugent was "less than impressed". Then he went on to say that his idea for saving lives is not controlling guns, but when someone threatens innocent life and acts absolutely dangerously crazy...."get those people off the streets", he says.

Wait....I digress again....didn't he do just that and he's still out and about...maybe he has a point. President Obama may need to strengthen laws to keep the Ted Nugents in our country off the streets.


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  • aslaught profile image

    aslaught 4 years ago from Alabama

    Ted Nugent is an idiot! A redneck stupoid. I can't STAND him.

  • GNelson profile image

    GNelson 4 years ago from Florida

    Ted Nutgent is simply saying that he should not be on the street. The fact that anyone would invite him to the state of the union is a statement of how screwed up Washington DC is. Bend over the party of no is back and doing nothing for America.