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Ten Most Influential Women in the World

Updated on May 20, 2013
Begum Hazrat Mahal
Begum Hazrat Mahal | Source
Angelina Emily
Angelina Emily | Source
Sara Moore
Sara Moore | Source
Nitocris | Source
Maria Das Neves
Maria Das Neves | Source
 Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith | Source
Marian Wright Edelman
Marian Wright Edelman | Source

10 Influential Women

“You don't have to be a "person of influence" to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me.” ~Scott Adams

(1) Begum Hazrat Mahal

The first influential women, I would like to bring fourth is a women of wisdom, beauty and strength but most of all courage. Her name was Begum Hazrat Mahal, and she was the queen of India. She was a lovely women, mother, wife, and friend. What make's her so influential is what she had done, during the years of (1857-1858). During thous years, the British, had stolen India’s freedom, and even tried to dictate over them.

After the death of her husband Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who was exiled to Calcutta. Her heart longed for justice, along with every molecule of her body. Due to the situation, as well as her heart, she knew what had to be done. So she gathered her troops, went after the British, and saved Lucknow, and her people.

This is why Begum Hazrat Mahal, is influential, because without her love, courage, and bravery India might never been free. She changed the life of her country, her people, and herself. Making her an influential person, not only of her time, but for many decades still to come.

(2) Maria Bochkareva,

The second women worth mentioning was born to a pheasant family, in Russia. After two abusive relationships, and a heart filled with anguish this next women became very strong. This strong, and influential women was Maria Bochkareva.

Maria, is influential, for triumphing the odds, and doing what no other women had dreamed, of let alone dared to do. She had formed the woman’s battalion of death, the first ever female battalion. Maria came to America in 1918, to have a meeting with President Woodrow Wilson, about intervening with Russian affairs. Maria, got executed two years after that interview, but forever her courage rages on. Maria's involvement influenced women across the world, who are now able to join infantry's and army’s across the world.

(3-4) Grimké sisters

Out of South Carolina in the early 1800's, comes a set of sisters who will be are next two influential women. Both of whom gained an antipathy towards slavery, and the treatment of women. There name's are Sarah Moore , and Angelina Emily, but they are also known as the Grimké sisters.

The Grimké sisters, were the first women to be public speakers within the United States. Starting first inside small group gatherings, or “parlor meetings”, this would be only there start. Over time the audience grew, to a mixed gender, also leading to bigger areas to accommodate. These speeches pushed issues of woman's rights, as well as anti-Slavery. Regardless, of the ridicule, and the tensions that come with such behavior, Sara, and Angelina paved a path. This path is so influential to the rest of society, for allowing the path to be traveled to woman’s rights and helped brake the chains for future generations to avoid slavery.

(5) Gertrude Bell

Are fifth influential women, is a writer a diplomat, and a traveler, her name is Gertrude Bell. At the end of WWI Gertrude had decided to travel to the Middle East to see if there was anything she could do. She would find herself playing a major role in establishing, and helping build the modern state of Iraq. The roles she played during the 1920's were of great importance and high integrity. This making Bell an influential women, for helping with the creation of Iraq.

(6) Nitocris

We must remember that being influential does not solely depend upon doing great deeds, or to encourage in a positive light. There are thous that can influence life in a negative way, are next lady is one of thous negative influenced people. In the year 2180 BC in ancient Egypt, lived a women named Niocris, who had built the third pyramid at Giza.

hNitocris loved, and adored her brother, the king of Egypt. Although his subjects loved him, but only enough to put him to death. His subjects then placed his sister Niocris, onto the thrown as queen. These events did not suit well with Niocris, her heart began to fill with anguish and pain. The more her heart hurt, the more she plotted against her subjects. Till one day, during a banquet she decided to open the gate to the Nile. This killing all the subjects that had once killed her brother, but her heart still lived in anguish. Till eventually she killed herself. This might not sound like it did not influence anything, but yet it did. Not only through the formation of one of the worlds landmarks, but also for the generations she had destroyed.

(7) Maria Das Neves

The seventh woman of great influence was a prime minister of Sao Tom'e and Principe of Africa. Her name is Maria Das Neves, and she is the first female head of government, to Africa. She is the minister of economics, commerce, industry, and tourism. As well as Ministry of Finance in the African Development Bank, and a member of Council of Women World Leaders. This was not an easy task, due to her economy. This should be an influence to women world wide, due to the fact that she set her goals and achieved them.

(8) Bessie Smith

The next influential women, sold over 100,000 Columbia Records in 1923. She was known as “The Empress of the Blues”, miss Bessie Smith was the first African-American, female, singer. Bessie, had a difficult childhood, she had lost her father, mother, and brother before she was nine years old. This would bring forth her inspiration for blues music.

What makes Bessie an influence, is not only her musical talent, or setting the stage for other female vocals. But for turning a negative situation, and flipping it into a positive career.

(9) Daria Pratt

The next influential women participated in the 1900's summer Olympics. At 39 years old, Daria Pratt won the bronze medal, for shooting 53 out of nine holes of golf. This making her the first American women, to win at the Olympics. Paving a path, for future American women, to participate in Olympic games, and making her influential.

(10) Marian Wright Edelman

The tenth most influential women, is Marian Wright Edelman, a baptist women. Marian was an influential activist for children, in foster care, adoption, and child care. As well as to protect disabled, homeless, abused, and neglected children. Marian was involved, with the civil rights movement, and established CDF, and the Head Start Program. Making her number ten on are list, for the influence she made for future children in America.

“If you don't like the way the world is, you have an obligation to change it. Just do it one step at a time” ~Marian Wright Edelman


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      4 years ago from Columbus,Ga


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      Soraya Y 

      5 years ago from Atlanta

      very interesting!

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      Treathyl FOX 

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      Shared this via Pinterest. I have a board called "GIRL POWER".


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