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10 Reasons Why you Should Not Join the Islamic State (ISIS) Now

Updated on November 8, 2014

1. Getting there is real pain.

The Islamic State is located within Iraq and Syria. Given that both Iraq and Syria are pissed off at the fact the IS has carved a chunk of their territory for itself, you will not be able to get a direct flight to Islamic State International Airport. The only way in is to smuggle yourself by land from Turkey or first fly to Baghdad or Damascus and sneak in to the north. You better look for someone as good as Han Solo to take you there.

Map of ISIS controlled territory as of October 20, 2014
Map of ISIS controlled territory as of October 20, 2014 | Source

2. Accommodations are hard to find

No use to try to use your Hilton points to find a decent hotel once you get there. IS is in a state of war with… well, the rest of the planet. If you are lucky enough to make it in one piece, you will probably end up on the front lines. Do not expect a nice room in the trenches.

3. This is the middle of the (missiles) rainy season

Yes, you are going to the dessert but you will get there in the middle of tons of missiles raining from the sky. Missiles are no joke. They explode and blow anything and anyone in their vicinity. Since your hosts will probably ask you to join the party in the front lines, you will be very close to those missiles. Do not count on Allah vaporizing the bombs before they send you directly to paradise.

4. The new Caliphate is not a Muslim Utopia

Yes, a Caliphate sounds really good in paper but as all utopias, it does not exist. The Caliphate is in its early infancy and has already managed to make more enemies than the U.S. Whoever is in charge has no clue of what it takes to set up a viable country and cutting people’s heads will make it even less likely that the Caliphate will become a (functioning) country any time soon. So don't expect getting an IS passport you can use to go visit family and friends back home.

5. Joining ISIS does not Help your Religion

If you go down to join ISIS, you are not joining mainstream Islam. You will be joining an extreme form of Islam that so happens to be in war with everybody else. Islam, as a religion, is doing fine and does not need you to get killed by joining an extremist group.

6. ISIS is not a place for women

If you are a female idealist who wants to join ISIS, you need to be aware that its leaders want to give the soldiers a pay in the form of wives. You will be given to some soldier as a wife without asking you about it. Given that ISIS is in the middle of a war, there is a chance you will be a widow soon and any hope of a stable life will evaporate. The next one is for women too…


7. The Caliphate needs women to become baby machines

As any group hoping to establish a country, it needs to ensure its continuity by increasing its population. It makes sense that women are expected to have babies to help the Caliphate exist way into the future. Since the whole world wants to wipe out ISIS, this is the worst possible time to become a mom there. You will not only risk losing your live but also the live of your kids.

8. Videos that show people happily living in the Caliphate are deceiving

Yes, there are people that look happy living in the Caliphate but this sense of stability is only temporary. There is a war in at least three fronts. Even after temporary victories, ISIS will not be able to sustain long term gains for long. Do not imagine that you will find stability and peace there.

9. Being in the middle of a war is no as cool as ISIS videos make you think it is

ISIS stole from the Iraqi army all those weapons you see in the videos. Eventually, ISIS will run out of heavy weapons and munitions while the other sides (many sides) will be better armed and supported by planes. If you like the adrenaline rush, play video games or learn to skydive. Once you start killing people and seeing your friends being killed, you will never be the same.

10. But all my friends are Going

If you go, you are taking a one-way road. You will be leaving your family, friends (the ones that stay behind) and the country you lived in probably all of your live. Your government will consider you as someone that is helping a terrorist group and will likely not let you back in. At the end, you will lose all your friends and will be stuck in the middle of a hopeless war.

Well, I hope this short list helps you see that it is not wise to join ISIS now. You are far more valuable alive. ISIS' strategy to become a country is the wrong strategy that will result in the unnecessary death of thousands of young people. Don't become one of them.


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