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Ten parts of the world with no running water

Updated on June 28, 2016
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Over 17% (percent) of humanity is living without access to clean water, that is over 662 million people. That means 1 in every 9 people have no access to running water.

If we break this down even further the statistics are heart wrenching:

  • 443 million and counting school days are lost every year due to the water born diseases
  • In developing countries, 80% and counting of illnesses are linked to poor water
  • Half of the world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water born diseases
  • Globally we use 70% of our water resources on agriculture and irrigation and 10% domestically.
  • By investing in water young women around the world can gin over 413 million and counting days of health.

So, where are these places without access the clean running water and why is it so, let's explore together.

Places in the world without running water:

  • India

    The water shortage in India is due to two main factors and they are population growth versus the ability of the country to supply the ever growing needs, as well as their water is consistently contaminated by sewerage and agricultural run off.

  • Afghanistan

    Demand and supply is one of the main causes of the water shortage in this country. With an ever growing population and no means of developing the infrastructure t supply clean running water. It results in over 13% of the population going without, thus a lot water born diseases and death by dehydration.

  • Ethiopia

    About 58% of the population goes without proper running water in this part of the world. Only 11% has access to clean sanitation, so what does that mean for the others, it means un-sanitized water and as such death and disease.

  • Chad

    Because of the severe water shortage in this part of Africa, it has lead to a severe food shortage. This is now leading to increases infant mortality rates and malnutrition.

  • Cambodia

    Despite the river running through Cambodia, the water shortage is vast, it actually affects more than 50% of the population and counting. This leaves people with the only option of drinking and bathing water being the rain.

  • Laos

    Laos depends on it's river for everything from drinking and bathing water to food, and transportation. This puts the country at risk of low water levels, water sanitation problems as well as health problems plus much more.

  • Haiti

    After the 7.0 earthquake that Haiti suffered, they have a water problem like no other. Access to clean and sanitized water is very hard and continues to put more of it's citizens in the hospitals everyday.

  • Ghana

    More than just one area in Ghana is badly affected by the ever growing water crisis in the country. A lot of the countries health problems of it's citizens and cause by this and so can easily be solved if only they were to be provided with more access to clean and sanitized water systems.

  • Rwanda

    Ironically, this is a place with a lot of running water. However, there problem is not so much the water as it is the topography of the country. These is no access to it and what they need is help with this. Increased access would save many of the lives in Rwanda.

  • Bangladesh

    Water is scarce in Bangladesh of any type, whether clean or dirty. Their severe water scarcity kills over 100,000 children a year. Another part of the world also affected by the dramatic increase in the population far out ways the capability of the nation to supply it's needs effectively.

Thousands have lives without love, but not one without running water.

— W.H. Auden

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The United States is also being affected by the world water crisis

Did you know that over 1.7 millions Americans are currently living without clean running water in their homes. Of this 13% are Native Americans, and only .04% are non-native Americans. So, how do they survive and where do they get their water from. Well they often collect it from places outside their homes like rivers and lakes and boil for drinking. In some unfortunate cases, desperation causes them to go to more polluted water sources for survival, using water highly contaminated with things such as bacteria, nitrites and arsenic.

So, why is it that a country so developed is suffering from access to such a common and natural resource. Well, this is due mostly to the wasteful use of the precious resource. Yes, America wastes more than half the water in the world. But , this is not the only reason, climate change as well as demand and supply is also a major factor. But, America can save all the families currently suffering from lack of clean running water by simply using the resource more effectively and not wasting. Thus, saving many lives.

Of the states most badly affected is California, due to the drought in the last four years California has been forced to reduce the amount of water they use by 25%, delivering 15% less water in the cities in Los Angeles in an effort to help solve the problem.

Here are a list of things you can do to save water

  • Check toilets and pipes for leaks

  • Don't use toilets as ashtrays and wastebaskets

  • Check your toilets for leaks

  • Install water saving shower heads and low flow water faucets

  • Put a float booster in toilet tanks

  • Take shorter showers

  • Turn off the water after you brush your teeth

  • Do not leave the water running while washing dishes

  • Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge

  • Water your lawn only when it needs it

  • Do not tun the hose while washing your car

And these are just some of the ways, there are many more that you can research and put into effect that would save many lives including the lives of your future children and family members today.

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Donate in some way and help solve the world water crisis

If you are interested in helping to solve the world water crisis with as little as one dollar you can visit and save a life today. Do it now before the situation becomes worst and the shoe is on the other foot and affecting you and your family.

Do you have access to clean water where you live?

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