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Terror, Religion and Ideology: The New Normal

Updated on April 30, 2016

The New Normal

For the longest time Americans have enjoyed the 'luxury' of living in peace and quiet without much concern about terrorism at home. Terror was an issue happening elsewhere. 9/11 was a wake up call and indeed has changed everything, but as is the human condition, we have adjusted to the 'new normal'.

Our 'new normal' consists of domestic and invasive terror, violent protests, executions of police officers and the blatant disregard for the sanctity and sacredness of each other. We have mass shootings at schools, houses of worship, movie theaters, malls, restaurants and workplaces. We shake our heads in disbelief that anyone can be so evil as to snuff out the lives of children at play and people at work. But we have adjusted to this 'new normal'.
But now the kind of terror we thought would never reach our shores is here and its ideology has entered our universities, and courthouses.

Our streets are filling with men called to prayer five times a day, while cars speed by waving the ISIS flag. Yet there are some who are offended by our Stars and Stripes here in the USA. And there are others so left-leaning that they are afraid to say something when they see something because it might offend someone's religion.

The Supreme Court must re-evaluate "freedom of religion". Religion, like a hobby, is a choice. Religion is not mandatory and therefore it should not be imposed on anyone. Religion does not supersede laws meant to protect us. Our security is foremost for without it, nothing else matters. For those who don't care for religion, this is a sore spot. Those who practice religion want those who do not to accommodate their customs and beliefs. In devil worship and Santeria, animals are sacrificed, and in these so called religions, laws are scripted by man to carry out immoral, unethical deviant practices under the guise of religious freedom.

If one wishes to pray there are houses of worship for that purpose. One can also pray in their homes, from their hearts, but the public square is not the place to do so as religion is offensive to some, and the public square is protected by the separation of church and state. Personally, I'm no fan of man-made manipulation, which is exactly what religion is. If I sneeze it is not because the devil crept into my body, and I do not need an exorcism. The habit of saying "God bless you" when someone sneezed, though courteous, is an example of passive religious imposition. If a football player scores a touchdown or an actor wins an Oscar, good for them. If they want to thank God, they may, but they should do so quietly.

Take "In God We Trust" off our money because the Federal Reserve is government property, and last time I checked "separation of church and state" was the law. Religion is a private matter and our tax dollars should not be compromised to accommodate the non-profit status held by houses of worship and religious corporations.

Common decency, respect for each other and the freedom to live free are American principles. But political correctness has run amok. There are so many restrictions on what we can say and do, and our security and founding freedoms are being compromised to appease the new wave, particularly those who wish to impose tyrannical ideology. Religion has been historically bloody and divisive, and when religion is used as a guise to violent means, it is time to revise the laws, no matter who it offends.


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