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Terrorism, Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Attack

Updated on May 2, 2013
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

This is Just a Drill, But Then Again Maybe Not

In your personal experience, when have you heard of a drill, a practice to prepare you for a future event, ending up being real while it was going on? Repeatedly, this scenario has played out in recent tragedies. A government group is supposedly having a drill somewhere near the ongoing activities and then suddenly something happens and no one seems to understand what is really going on except the players themselves.

Now if you or I were at a large gathering and someone screams out, "It's just a drill...don't be alarmed." We are going to take notice at what is happening around us all the more. Why? Because we are going to wonder why would someone tell us that in the first place. Most likely, we will want to take cover just in case. We are also going to observe the bomb sniffing dogs walking around, the men standing near us with gas masks and guns, and we just might notice some men and women posing as participants in the event--when in all actuality they are working with the good or the bad guys.

With so much going on in our world, it is clear to see that there is a group at work that even those with much power can't stop. It appears as if they are working off scripts that seem to play out when things don't go their way. So if what appears to be a drill to the unobservant, ignorant, event-loving Average Joes, they aren't going to do nothing more than shake their heads when it turns out the drill isn't what it was, bury the dead and move on with their lives never bothering to question anything. But to those who are discerning, what seems to be really going on in our world lately are innocent people being punished by acts of revenge. Whatever is occuring behind the scenes of all these major news stories, beyond what the media is telling us, is dark, twisted, sadistic and morbid.

A drill stopped being a drill when events really took place and people died. Therefore, one should be cautious and conduct a bit of research before attending any media hyped event, those that draw large gatherings and any place that might be under watch by certain government entities or terror cells.

It's time to wake up and smell what is really going wrong with our society, and while you are doing that, stop sharing your money with these front groups who seek your donations. Where is the money really going? Quite possibly to fund another "drill" that will ultimately lead to more of your rights being taken away.


If you say words like, "terror," "Iraq," "chemical warfare," and "biological attack" then add additional words that incite worry or fear, you just might get a crowd of people to pay attention to what you have to say both on and offline. Did we not hear such words and more during the Bush years?

It seems that there are always plans set in motion for grand-scale American tragedies ie.) 9-ll long before events happen. Prior to the 9-11 tragedy, some took heed and didn't show up for work that morning of Sept. 11 whether by happenstance or due to a warning from those "in the know" as some conspiracy theorists suggest, while others carried on with their lives without a care. Countless researchers have uncovered patterns of this sort of behavior via movies, speeches, even prophecy of upcoming disasters. While I am writing this, I am thinking there was a movie or TV series during the summer 2012 that foreshadowed a black out and the recent east coast storm (but I digress)--feel free to correct me or add to this hub in the comments below.

When one becomes desensitized to cautions, signs, and wonders of pending danger, he or she will not react when it is highly likely that something bad is bound to happen. Why? Because he or she has been convinced that what someone or a group is saying is nothing more than a scare tactic, a conspiracy theory, or meaningless--that is until something really does happen. It's like the boy who cries wolf over and over again to the point that when the wolf does show up, no one believes him. Yet, there are those that scare themselves to death and others, because they see the writing on the wall so to speak, but choose only to keep focusing on the warning. They obsess over talking about "the issues," share evidence, and then buy things to prepare for what is ahead while using scary-sounding words like "war" and "evildoers."

In this Hub, you will discover not only what we should be concerned about when it comes to those "weapons of mass destruction," but also how stories are used to prepare the American people for pending destruction (unfortunately it is inevitable when we live in a selfish, greedy world of sociopaths in power). Also, keep in mind that mass destruction at home is not necessarily coming from the people we think we should suspect or we are told to suspect, but from those who work behind the scenes who supposedly care about the American people.

So if you choose to delve into the subject of terrorism, keep in mind it is real. Heed warnings, but also know that those who manage "the attack" also manage the outcome and nothing really appears as it seems.

If you are one who scares easily or is nonchalant about the issues, then you sit on one of two extremes, either way, those "in the know" (the power players of major tragedies) have you right where they want you, a programmable, brainwashed slave, especially when tragic events come to a neighborhood near you. Don't be offended, be informed! We have all fell for something hook, line and sinker.

What Might Be The Reaction of One Accused?

Pick any race, culture, gender, or creed to hate, blame, steal from, or lie about and what you might get is a group who may not have had a problem with you before, but will now. I think of a statement a parent once told me, "So you want to cry, huh? About that...that little thing...Well let me give you something to really cry about." Whatever issues those leading our land have with others in private, may not need to be taken to the streets, but if he doesn't like this group or they don't like him, a minor infraction just might increase in size. Then again, sometimes the one doing the finger-pointing and those being accused have nothing to do with any of it, but those who author the storyline need some characters and unfortunately select parties get picked creating a firestorm of unnecessary mayhem, laws, and worse death.

Whether we know the truth or not about what exactly happened behind the scenes between the Bush family, Iraq and other groups back then, the point is that someone or organization is angry and do you really think they are going to sit back idly? Who knows what the state of our future might be as a result?

Muslims: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Nuclear Security Meetings

The threat of nuclear attack has been among us for decades and evidently it warrants some concern. The following is a list of just some of the meetings that take place between American leadership and others regarding national security, nuclear threats, nuclear weapons, safety, and more.

Key Facts on the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

International Conference on Nuclear Security

Chemical Warfare

After talks about terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in our American media, did you think about separating fact from fiction and even exaggeration? Why should we even bother to think about such things? Well when we have those around us who worry or those who like to talk about current events, it might help to know truth before spreading lies.

Albert L. McGinty, Jr. Security Advisor, IMAC Consulting Group, LLC has 34 years of law enforcement experience, including 31 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he put together a list of myths as it relate to chemical warfare. Click on the following link: Disaster Resource Guide

Preparing People for a Future Attack...

If you lived on this planet long enough, then you know that before any group of significant wealth and influence does anything to instruct, attack, manipulate, or do more to the masses, they have to brainwash them into thinking about what is going to happen in the immediate future before it does happen.

Nowadays propaganda (media, video games, advertising and more) is being spread all over the place warning citizens of a possible future threat to one's livelihood in the form of human zombies (people under the influence of something used during biological warfare going on attack of other human beings).

Apparently, someone or group wants or wanted to test something on the masses that might have a few side effects like cause them to act crazy. Most likely, some human zombies are walking amongst us and at any given moment something might trigger them so that they go on attack. Therefore, we are warned to take precautions, but not before being programmed to believe that such future attacks are real, worse than what they are, and not made up or pre-planned that things just happen--yeah right!

Once again, there are some sociopaths in our world ready to cause mayhem to line a few pockets, make some more changes that the public wouldn't otherwise go along with, and who knows what else. So in the meantime, there is cause for concern among many, so much in fact, that they have created programs and perform training on what to do if there are some whacked out folks running wild in your neighborhood ready to bite your face off like that guy in Miami, Florida in recent years. Supposedly, he had already ate someone's face before the incident that went national.

I guess some scientific, occult groups and the like just can't keep their test subjects in cages or feel like their subjects will be very useful to future goals so it must be time to unleash them. So we have to be on alert. Watch as well as pray.

More on Secret Societies nmcguire7.

Something to Think About...Who Might Be the Guinea Pig Used to Test Chemicals On?

© 2012 Nicholl McGuire


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