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Terrorist (s) Murdered Adults And Children Alike In Manchester, England....

Updated on May 28, 2017

Terrorist (s) Murdered Adults And Children Alike In Manchester, England....

First, let me get the pablum out of the way: Islam is a religion of Peace. Now let us once again go and seed our many dead, including eight-year-olds, who were murdered while attending an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. In the ensuing days to come, we are going to hear the many speeches about reconciliation, which will be coming from the supposedly noble confines of Ecumenism -- but to the terrorists, it is tantamount to the proverbial mixing of being a Jihadist and an Apostate. This outreach, which occurs after every terrorist tragedy, is one of the standard tenets of the cancerous Political Correctness that is infecting Europe, and in particular, England. I dare say that the outreach is not so much Ecumenism, but a continent and its elites under the chronic throes of the Stockholm Syndrome.

I have often said, and repeat here again, that the Secularists/Liberals will never understand the reasons why terrorists murder and maim innocents. The latter do so because they believe that strain of Islam that interprets their holy book compels them to carry out these evil acts. As a Traditional Christian, I understand the terrorist too well because just like nothing on this earth can compare to the benisons of my Biblical Heaven… so it is that no proverbial “Carrot or Stick” can compel good behavior, among the terrorists, at least to compare with their version of Paradise, which last forever - what option is left then, but to send these terrorists swiftly to meet their god!

Perhaps, the Atlantic Ocean has prevented the frequency of terrorist attacks here in the United States that seem now to regularly occur in all of Europe… but we should not get too complacent because look what is happening in certain Muslim enclaves in America where Sharia Law is being fervently practiced, which gives rise to honor killings, female genital mutilations, and the belief that it is moral to murder apostates/infidels. Do a cursory search to see how many Muslim immigrants have left enclaves like Minnesota to join ISIS on the battle fields… don’t you think that they will - or already have - opened a front here?

I wonder if the powers that be - German Chancellor Angela Merkel - feel any pinch of guilt when their policies of not vetting immigrants results in the murder of innocent men, women, and children. Imagined if there were ten percent of the Christian converts going around killing others who were not Christians? I end by admonishing us to once again practice the Political Correctness pablum verbiage; all together now: Islam is a religion of Peace. Now let us also go and prepare and practice to seed our many dead, including children, in the pending terrorist attacks to come, Christ Jesus forbids!

I have used David Crowder’s Band - How He Loves Us – to help flesh out the themes of this blog… drill down and be uplifted in this time of sadness for our cousins across the pond.


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    • AnnaMKB profile image


      14 months ago

      " Imagined if there were ten percent of the Christian converts going around killing others who were not Christians?" And yet, every time Islamic murderers rampage and kill in the name of their god, I always see people defend the atrocities by saying Christians kill more people, or even making lists of people they label Christians (though they are often atheists or agnostics) who committed "terrorist" acts (many of which wouldn't fall under the definition of terrorism in the first place).

      In other words, Muslims kill in the name of Islam, and people excuse and defend them, and use the actions to attack Christians.

      There is no logic to it.


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