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Texans Want to Go It Alone Again

Updated on June 16, 2019
If at first you don't suceed.....secede.
If at first you don't suceed.....secede.

Not so long ago...

Rick Perry started the battle cry for secession. Quickly, he either realized or better yet was informed by his campaign handlers that it would hurt his chances for election and he began to sing another tune.

Fast forward to 2012 and the re-election of President Barack Obama and you have the right wing of the Republican party threatening to secede again. This time gathering more than 90,000 signatures on a petition; then all went quiet on the home front.

2013, while at a function several of us were approached by an old Hispanic women and a clipboard, when asked if we'd be interested in signing her petition, we asked what it was for. She said "to take back Texas." This of course created a ruckus among us and we asked her to leave. She defiantly continued to try convince us that we needed to become our own country.

We quickly explained to her that our family members fought for the United States of America as Americans and died for them, not for just the state of Texas. It would be a slap in the face of all those that lost their lives fighting for America as a whole and we had no intention of signing.

She went on the say that her husband also fought and that she felt it was time for Texas to go on their own. So, we asked her how her husband felt about it, she said he was deceased. So we asked her if she got benefits from her husband, which she said "yes". We said, then kiss those; your social security and medicare, medicaid goodbye, because those are federal programs and they would be the first to go. She looked liked she'd been slapped in the face.

She then left us alone and hours later, we ran into her still trying to get signatures on her petition.

Which quickly lead to the conclusion, that many people that fight for causes should really ask questions and understand what it is they are trying to get people to do; many are not so bright, but more like a dog with a bone.

President Barrack Obama
President Barrack Obama

Obama said it best......Yes we can....

But, do we want to? It is understandable that people are upset, but for the South to rise again and try to secede?

What is really behind the secession? Is it racism? Is it fear? So many questions, but the answer is not secession. It is unification. American's have forgotten what it is to be an American, the divisiveness of Americans has created an ignorance around the actions and reactions of the American people.

They have become so reactionary, that they have not taken the time to actually rationalize what seceding would mean.

  • While more Republicans control the politics in Texas, there are more Democrats or "liberal" leaning individuals that don't vote, but exist in the state. What happens when they decide to exercise that right? Do we have a civil war within our state? Where do the "we want it our way" Texans go. They can't move to another state outside of Texas.
  • Federal Funding Pays for Border Security, Social Security, Medicare, Education, Military Bases and so much more. Where do they think the money is going to come from to pay for all those Federal Jobs?
  • Inflation would be at an all time high and the list goes on and on.

Just days after the election Rick Perry was sticking to the beliefs of the Texas Tea Party members in which they feel that this is just a post election impulse. They understand how badly secession worked in the South before and that they are simply reacting to the reelection of President Obama.

There is one thing for sure, as Texas Republicans go; secession will always be seen as an option when things don't go their way.

Texas the core of the U.S.?

Texas, USA

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