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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Excluded From Jury Duty

Updated on February 14, 2020

Greg Abbott Excluded From Jury Duty

Gov. Greg Abbott Says 'You Will Not Believe The Case'

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott showed up for jury duty Wednesday, but he wasn't allowed to serve. Abbott referred to his experience on Twitter.

He tweeted, "You will not believe the case that I was called for. It was a criminal case where someone illegally parked in a handicapped spot, a person who was not handicapped. Needless to say, I was not chosen for this particular jury."

Abbott Suffered Devastating Injury In 1984

Abbott suffered an incredibly bad stroke of fortune in 1984. Only 26 at the time, he took a break from studying for the Texas bar exam. Up to that time, his life had been a series of one dazzling success after another. Incredibly, a large oak tree fell on him as he was jogging through a Houston neighborhood.

Abbott Overcame Paralyzing Injury

Incredibly, Abbott has come back from that injury which would've killed many people's spirit. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He's been confined to a wheelchair for life. Most people's would've quit. Life is unfair.

Abbott's Incredible Determination

In one of the most inspiring political stories in the annals of American government, Abbott not only climbed off his hospital bed and into a wheelchair, he went on to pass the bar exam, work at a law firm, serve as a judge and then serve an extraordinary career as Texas Attorney General.. During that exceptional career, he successfully argued cases in front of the United States Supreme Court.

Abbott Overcame Injury To Be Elected Governor

Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, Abbott continued fighting his physical adversity to climb all the way up to the governorship of the Lone Star State. He had teamed with his solicitor Ted Cruz to win a remarkable string of cases while still Attorney General. Abbott went on to the governor's mansion, and Cruz to Washington D.C. as a U.S. Senator.

Abbott Fights Sanctuary Cities

As the first Texas governor in a wheelchair, Abbott has used his determination to fight sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State. The federal government has recently followed his lead and sought to protect U.S. citizens from the criminal activity which has thrived in sanctuary cities.

FDR First President In A Wheelchair

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), was the first President of the United States to serve while in a wheelchair. Roosevelt sought to hide the fact he was limited by a wheelchair, because his advisors feared the voters would hold it against him. FDR got us through World War II and was the only man elected four times to the highest office in the land. Evidently, the wheelchair didn't stop him.

Abbott Uses Wheelchair As Strength, Not Weakness

Fortunately, times have changed since FDR's era. Our culture now admires a man who can endure what Abbott has and achieved what he has. If he ever does decide to run for president, he could become only the second person to serve in the White House with this particular handicap.

Abbott Embraces Handicap

Abbott even jokes about his handicap. He loves to say, "I have a spine of steel." Doctors had to do numerous back surgeries on the man who would not quite. They have inserted a steel rod in his back. When he was recovering from the injury which would've killed a weaker man,

Presidency In the Future For Texas Governor?

Let's glance into the crystal ball. What are the chances this man of courage could make it all the way to the White House?

If President Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, Abbott could run in 2024. Loved and respected, Abbott would have a real shot. What is in his favor?

l. He is governor of the most populous Red State in America. He would guarantee Republicans would carry the state they would have to win in 2024.

2. Americans like to elect Texas governors. There is a history there with George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush. Lyndon Johnson was a Texas U.S. Senator. Dwight Eisenhower resided in Dennison, Texas, and played a major role in winning World War II.

3. Abbott's Charismatic appearance. Abbott comes across well on television with his strong personality. He is not afraid to answer difficult questions from the news media.

4.Abbott's Handicap Is Viewed As A Positive in modern America. People never cease to be astonished by his incredible story of overcoming adversity.

5. He has no scandals in his closet. The Wichita Falls native is happily married to his wife Celia and has created a model family including their daughter.

Could Abbott Beat Bernie Sanders In 2024?

If Benie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination in 2020 and beats Trump, then Abbott would have to face Sanders in 2024. Sanders is an avowed Socialist. Democratic adviser James Carville has even said, "Bernie is no Socialist. He's a Commmunist."

In any event, a race in 2024 would be a battle of extremes. Abbott is considered Conservative and a deeply religious man. A believer in capitalism, Abbott heads the state with the most robust economy in the nation so far.

Bernie is a strong believer in Socialism and in favor of single payer insurance which means the government would control it. Along with his powerful supporter Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bernie is at the extreme left of the political spectrum.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

The powerful influence ofAOC has to be figured in. She is in the process of running more left wing candidates against members of her own Democratic Party in primaries. Her name is mentioned more often than any other politician than Donald Trump. She is adored my many media members and has the potential to influence the outcome of any election.

Donald Trump: Can He Beat Bernie Sanders?

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez


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