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Thank you social media

Updated on June 24, 2014

The Information Age

Social media has help me with several legal cases and showing proof of people who are scheming. I can't stand people who use their connections to get out of dirty and the filthy people who help them get out of dirty. It is a shame that we have to be the doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.... in our lives. We must be equipped with all these skills to make it in this world. Nobody is immune to the law and no amount of money can save you especially when the higher up has the potential to come down by their association with you. Just remember we only have one God. Thank God.
I am so thankful for social media. My relatives who have access to the information on this person profile didn't tell me that the person could have possible had my vehicle at this place (auction place that towed my vehicle to this place). I let them know about it and they didn't even think to tell me about it. Maybe they didn't know but it's a shame that it was right under their nose. I am glad I have the skills to create fake accounts to view people profiles that I have blocked. I don't have to accept the devil's lies. Most people who know a glimpse of what I went through who calls their selves Christians just seems to think I should accept the terms the devil sets because nobody seems to know how they can defeat him. Well, I serve a God that knows how to bound him and as long as I know that I am going to use His spirit to bound things here on earth that I don't want in heaven. I need my peace when I go there.


It such a shame how bad off this world is and if you don't know go through some legal matters-several. Just like the tribe of Benjamin who fought against the rest of the tribes killed several men in the first two attempts of battle, they were defeat on the third time. I don't mind constant war because that's just what the Dragon (look at the book of Revelation) does. I just know I have to put on the whole armor of God and prepare for battle everyday. I just keep myself focus by reading and encouraging myself in the Word of God. Pray for me as well as I pray for the people in this world. It truly is a crook and perverse generation-all generations since Adam's fall.


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    • cnj02c profile image

      Colesha Jackson 3 years ago from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

      Thank you. I will suggest it for everyone

    • profile image

      bookwormella 3 years ago from USA

      I like how you use social media to prove people are scheming