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A monster called racism. A race still not equal.

Updated on December 5, 2014


Again that monster named racism has reared it's ugly head. We Americans need to stand together and put an end to this ugly monster. These people are suppose to be public servants. We must stop them from serving us death sentences. Granted being a police officer is not an easy job and NO they do not get paid enough for putting their lives on the line every day. Well my theory is, If being a police officer is a hard job by putting your life on the line every day, why would you jeopardize your jobs even more by doing all these unlawful acts?

I know that there has always been crooked cops on the force, and history will tell you that police has always been a little bias, crooked. However the difference now is that before, we would only hear about some of the bad things police were doing . Most things were kept undercover. The bother hood stood strong as a united front. The loyalty and honor of being a man in blue was not to tell on your fellow officers. Now with cell phones being within pocket reach, we are able to film the police at their dirty work. Now that brotherhood is infiltrated by the smart phone. The smart phone, the smartest witness that we have against police brutality. Even though we are catching more and more police officers in this corrupted state, we as citizens still give the officer authority to continue to kill us, and we do nothing about it. We march, we have peaceful protest. We have been marching against injustice for years, and please tell me what change has it made?

Pictures of in-justice

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Killing of Mike BrownDon't Shoot (a protest)Race Riots in Philadelphia 1964 on Columbia Ave, North Philadelphiaphiladelphia ript 19641992 Rodney King
The Killing of Mike Brown
The Killing of Mike Brown
Don't Shoot (a protest)
Don't Shoot (a protest)
Race Riots in Philadelphia 1964 on Columbia Ave, North Philadelphia
Race Riots in Philadelphia 1964 on Columbia Ave, North Philadelphia
philadelphia ript 1964
philadelphia ript 1964
1992 Rodney King
1992 Rodney King

We as a society

We as a society give law enforcement entirely to much authority. Who are these people, God? You can't talk to a police officer, that is considered talking back. You can't touch a police officer, that is considered assualting an officer. You can't not look at a police officer, that is considered disrespect to the police officer. You cannot call the officer out of his name or ask him questions, that's considered another form of disrespect to the officer. He will tell you, "I ask the questions. Just be quiet and stay calm".

In my sight, being a police officer gives them a license to kill, mane, or beat up mere citizens legally. The reverence that we give the police officer is damn near godly, and they hardly deserve that kind of respect. Are they not mere mortals such as myself? Are they not just a human being, such as myself? Do they not have bad days, and just don't feel like the bull today such as myself? So I, and many other ask, why do they have such great dominion over me, and considering they kind, type, or color of the crime, they have such high regard? Why? Because we let them by making excuses for them when it suits the need of politics.


  • Woody Allen (Hollywood director/actor) the accusation of the rape of his seven year old adopted daughter, Hollywood silenced that for good. He should be in jail right now.
  • Adrian Peterson, (professional football player) indicted for whooping his son with a switch as a form of discipline which was turned into abuse and he lost his career for it.
  • Not Woody Allen he continued his employment.


Kinds of crimes: These are crimes of a particular group, (i.e., women, children, homosexual, and black)

Women crimes, subject to great scrutiny, rape, domestic. Depending on the statue of the person commiting the crime depends on the punishment of the crime. Example: Bill Cosby allegations of the rape of sixteen women. Punishment, not enough evidence to prove guilt. Jesse Matthews a local boy, accused of the rape and murder Hannah Graham, and then was linked to two other girls in the area, when in actual reality they only have circumstantial evidence on the man. He is in jail as we speak.

Children crimes, subject to great scrutiny also, molestation, abuse. Again depending on the statue of the person committing the crime depends on the punishment of the crime.

People accused of crimes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Adrian Peterson (professional football player accused of whooping his son with a switch)Bill Cosby accused of rape of over 16 womenWoody Allen (Hollywood actor/director)Jesse Matthew (local man accused of rape and murder)
Adrian Peterson (professional football player accused of whooping his son with a switch)
Adrian Peterson (professional football player accused of whooping his son with a switch)
Bill Cosby accused of rape of over 16 women
Bill Cosby accused of rape of over 16 women
Woody Allen (Hollywood actor/director)
Woody Allen (Hollywood actor/director)
Jesse Matthew (local man accused of rape and murder)
Jesse Matthew (local man accused of rape and murder)

100% Proof blacks do not commit most of america's crimes


Types of crimes are for the most part self explanatory. Crimes such as petty crimes, violent crimes, finanical crimes etc.

Color crimes. White crimes and black crimes again subject to great scruntiny. Again the crime is befitting to the color of the crime. Crimes that are normally done by white people, there is an excuse for. And those crimes that are normally considered to be done by black people, there are no excuses and he/she is incarcerated or killed.

DUI goes berserk

White crimes

White crime; Embezzlement, mass murders, racial, are crimes that are normally done by white people have excuses for them. Mass murders, are sick individuals whom never was given the proper help that they need. Now we will create a foundation for this diease, or website so that we may better understand them so that we can help prevent these type of crimes in the future. Perfect example the doctor in one of the video in this hub where he went completely berserk and he got the lessor charge of Driving while under the influence.

Drug dealer

Black crimes

Black crimes; Robbery, drug dealing, dog fighting, are crimes that are normally done by black people have no excuses for them, they have years in prison or death for them. When a black man robs a store, there are no excuses like he has been out of work for over six months and had no way to feed his family, or he had a tumultous childhood. No it is he/she is a thug and needs to be in prison and/or killed.


Statics show that white people commit more crime than black people, however, eighty percent of the people in jail are black. Explain that! Federal Bureau of Investigations website has a chart that show on three different tables, a, b,and c where whites do the most crimes. Total crimes according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

New York 1964

New York 2014

Fifty years apart

.These two pictures have some horrific similarities given that these incidents happened fifty years apart from each other. This is showing that the treatment of black people hasn't changed for fifty years. If this is our reality here in America in the year 2014, does that show that we are standing still? We should all look at ourselves and use Michael Jackson's words for The man in the mirror. "I'm going to make a change for once in my life, it's gonna feel real good to make a difference, gonna make it right".

Make the change.


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