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The 113th Congress: Boom or Bust

Updated on January 15, 2013

An Underlying Fact

The TRUTH hurts like HELL but it will set you free
The TRUTH hurts like HELL but it will set you free | Source
Part of the PROBLEM and not the solution!
Part of the PROBLEM and not the solution! | Source
We The People voted to move FORWARD, not backwards!
We The People voted to move FORWARD, not backwards! | Source
Score: 2 for Democrats & 2 for Republicans
Score: 2 for Democrats & 2 for Republicans | Source
Under Democratic administration the Economy tends to win!
Under Democratic administration the Economy tends to win! | Source
Each had/has stark contrasts, yet similar views.
Each had/has stark contrasts, yet similar views. | Source

Are they the Real Deal or more Slackers!

In spite of the recent swearing in of the 113th Congress, members of the general public myself included, seriously began to wonder right off the bat about their ability to legislate effectively. Will they put country before party or bow down to the powers of persuasion, preconceived public image or an egotistical notion of self importance. My hope is that they'll let their individual conscience be their guide to doing what's best for America and its' citizens.

All of our elected officials wanted their seats at their particular tables because they wanted to or felt the need to be in PUBLIC service positions of governance, regardless of the level at which they serve. The key word being PUBLIC, in public service. The public as defined by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, in this context "of, relating to, or affecting all the people or the whole area of a nation or state". Needless to say, some Tea Party Republicans in Congress aren't going to make this an easy fight for their Democratic colleagues, moderate Republicans or President Obama.

Because to do so would be contrary to their misguided politically ideological beliefs or philosophies, or fly in the face of all things Tea Party doctrine. Meaning if President Obama likes or agrees with any major political position they instantly dislike, hate or severely opposed it. The current issues at the forefront will provide plenty of fodder for Tea Party Republicans to twist, distort and or lie about, to further their anti-Obama agenda. At the forefront should've been the Hurricane Sandy Relief funds to those adversely affected by the Storm, but with the eleventh hour hail Mary over the fiscal cliff issue. That lame duck session of the 112th Congress couldn't afford to be perceived as weak by the neo-cons of the Republican (Tea) Party.

Now just over two week into the new calendar year, President Obama yesterday clarified a Tea Party driven misconception about the raising of the National Debt Ceiling. He said and I quote not verbatim of course, "raising the debt ceiling is not a license to spend more money, instead it allows the government to pay for the tabs that Congress has already incurred." he aslo stated that, "if the Republican members in the House or Senate were to crash our national economy and perhaps the world economies just to have their way, would prove to be even more detrimental towards our National Debt in the long run". And, "that their actions would adversely affect their constituents at home in their districts who might not be inclined to back them for re-election."

In so many words he warns them, not to be so obstinate as to possibly jeopardize their perspective political futures just to demonize him or his administration. And not to continue their rhetoric of creating fear, to further the public's misconception on the issue of raising the Debt Ceiling. When it's a matter of record that government spending under President Obama has been lower than more administration before his since the days of President Eisenhower. Also a matter of record, President Reagan raised the debt ceiling over 15 times during his eight years in office.

So the issues of this, our time are clear but will the Republican (Tea) Party members in Congress act in a responsible manner in order to do the job they were elected to do. This is the conundrum or $64,000 question, the answer remains to be seen. So, We The People elected them to their office to act on our behalf's. We are within our rights to remind them of why they're in the office(s) they currently hold. Urge Congress to stop this buffoonery and get down to the business of governing in the name of public interests and not corporate sponsorship (BIG MONEY DONORS).


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    • Salvienation profile image

      Salvienation 5 years ago

      thanks for the compliment, I glad somebody appreciates my voice and or my opinion of what's going on around us.

    • Twyla Dorzweiler profile image

      Twyla Dorzweiler 5 years ago

      Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but you write beautifully! :)

    • Salvienation profile image

      Salvienation 5 years ago

      TY Twyla, I am glad you liked the hub. Also I'm sorry it took me so long to resond to your comment, but between working a regular job and writing 13 episodes for a web-series and working on the short film already in production. Free time is at a premium because I've been really busy lately.

    • Twyla Dorzweiler profile image

      Twyla Dorzweiler 5 years ago

      LOVE your take on this Congress. Unfortunately, the more I read about them, the more I'm convinced that they have already sold us all out to the corporate machine. I have this vision that the next presidential election will see the country come more to the center - in two parties - libertarians and democrats. The GOP beast has self-inflicted wounds that not even monsanto's most flavorful corn products can cure ;) Let's hope that's the case anyway! Great stuff!


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