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The 13 Ugly Truths About the Politicians

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

         The primary reason why politicians want to run for a public office is to serve the people. These are the interesting facts that you should know when you talk to them. Find out that when you are interested to government elected positions, which you will find out some crazy ideas why they want to serve the people. Once you are like them, you will follow the same or else you go back with the same position again.So what a crazy world we all have when we talk to them. These are the “lucky 13” to know the ugly truths about the politicians:

1.They “disguise” to serve for the people not for themselves.

        Interestingly, all politicians are willing serve to help other people. Their political platforms are for the pro-poor programs that contributed to the development in the community. They never intended to tell the truth on what is the primary reason why they want to be elected for certain government positions. They would not tell that compensation and remuneration might be the other reasons why they wanted to serve the people.

2.They “never enjoy” power and authority because they are busy serving the people

        When you talk to them about the wide latitude of power and authority they pretended not to appreciate the influence they receive in this government position. But they are always busy serving the people on all dimensions of their need. It seems that this kind of work may affect you for “burn out” and “stress” where it is not a good job to stay on. Surprisingly, they still keep this job until the expiration of their term and later on good back to the same position. So politicians are the most devoted government workers in the whole world.

3.They never tell “negative things” about themselves.

       I never heard some telling bad things about himself about he governs his constituents. You always hear them tell positive things all the things they did. When they have problems, they can easily solved as they are smart to know all the answers. So it is good to join politics because you develop become “positive thinker”. Hey! That’s good for us.

4.They lie for the “ sake of winning”

         The best defense in politics for personal issues which all of us may also experience because we are “sinners” that sometimes we commit minor wrongful acts is to “lie”. It has no truth about the issue and as a public servant, you must always be good to the eyes of the people. You cannot tell the truth of simple sin act because of your interest to win in this highly competitive government positions. Once you tell the truth that will be the basis of people not to vote for you.

5.They believe that there is “meager income” in this job.

         Interestingly, politicians never believe that you can gain much in terms of monetary rewards. What income you receive in public service may still be used for the poor people. They keep on coming to you and give everything you have. Well, that is a Samaritan way to get more blessings to god. So as a result, you can get more money and cash to the people send by god in return of your service. They are sure that they will get more blessings, as god will send them the contractors, bidders, suppliers and fixers. Hey this is like Jerusalem with the three kings who gave gift to Jesus Christ,

6.They “pretend” to be honest, humble, compassionate, adorable, and lovable of all people in the world.

         The most distinguished people who know about themselves are politicians. They are the most honest, humble, compassionate, adorable, and lovable of all people in the world. Hey! That is great now it is good to become a politician because you assured them for the transformation of your character to be a good person.

7.They never say “no” to gain more votes.

         One golden rule in politics for the sake of service is “never say no to the people”. When the people come to you to request for something you must always say “yes”.That is the problem of the people now they would not accept for “no” answer. They thought that you accept that position because they believe that you can do whatever request they wanted. So remember, as politician you must always ready to take “yes” answer or else you cannot gain more votes. Hey! Politicians are supermen for they can do whatever jobs for the sake of public service.

8.They serve “for sake” of the position.

          As normal person, you need to sleep, eat, relax and join your family, which are the basic physiological needs to live in happy life. Hey, that is not the case in politics when these are the things you should do when the time come for you to sleep, eat, relax and join your family. First, you don’t have time to sleep when people needs you. Second, you cannot eat well when people call for you on emergency matters. Third, you cannot relax because someone cal for your help. Fourth, you cannot join your family because you need to attend public speaking engagement. Finally, more things you need to do for the sake of that position.

9.They always “smile” and “shake your hand” during election period.

         What is intriguing for politicians they can endure to be very superficial in their action during election time. They always “smile’ and “shake your hand” when they need something for us. You cannot even find their face any signs of “dismay”, “grimace”, “scowl” and “frown” even they are so tired in campaigning. Sometimes, we can say how difficult really to become a politician. Most of the time you are out of yourself like a clown.

10.They always make a “promises” which are usually broken after election time.

        The common observation of the people is that politicians are fun of making promises, which are usually broken after election time. However, it works most of time. Therefore, we expect more promises from them on their political platforms that they can achieved it once they finished their term.

11.They are “very talkative” in public speaking engagement.

      Politicians are usually to be talkative during public speaking engagement. They believe that to be talkative is a sign of knowing many things about this world. It is also an intellectual expression of competence and strong leadership in the eyes of the people.

12.They “love” to be recognized for the implemented projects

        The only praise they can get through their constituents and people is when they recognized the projects they implemented. They love to know their projects for people would see them working well from the mandated position .

13.They are the “most interesting” people in the world

        You must remember that politicians are the most interesting people that we know. They learn so many things that they never done before as ordinary citizens. They are dynamic and flexible on so many situations in the world.


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