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The 3 50 Project / Support Local Business

Updated on December 3, 2013
The 3/50 Project Logo
The 3/50 Project Logo

The 3/50 Project is trying to save the brick and mortar stores our nation is built on. Sounds like a grand plan that people have been talking about for years. The movement is simple “Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.” They want people to pick three independently owned businesses that you enjoy having in your neighborhood. Then shop at these stores to help keep them open. They say if fifty percent of the employed population spends fifty dollars at locally owned independent businesses every month, it would create more than 42.6 billions dollars in revenue.

Small Business Helps Local Economy
Small Business Helps Local Economy

Their website has some information that I found very interesting. When you spend 100 dollars at a national chain store, $43 stays in the local economy. When you spend that same 100 dollars at an independent locally owned store $68 stays in the community. This is done through taxes, payroll and other business expenses. In case you are curious, less than 1% of online sales ever makes it to the community in which the buyer resides.

This movement is something you can do all by yourself, but the site does provide some resource to help you out. They have a free iPhone app called LookLocal or L2 to help you find local businesses wherever you might be. Currently they do not have an app for other smart phones out in the market but they are working on it.

The 350 Project is a simple idea that can have a huge impact. A great resource for those who want to use their money and help support the local economy. If this interest you, check out their website and find some local joints to shop at.

Source If you do not type in the /home.html you will be brought to their iPhone app page.


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