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The 4th World

Updated on April 28, 2016


A failed state is one where the central government is weak or so corrupt that the standard of living declineds for the majority of its citizens.

The 'standard' definition attempts to exclude all but sub-populations but such definition ignores the basic reality.

There are states which have been proceeding backwards, so that what was forty years ago is of a higher standard that what exists to day. A 4th World nation moves backwards. It is not developing, it is not recovering, it is in a state of decline.

This situation is permanent.

Explanations as to How

To become 4th world requires that a state started as 3rd, as a colony of another state, or has simply failed.

In some cases, an older established state suffers one ineffectual and/or corrupt regime after another, until it falls apart. There is no actual and/or effectual governance. There is no social service.

In other cases, an area is invaded by another group. This group imposes its own culture and governs. The conqueror institutes administrative protocols to enable it to manage the territory.

The Invader may give the area a special name, may institute a government, may include the area as a province in its empire.

The Invader may kill the local inhabitants, may import its own or other populations to the area,

When the Invader leaves, or when the Empire behind it collapses, the area is left somewhat on its own.

Example 1 .. Once There was...


Once Somalia was a commercial centre. It was the ancient Land of Punt.

It existed for centuries and during the Middle Ages there were powerful Somali empires which dominated regional trade.

In the late 19th century, the British and Italians gained control of parts of the coast and established colonies; British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.

There was war, and in 1920 the British defeated the Somalis in their territory while Italy acquiredl control of the northeastern and southern parts of the area after their war.

Italian occupation lasted until 1941.

The two areas were united in 1960 to form the Somali Republic.

In 1969 there was a coup. In 1991 a Civil war..

Somali is a failed state, a place in which there is no real government.

Somali is 4th World. It is a place which will never organise into anything resembling a coherent state save if it is invaded and reorganised under very strict rules.

Considering the 'unimportance' of Somali today, this is unlikely

Example 2 - When Massa Gone

Various European powers colonised various parts of the world. Unlike Somali, which was never elevated to a colony of the powers, other places were.

To be a colony of a nation means that one is 'part' of that nation. The language of the coloniser becomes the standard language, its culture becomes the dominate factor, and everything that was in the 'mother country' is imported.

Colonisers reside in the colony, have various facilities, and may exterminate, enslave or utilse the indigenous population, bringing them into the 'fold'.

At some point the persons who were born in the colony seek to be 'Independent' of the coloniser.

They may fight a successful war, and become their own country; i.e. the 13 Colonies becoming the 'United States'.

In others, they may gain Independence by using the coloniser's system to 'vote' to leave; i.e. Jamaica.

Where an ex-colony remains on good footing with their previous 'master' and continues to maintain the infra-structure, they are successful; i.e. Barbados.

Where the ex-colony gains its Independence by war and seeks to remove the influence, it becomes a failed state; i.e. Haiti.

Successful ex-colonies are those which maintain 'Massa system' and whatever ethics and protocols were in place to prevent corruption.

Weak and Corrupt

A 4th World nation may have stepped from its colonial past with everything intact.

The colonists who ran the system often remain in place, training their successors at least for a few years before retirement or departure.

The locals step into the positions with the background and capability to manage.

The political system functions as the Colonists created it.

Over time less qualified and capable people move into the realms of civil/political service, so that the better choices are discouraged and seek to migrate.

In Jamaica, for example, if you have to apply for a position you won't get it, because all positions of any value are earmarked to the friends/family/political cronies of those who make appointments.

The level of corruption increases.

Hence where in 1960 'Independence' is taken, the infra-structure remains as it had. By 1980, where most of those who were trained by the coloniser are gone, those that they trained step in with less ability, less committment, and a greater sense of self-aggrandisement.

By 2000 those who manage the infra-structure are poorly trained, interested only in self-aggrandisement, gaining the post through corrupt means.

A health care system which functioned in 1980 deteriorates so that by 2000 there is virtually no health care. An educational system that functioned in 1980 collapses by 2000.

Money is used to fill the pockets of those who gain power.

The Increase of 4th World

The reason so many states move from the 3rd World, that is 'developing' to the 4th is based on the 'slave' mentality.

Just as the slave broke Massa's hoe so as to get out of work, the politician steals funds as if they belong to 'Massa'.

Although they may sing their own National Anthem, (if they know the words) and repeat slogans and so-called 'patriotic' chants, they do not see themselves as 'in charge' but as forced labour.

The very worst people aspire to political office so as to better themselves, not the nation, which means nothing to them.

Haiti may have been subjected to various penalties when it became the First Independent Black Nation in the New World, but what is the excuse today?


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