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The Adverse Effects of Global Warming

Updated on September 13, 2014

Global Warming

Global warming is the adverse effect of human activity on the planet's temperature. This is caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), which are the result of a larger social structural formation.

In the United States, we use fossil fuels to generate more than two-thirds of our electricity. 51% of the fossil fuels are coal- 15% are generated with natural gas, and 3% are generated with petroleum.

The increase of these three non-reusable resources has led to unusually hot summers and cold winters and the rise of allergies, among many other unintended consequences.

Power Plants are the number one polluter in the world (Source: Energy 2000 Study)
Power Plants are the number one polluter in the world (Source: Energy 2000 Study) | Source

Urbanization and Pollution

There are many correlations between urbanization and pollution. Many examples exist where companies are now cutting down trees to build new houses when houses already exist; other companies have conducted extensive logging and mining operations in rain forests to cultivate seemingly insignificant things such as granite countertops and imported woods, as well.

In addition to this, many in the work force must make one to two hour commutes daily to get to work, which enhances carbon dioxide emissions. This is also a complete waste of gas.

Cost of Commuting to Work

Cost of Gas
Miles to Gallon of Gas
Money Spent a Week Travelling
$4.00 a gallon
20 miles per gallon
40.00 dollars a week
$4.50 a gallon
20 miles per gallon
45.00 dollars a week


Do you believe in Global Warming?

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The two main structural components to Global Warming are the role of the economy- which requires a huge amount of energy expenditure, and the prevalence of chronic urbanization.

The refusal of global governments to take meaningful action against global climate change has also become problematic.

Due to Lobbyists influencing the national government and the all-around ineffectiveness of national efforts, the Environmental Movement has been considered a "Failure" by noted activist and former vice president Al Gore.

The Scientific Formula to Wind Power. Although wind power is not nearly as efficient as oil, it is more environmentally sound.
The Scientific Formula to Wind Power. Although wind power is not nearly as efficient as oil, it is more environmentally sound. | Source

Bullet List of Environmental Concerns

*The Weather- Unusual warmth and water shortages in Australia and California

*Health Effects- Cancer and Asthma cases increasing in Western New York

*Logging/Drilling/Mining of National forests (a divisive issue)

*Chemical pollution from Power Plants

*Collapse of coastal fisheries due to lack of fishing regulations

Industrialization and urbanization have now ushered in new social problems that extend beyond the environment as well.

The increased use of energy to power machines, computers, planes, and power plants has led to a cultural divide as well.

In relation to urbanization, a city should grow proportionally to the county it is situated in.

The cultural reputation of a city influences its business desires. Once a city is spread too far however, the unintended effect of suburban sprawl from commuting can also lead to global warming.

Public Vs. Private Sector's Approach to Environmentalism

Mainstream Approaches to Environmentalism
Financial Status
Corporate Environmentalism
Argues environmental solutions are a technical problem
Elite Organizations- Cater to Lobbyists
Consumer Environmentalism
Based on the myth that destruction of environment is caused by over consumption
Fundraisers- Simple donations will enhance advocacy
Corporate Environmentalists cast environmentally destructive corporations as environmental innovators and pollution is simply a technical issue; Consumer Environmentalists are guilty of mass consumption.
Cutting down trees to build eight-lane bridges and extensive Carbon Dioxide emissions commuting to and from work, may be the cause of Global Warming issues, activists suggest.
Cutting down trees to build eight-lane bridges and extensive Carbon Dioxide emissions commuting to and from work, may be the cause of Global Warming issues, activists suggest. | Source

Green Economies- New Power Sources

There are four major power sources people around the world are exploring in order to curb dangerous carbon dioxide emissions. In some cases, these resources have revitalized communities and their local economy.

Wind Power

Wind turbines try to capture wind power or kinetic energy for heat and electricity purposes. As of 2009, wind energy accounts for 1% of the world's total energy production.

Its benefits are that it is clean energy, renewable energy and freely available; its limitations are that in cannot be used in low valleys without wind and must be put in a remote location due to sound problems.

Wind essentially is the uneven heating of earth and wind is more prevalent along coastal shores. Because of this, the cost of building wind turbines can be expensive do to the premium on waterfront property.

Solar Power

Solar power is an older from of green energy. It was used in space travel during the 1950s. Solar Thermal energy is created when scientists use the sun to heat up water. From there, the water turns to steam, which creates a renewable form of energy.

Solar Photovoltaic energy uses this same approach in order to create electrical energy.

Its benefits are that it is quite effective in arid deserts and parts of the Middle East. In addition to this, solar energy can help power your home, cell phone or even a calculator.

Its limitations are that ultimately, it is an ineffective form of energy. Oil is still a far more efficient form of energy than solar, or even wind power is.

The state of Vermont has been exploring alternative energy sources for the past fifty years.
The state of Vermont has been exploring alternative energy sources for the past fifty years. | Source

Hydroelectric and Geothermal Power

Hydroelectric power is created by diverting water and turning it into a renewable energy source. Water is always available, so supply will never become problematic.

However, the limitation to this energy source is that is has now become threatened by global warming. The green energy industry in general, has been effected by global warming.

Geothermal power is created through heat underneath the earth's surface. This eliminates the distracting presence of wind turbines and huge solar panels that have been increasingly dotting our landscape.

However, this form of alternative energy cultivation is extremely expensive.


Unregulated urban planning and global overpopulation has led to this predicament to find safer, more environmentally sound energy resources.

Although clean coal technology has been explored in New York state, there are still unusual examples of scientific abnormalities located by coal plants, such as, combustible rocks, epilepsy and young cancer rates, due to toxicity.

It is a politically convenient rationale to ignore these facts and there is no longer a clear distinction between what policy makers say they will do about it, compared to what has actually been accomplished.

However, these unnatural burdens that have created global warming will never be resolved if more legislation is not implemented to improve the biospheres of the world. The need for institutional framework regarding Global Warming needs to be addressed immediately.

Interest groups and Lobbyists have hurt average citizens' attempts to accomplish any meaningful change.

In the meantime, Human well-being can best be advanced by liberating ourselves from the strains of global warming by riding our bikes to work or exploring alternating energy sources such as solar power.

Not only will this help the individual, it can also give the community they live in a needed boost to their economy by supporting alternative energy resource organizations.


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    • wmac profile image

      Wayne McLaughlin 

      4 years ago from Chicago metropolitan area

      By way of background, I am a degreed engineer with 40 years in the environmental industry, a business infested with psuedo climate experts and others who make a living complaining about everything. May I suggest "The Real Global Warming Disaster" by Christopher Booker with a title footnote, "Is the obsession with climate change turning out to be the most costly scientific blunder in history?"

      I hasten to add that this was not a conversion experience for me but he details how, among other things, that the "hockey stick" is pure fabrication.

      I hope this doesn't take too much more study time so that we can get our economy back on a sound footing with cheap fossil fuel sources of which we have such an abundance.

    • Justin McLean profile imageAUTHOR

      Justin McLean 

      4 years ago from Fernandina Beach. FL

      You are certainly allowed to have your opinion and I'm sure this quick overview of the situation won't change your mind. This is not an area of expertise for me, like it is for you, but I for one, am skeptical regarding the situation having researched it during college. I appreciate you sharing your feedback. Over time, I will look at the situation more critically, and attempt to enhance my knowledge of the situation. While I was in school, scientists with advanced degrees outlined the details of Global Warming similar to your research disproving it. It is a divisive topic that needs to be studied more critically, in order for experts to make sound final decisions- financially and otherwise. I really do appreciate your opinion however. Thank you.

    • wmac profile image

      Wayne McLaughlin 

      4 years ago from Chicago metropolitan area

      The next time the word “CONSENSUS” is used in connection with “CLIMATE CHANGE”, please refer them to:, GLOBAL WARMING PETITION PROJECT, which informs us that 31,487 American scientists have signed this petition including 9,029 with PhD’s.

      The petition begins, “We urge the United States Government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997. ….”

      On the substance, it takes less than five minutes to demonstrate absurdity of this “theory”.

      With simple math, the “doomsday” number of 400 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 reduces to one molecule of CO2 in a 2500 molecule air sample. Imparting measurable heat to the other 2499 molecules would be like powering lights of a major sports stadium through a single household extension cord.

      The physical property related to this process is called specific heat which quantifies the amount of heat required to raise the substance one degree of temperature. For CO2 to conduct enough heat to raise the temperature of the other 2499 molecules by any measurable amount, it would need to be enormous. In reality, CO2 has a specific heat just over 8 while the other air constituents have specific heat values a little over 4.

      The thesis supporting GW is one absurdity piled upon another absurdity and has made a lot of money for some very cynical people. What is most frustrating is that the people who have propounded this bogus "science" knew it was bogus from the beginning.

      And it has cost us dearly.

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