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The Age of the Mystery of Lawlessness

Updated on January 1, 2014
The trouble with untold wealth and power is that it often comes by theft and violence against those who produce the real wealth. The lawless oppress the law abiding.
The trouble with untold wealth and power is that it often comes by theft and violence against those who produce the real wealth. The lawless oppress the law abiding. | Source

Nothing is Legal for the Workers and Poor and No Law Applies to the Elite

Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,” 1 Timothy 1:9

For the majority of people in the world, almost everything is tightly controlled by the law as if it is a controlled substance. They are bound by so many restrictions, laws, regulation and rules, it is as if they are in a prison. W. C. Fields once said, “Everything I like is either fattening, illegal or immoral.” Indeed, V. I. Lenin once stated that countries as they exist are “a prison house of nations”. The elite who number a mere handful of humanity, design the laws to which the are immune and above. They hire their various hierarchy of thugs as an armed state apparatus to enforce the laws upon the rest of humanity. Corruption, which is now open and naked before the public, especially when revealed by whistle blowers, is now seemingly above reproach and protected with the frenzied reaction of a military armed state. Often, those who spill the beans, even in the line of work, are fired and accused of the very same corruption exposed in the line of work. Sometimes, a hefty bounty is placed on their heads as if they are the mass murderers. Checks and balances no longer work against those who seek immunity from their own corrupt, thieving, lying and murderous actions. The whole rotting system from the top to the foundation is waiting for that special moment when it will collapse from sheer lack of trust by anyone for everyone else.

Nature is a resource that should be equally available to all, but very few have access to even the basics of clean water, adequate food and serviceable shelter. Additionally, the actions of a minority are placing the whole planet and biosphere at risk, but hundreds of billions are spent to lull us into think everything is OK despite the mounting evidence we all experience. This divide in humanity is increasing in a global split between the rich and poor. Since the US sourced deregulation frenzy of the early 1980s, and then the manufactured terror disaster of 9/11/2001, the elite have become a law unto themselves. Every day, the list of regulations and punishments becomes more formidable and severe, so that the mere criticism of corporate and financial corruption is an act of terrorism punishable by torture.

There are several ways this rotten hierarchy influences the world

  • Shady global financial manipulations

  • Almost absolute control of the media

  • Mis-education

  • Guns for hire

  • Manufactured scarcity and planned obsolescence

  • Political deceptions

  • Renting the right to live

  • Disease as heath

  • Selling Food Fixes as a Cure for Hunger

  • Selling the cure for poverty

  • The choice of non-choice

  • Deception through “supernatural” baffle gab and trickery

  • Chaos for most, order for a few

  • Torn apart by universal apartheid

  • What you are promised is the opposite to what you get

  • Work like the devil if you can get work to get a glimpse of heaven

Deregulation has caused a lot of woe in a broad spectrum of our daily affairs. The worst are the deregulation of the banks and the destruction of the Constitution.
Deregulation has caused a lot of woe in a broad spectrum of our daily affairs. The worst are the deregulation of the banks and the destruction of the Constitution. | Source

Monetary Corruption is at the Financial Heart of the World (This is a Long Video Documentary)

Corrupt and deceptive mass financial transaction rule the international banking sector these days. From the sub-prime bubble, to the LIBOR scandal, to backwardization of gold, to quantitative easing, to bail-outs and bail-ins, a derivative super bubble, debt ceilings, secret tax havens, the list is virtually endless. When the banks do fail, it is the working people and the poor who pay the tab. Whistle blowers who were once hired to spot and alert about massive fraud, are now fired and vilified.

The modern media is a corporation that is managed by a handful of people. As a result, almost everyone is uniformed about the real situation in the world. We hear about endless government scandal and the real dire situation of jobless youth and unemployment is ignored. We are actually on the verge of a civil war, but what we hear and see makes us think things are fine beyond mass shootings by crazies. Most of us pay to watch drivel that passes as news and analysis that is slanted in favor of the corporations, banks and government. Most pay for cable or internet services, the ads that are thrown into our faces as well as the hardware. In return, we are misinformed and are treated with open contempt. Despite rising unemployment and lowering wages, workers are still blamed for inflation and not the private firms that print vast quantities of fake money that works like a hidden and private tax.

Education is not about teaching each and everyone of us the skills needed to survive, but to conform to someone else's agenda for you. Don't ask questions and be competitive rather than cooperative. If you are to cooperate, it is as a member of a team to make a corporate CEO profits. Most jobs require additional and separate training from anything learned during schooling. If for some reason, some educated genius is thrown onto the street, because they no longer figure in the production line and profit equation, they often wind up as destitute beggars lacking even the basic skills to function independently of any “life support”. Most of us are as infants, lacking even basic skills. We are taught to be efficient producers and voracious consumers. The real lessons are not found in the schools, colleges or universities; they are found in the street and in nature! What good is a degree as a doctor of philosophy when you don't know how to survive totally on your own. It is best to ask questions and find out for yourself even when resisted and punished than to waste the best years of your life learning in the deception of educated ignorance that closes the mind and opens one to maximum vulnerability. Much of what is taught is little more than empty propaganda or superstition, especially in the fields of history, politics and religion. Independent study will open plenty of controversy in any field that is the doorway to the real truth. If you peruse schooling, do so with an eye to alternatives that are out there.

Perhaps you will find yourself as a “gun for hire” in order to keep the peace and order, to enforce the law no matter what on those defined as lawless, or to enforce the will of one people upon another. Often the imposed order descends to a state of chaos. Laws change and the ones who dictate what the rest follow are for all intents and purpose, lawless, outside of the influence of their own dictates. A desperate economic situation can make the gun for hire seem like an attractive opportunity. We are told constantly, that one group or another are terrorists or some other label that removes them from human race and inclusiveness. The list of those who are regarded as being outside of the human and the normal is a long and formidable one, and everyone is on someone's non-human list. Every one of us are someone else's demon marked for persecution at best, torture, murder and genocide at worst. This is division on a grand scale in a war of each against all. This is an awful piece of corruption that traps almost everyone in its snare. We can awaken from this mess, but unfortunately, this only arouses the concern of those who profit from division in the ranks of humanity. The new state of awareness places those awakened folk on another list, often associated with collaborating with terrorists. Guns for hire will be gunning for you sooner or later.

A basic law of economy tells us that abundance forces down prices and eliminates profit, while a scarcity drives up prices and increases profit. This is the law of supply and demand that is also subject to corruption. Meet another form of corruption and lawlessness, the hording of production, secreting it away, to manufacture a false scarcity to keep prices high and therefore profits flowing into the hands of those who own it by self declaration, justified by armed thugs and forcing the rest of us into line. Competition among the few often inspires maneuvers like backwardization, which appears on the surface as a dumping of excess but is a trick to cause sell-offs by competitors so that the now cheaper goods can be squired for a song and horded by the corrupt lying practices of the instigator. At other times, surpluses are destroyed, often publicly, on the excuse that there is no market. Meanwhile, there are many who without, due to being “outside of the market”. Related to this practice is another trick called planned obsolescence.

Planned obsolescence is expensive on resources and harmful the environment. It is created by two main routes. One of the ways is fashion change and the other is by the deliberate under-engineering commodities. Fashion is a highly profitable enterprise and it is not limited to clothing, though that is a substantial part of it. Fashion finds its way into every conceivable commodity stream. The main ones are the automobile, the electronic and clothing. Food packaging is also highly affected. When one fashion goes out, another, newer, better model is on hand to tempt the customer to throw out the old and buy the new. Among the most volatile sectors is the electronics sector and particularly in cell phones. The old models are often destined to the landfills and oceans of the planet. The other method is achieved by under-engineering that causes the commodity to malfunction or break after a designated time. In lieu of new markets, old ones have to be “recycled” in order to keep the chain of profit going. This means high tech must include an element of shoddiness so that it breaks down, or becomes rapidly outdated. It must be discarded for the latest model, also subject to the same limits. This is a carefully studied and well honed science so that most products fail close to the end of the warranty period, Out-dating also drives the electronics industry and this can be measured in mere months. These now defunct products also head to the landfill or oceans. True, some of it is recycled, but that is just the tip of the discard “iceberg”. This is corruption on a mass scale right before our eyes in plain sight and represents a huge ongoing cheat. At one time, to knowingly sell a defective commodity was against the law, but in a era of lawlessness, this no longer is even considered.

When enough people get peeved with the lack of input into their own government, they take to mass protest to show the real meaning of democracy.
When enough people get peeved with the lack of input into their own government, they take to mass protest to show the real meaning of democracy. | Source

This is What Democracy Looks Like in Reality

We live in a democracy; or do we? When two or more alternatives behave exactly the same way when elected, then where is the real choice? Where is the democracy? When we vote on made promises by various candidates for a constituent assembly or leader and the opposite is done; where is the truth, honesty and loyalty? It is a phantom of the mind, placed there by political tricksters of all stripes and definition. When it comes down to it, voting only installs a hireling of the elite and powerful who are not voted into their position, but pay the government hirelings as the front persons to do their bidding. With the ability to print fiat currency and the popular deception that it is worth something, when it really is not, they do not need the taxes from workers' income. If they need cash, it is printed on demand. This is a complex subject that deserves its own special analysis and attention. The end result is that they function independently of the working masses with whom they exchange worthless fiat currencies (promissory notes) for real resource and production value. When at last, the holders of the currency cannot obtain what they need even though it is available, a major mass theft has occurred. Paper, coin or virtual currency is not equal to the value labor creates. It is not even remotely equal! Here then is one of the grandest examples of corruption and lawlessness. But, there is one step more and that is, the majority of hard labor is invested in the tools of war and oppression.

It has been said that human beings are the only species that pay rent to others for the right to live on earth anywhere. Stated another way, this is extortion of the many by the few. This payment is often made with some fiat promissory transaction that represents real value created by labor somewhere at the point of production. It also includes the concept of land ownership that is enforced by an armed state. Today, there are some who still live on the land somewhere, rent free. These are free people live in tribes in the deep Amazon and Central America, but this is under threat by developers seeking resources and ultimately, rent. Historically, from the point of fiefdom, through various agricultural and industrial revolutions, the natural human inhabitants are driven out of their locales by those powerful entities seeking to use the land resources for private enrichment. The original inhabitants and users flee to wherever they can to attempt continued survival. This usually translates into urbanization and selling labor power in sweatshops, mines and other hard, dangerous and dirty work. Today, that scenario plays out in the developing world like in Asia, and it is executed by force, fraud and corruption. Taxes are siphoned off by the very armed state that terrorizes and amounts to the equivalent of an illegal protection racket. Rents are extracted by self declared owners of property who are backed by the same armed state. Defenseless poor workers become de-facto slaves to this system of parasitism.

The very work that most are forced into often impacts health in very negative ways. A system of disease management has arisen that has become extremely profitable and cumbersome. Desperate workers and others along the chain of hierarchy to the top, seek relief and a cure from pain and almost always, get the modern equivalent of snake oil and quackery dressed as medical science. Most doctors will prescribe pills with side effects and some are useful in a limited way. Research that proves some natural sources are actually effective against scourges like cancer are down played if not refuted altogether. As yet there is no cure for diseases like arthritis or nervous degenerative diseases or for that matter, AIDS (or so we are told). There are treatments and costs that can skyrocket, especially for patients who are too sick to work and therefore too poor to pay. Insurance costs also skyrocket. There is a lot of needless suffering that generates plenty of profit. There is also plenty of corruption where insurance is charged for expensive private room hospital stays, unneeded procedures and drugs. To top it off, most doctors are contemptuous of the ignorance of their patients and tell far to little by by of confiding with them. They have an aloof attitude that comes of specialized training and the specialized setting of their work environment. For most, maintaining an illness is far more profitable than preventative medicine or a cure.

Over the last several decades, we have seen one advance over another in food production and this is sold to all of us on the promise of ending hunger. But; importantly, despite these achievements, hunger still remains and is increasing despite increased food production. This has at its root, a fundamental law of economics called market demand. In short, if you lack the cash or salable collateral, you are not in the market and thus not counted, even though among the hungry. This is a corruption away from basic humanitarian concern. The poor have to feed the poor and that from limited resources. Among all the “life saving” advances to cure hunger is Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), ostensibly created to feed a growing population and the hungry. Those who modify food organisms are reluctant to tell their customer base what is in there and why almost no human studies have been conducted. Further, some of the same companies have cloaked and protected themselves with legal exemptions, essentially placing themselves outside of the reach of law and therefore lawless.

As with other manufactured scarcity, the lack of work is manufactured in a variety of complex ways. This results in poverty not only of the unemployed, but of those who work, because there exists the reserve army of the unemployed that helps to keep wages down. Today, this is played out on the international arena. Part of te reality of the 2008-09 crash was the collapse of employment domestically, while whole factories and jobs were exported off-shore to exploit cheaper labor. The CEOs of these transnational companies profited from the savings in wages, while millions fell into poverty and homelessness domestically. On top of that, in 2009, many CEOs received government bailouts to the tune of trillions, while the workers were abandoned to their fate on the streets. Now that the $30 per hour jobs were replaced with $30 a month jobs in China and Asia minor, the domestic worker faces the prospect of lowering their income expectations in the face of rising costs. Yet, they are still blamed for inflation by asking for a living wage. As it was during the days of the Heymarket Massacre, so it is with violent confrontations today between strikers and police lines. It is a shame that someone who works, must augment their income with social assistance like food stamps, food banks, welfare and homeless shelters! This is an indictment of the corruption of the entire capitalist structure of the profit ledger. It has become so brazen and obvious, most can tell that this sector of the economy is ruled by lawlessness at the top, as is the banking sector. There are profiteers who use the existing poverty to turn a profit from unwitting well wishers who donate to scams allegedly set up to help the poor. All too often, the poor do not see any change in their circumstances while for profit charities rake in millions from unsuspecting kindhearted donations. Profits are made from poverty used as a shill to fatten big bank accounts.

The shell game of political parties is no different from other deceptions foisted upon all of us. We may think democracy exists, but what if no matter who we elected, the same program is maintained including all issues not voted in favor of and never put on referendum. Who exactly voted to implement drone warfare and universal NSA spying? Why is it that the Democrats and Republicans “stay the course” set in motion long ago? Why are meaningful promises never fulfilled? Whoever is at the seeming helm seems almost utterly helpless against the strengthening current of austerity and the need for things like quantitative easing to bail out all institutions and corporations too big to fail. Debt soars while millions succumb to the stranglehold of poverty in the richest nation on earth. The fact is that all representatives in the constituent assembly are public relations and the hired administrators for the real, unelected powers of the corporation of the USA. Thus they all must succumb to the influence of lobbyists and campaign backers. Democracy is a sham when both sets of representatives work for the same boss! They really represent the boss and not the voters. Anyone who fails in following orders is assassinated and the job is pinned on a suitable patsy. This is why real reform is so difficult to pass and why past reforms can be so easily liquidated, such as the striking down of the voters right amendment act of 1967 in favor of the new Jim Crow voters' ID law. The original act took decades of struggle to implement. These signs of corruption should be loud warning bells to all of us who should respond to them. Instead, brave souls like Ed Snowden and Bradly-Chelsea Manning must individually place life and limb at risk to blow the whistle on corruption. Currently, Manning is in federal prison and Snowden must remain in hiding somewhere in Russia due to numerous bounty hunters seeking a $1.5 billion reward for him dead or alive.

If you want to find the contemporary sourced of corruption; follow the money!
If you want to find the contemporary sourced of corruption; follow the money! | Source

Where Corruption and Lawlessness Lurks

Where Do You Think We Can Find the Most Corruption?

See results

Religion is one of the biggest businesses going, right up there with the military industrial complex by way of profitability. Owing to our education that is more about breaking spirits and brainwashing to obey without question and memorize by rote, whatever doctrine is promulgated, we are ill prepared to deal with anything outside of very narrow confines. In an age of rocket science, nuclear physics and computers, it is amazing how many people believe in the preposterous that flies in the face of the obvious and simple observations of nature. People believe in the most amazing things that goes beyond even the wildest speculations of sci-fi. Since early times, religious elites have sought to keep their conscripted followers stone ignorant. They make billions individually and trillions collectively from their followers. It is as if, one could buy God with sufficient funds. Promises of a future paradise forever lay ahead and out of reach while most live in hell here and now. Visions of a utopia dance in our heads while living in an Orwellian dystopia. It is amazing how many will give up all, even their lives in mass suicide for an illusory promise. Guru's priests, self proclaimed avatars and messiahs abound; lives laden with greed and corruption. This is not an attack on the possibility of a supreme being, for which there is considerable proof. It is an attack on wholesale corruption, lies and even genocides promoted by self seeking, self promoting sycophantic leaders of almost all religious persuasions. No position is to low to which to stoop for the service of the late great god, money!

We are promised order out of chaos but experience chaos growing out of order. At one time, there was a growing order out of chaos as fresh new ideas took shape and transformed civilization. Seminal moments were marked by the advent of AC electricity fathered by Nikola Tesla, The advent of the automobile, radio and TV (Tesla again), the airplane, computer and the space age. This is all well and fine as long as the infrastructure is maintained. However, as economies weaken, resources get scarce and things age, chaos begins to creep back in. Moreover, modern wars that are fought over resource access brings formerly well organized infrastructure to ruin and chaos, physically, economically and politically. Such a case in point is Libya, once the jewel of N. Africa, brought to total ruin in 2011. This was a war instigated over perceived economic threat and resources. It was “justified” by the war on terrorism. It occurred as the Arab spring raged around Libya and across much of the Islamic world. The Libyan masses who once enjoyed a convenient, modern lifestyle, now wander in a ruined landscape with access to nothing. Another excuse was to deliver democracy as the US did not like the dictatorship as they defined it in Libya and wanted to install democracy in its place. Libya never attacked the US, but was lawlessly attacked and laid to ruins. Several warlords now battle for what is left of Libya, keeping the area in total chaos.

The war of each against all others creates a world wide, universal apartheid. World apartheid is perhaps best defined by the Lenin quote above, where national boundaries subdivide the world into prison enclaves of patriotism, alienation and promote warfare for profit. Further, within the various states, there are further conditions of apartheid, such as Gaza in Israel, Indian reservations in the Americas, the Roma in much of Europe and Muslim minorities in all Islamic nations. We could go on with many more examples geographically and historically. From the outset, we are encouraged to be self reliant, individual and competitive against all others. This philosophy was promulgated in the 20thcentury by Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. It is still having its effect world wide and dominates our thinking in all spheres of activity. In an economy and politic that is in decay, a distraction, such as a manufactured enemy is enough to keep us all in apartheid conditions, usually self imposed. If you can name it, there is probably a ghetto for it. Deception is at the foundation and corruption at the heart of this world wide condition and we repeat historical errors endlessly. Unreasoning fear born of manipulation and deceit keeps most confused and either fighting against one another or at least, shoring up one's security. We have been programmed out of fear to hate every conceivable minority for a host of rationales. The list of these variants is too long to waste space here. The elite are thus able to rule without interference and profit from the universal fight of each against all. The greatest apartheid therefore, is class division between a handful of elite who run the company planet and the rest of humanity and nature. No identified apartheid is as thorough going as this!

Isn't it strange that whatever is promised is the opposite to what you get? It functions like a law of inverse availability. This is because we live in a top down society that has its stranglehold on the whole of humanity and the planet for the profit of a few. Most people just want to live their lives as best as they can. Promises are made by almost everyone at every level of international society. Often, these are false and can deceive people into being trapped into slavery. On the highest level, promises seem more of a popularity item that lack all seriousness of commitment. Every politician of all stripes today make promises of better conditions if elected and if so elected, soon fail to deliver. Indeed, many go in the opposite way. They promise to end war, but either prolong it or start more. The promised social reforms are seldom if ever delivered. Sometimes, past reforms won over many generations of struggle are taken back later, such as the recent rescinding of the Voters Amendment Act of 1967 in the US, now struck down in favor of the complicated voter ID ACT. Some argue that this is a return to Jim Crow. Banks and corporations “too big to fail” are bailed out and the people thrown out of work, have their social benefits cut to help them build a more independent attitude. This disparity is so glaring, few miss it. No matter; the armed thugs of the state keep everything in line. The state is the middle-person of the company boss of a corporate planet. The state is paid for and owned by the discrete boss, hidden from view. The employees of that boss must “do their job” or risk termination. They can always be replaced and sometimes are in full view, complete with assassinations. This then is the mystery of lawlessness in this case and much else, where a tiny minority functions in a way where no law applies to them, while the rest must follow even nonsensical ones or risk dire consequences.

Working like the devil never managed to achieve any heavenly state. Those who do not work, trick others to do it for them. They co-opt a heavenly state in the hear and now, while the rest must hope for a paradise somewhere else after a lifetime in a hell here and now. There are those in increasing numbers who do not even have work and are willing to work for almost nothing. Their hell is even greater. In a world of lawlessness and grand scale corruption, the future of humanity and the planet looks bleak indeed. There is a solution, but this requires a level of understanding and action that so far is lacking. Any would be world changer is often thwarted by the trickery of the established order. Many world changing systems have arisen and fallen at huge costs in life and peace with more ruination of nature. Everyone of them have so far succumbed to the mystery of lawlessness and corruption. Yet we struggle on from one tedious generation to the next with endless variants. We are now witnessing the corrupt demise of the current order that has striven to create a new world order while it slips and slides in the mire of increasing chaos and lack of trust.

Many shout; “Revolution!”, but there are as many variants on this theme as there are corrupt regimes to topple and displace. We must look at history and ourselves with a calm, honest, dispassionate eye to truly assess the situation. Perhaps then, in truth, we may be able to achieve a better way for one another and nature upon which we totally depend. The current order of lawlessness and naked corruption must end if humanity and nature is to survive.


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