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The Agenda to Enslave Humanity

Updated on January 20, 2019

One World System

If there is going to be World Government, which is already being announced, there cannot be superpower countries in the world. That is why America has been being gradually weakened over time. America cannot be as it is for the One World Order to come about, because superpower countries cannot exist; only one power can exist in the One World Order. So, America is being bled dry, and being used at the same time to destroy other parts of the world, in line with The Agenda.

There cannot be anyone left who is strong enough to say "no" to the World Government, World Army, World Currency, and World Religion ... everyone must submit; big powerful countries don't fit anywhere in that plan, so they must be destroyed. It's happening pretty fast really.

Look what George W. Bush did. We thought that was bad, but when Obama took office it was as if Bush was still there -- only younger and more aggressive. Obama was Bush but on some kind of performance-enhancing drugs. So, we had enough of all that and elected Trump, because he was certainly going to change things. You remember all the stuff he said on the campaign trail, right? Yeah? Well, so do a lot of other people, and we know that he is not doing at all what he said he was going to do. He is doing the same thing Obama was doing, but even more than Obama was -- which was even more than what Bush was doing! Looks like a pattern is emerging!

This is all the same garbage, and no-one ever made it more obvious than Obama ... well, except for maybe Trump, of course, who has somehow managed to make it even more obvious! Trump was never going to change anything; they all talk about changing something, but none of them ever do. There is nothing new here; they all just keep pushing us down the same road: more laws, more debt, more war; less freedom, less privacy, less basic human rights! Look how far we have already come!

Adolf Hitler: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

We have been told a big lie, a really big one, and for a very long time. We have been told that Democrats and Republicans are not working toward the same ends; that is as big of a lie as there is. Nothing could be more obvious and further from the truth; we have been told this lie, this huge lie, over and over so many times that we have believed it.

All of these politicians say they are going to "change" something, or do something new: Obama offered "Change We Can Believe In", while Trump has offered to "Make America Great Again". These are just ridiculous things they tell us that mean nothing. It is just to get you to believe in something, get you to hope for a better future; they want you to believe that only they themselves are the capable providers of that better future.

The Agenda

It is never "now" that they are going to do anything; it is always sometime in the "future" that they are going to do something -- never now, always later on some time. "Make America Great Again" was a fantastic mind control cue, but what has happened? Nothing that was not happening when Obama was President. What has changed? The curtains? That's about it, because they flat out lie to get elected, but once they assume office they also "assume the position" and begin to carry out The Agenda ... that was already in place and moving forward before they got there.

You thought Hillary was going to "take the guns", didn't you? Yeah, well who better to take the guns than someone who fooled all of the pro-gun people into letting their guard down long enough to stop paying attention? Well, the party's over; The Agenda moves forward. Trump was just another pied-piper-puppet to manipulate the people into believing yet another, as Hillary ... oops, sorry ... "Hitler", as Hitler called it, "Big Lie".

Now that Trump is in office, nothing has changed, everything went back to the way it was before -- nothing that matters has changed.

Ron Paul: "There is absolutely no difference, meaningful difference, between Hillary and Trump. They both support the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, deficits, entitlements, invasion of our privacy. And it’s super nationalistic populism versus socialism. That is so removed from what we need to be doing. We need to remove ourselves from tyranny."

The Agenda has been projected for a long time; now it is being implemented. They are introducing the paths that lead directly to World Government; some people are even calling for it openly now. That this is The Agenda is no longer a "silly conspiracy theory" as it was thought to be in the past; it is now the undeniable reality in which we live.

Can someone wake up George Orwell, please? It seems we are in need of some advice ... but no, he already warned us though, now didn't he? Will we ever heed his warning?

World Government, World Military, World Police, World Currency, World Education, World Religion, World Medicine, World Food, World Water, World Air, World Law ... WORLD EVERYTHING -- do you want that?

George Orwell: "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever."

George Orwell's version of the world is unfolding before our eyes and staring us right in the face every day of our lives.

Police State

Fake terror attacks and manufactured mass shootings are some of the mind control methods being used to manipulate The People into accepting less and less basic freedom. Our schools are looking more and more like prisons, and what justifies this? School shootings! How do you get parents to go along with making schools look like prisons? ... Yes, that's right, and then what happens when those children have been conditioned and institutionalized to the point that it is "normal" to spend all day behind barbed wire, armed guards, and scanners? What will those children become dependent on? ... Yes, and what will they do when they don't get it?

Installing a Police State into a society whose children have been under such conditions since early childhood will be no problem whatsoever ... and this is exactly what is happening -- has happened. Look at it ... look at what the children who have been through the Education System are doing already -- look at it!

This is just the first run at it, wait 'til subsequent generations come out of this same system of brainwashing and indoctrination. You think the Police State is a stupid conspiracy theory? Please look up from your phone!

Yes, your phone is very interesting indeed ... no doubt about that, but while you have been obsessing over it, some very important things have been going on. Please put down your phone and start paying just a little bit of attention, and maybe you could start trying to care about things that actually matter on occasion.

Here's an idea: try to think about something from the perspective of another human being every once in a while -- it's called empathy; maybe you should give it a try!

We are Under Attack

The microchip agenda goes right along, hand in hand, with The Agenda for our lives.

Barcodes on babies? Yeah, sure, no problem. Just inject them with the microchip ... everything will be just fine.

Used to be some silly nonsense, but it's real now; it has become something that is actually happening, and not just to babies ... the whole world will be microchipped before they are done -- maybe it already is!

These microchips are devastating to the body, and in due time the evidence for that will be overwhelming, blatant, and undeniable; just like it has now become with Glyphosate, the chemical in the Monsanto created weed-killing cancer-causing monstrosity known as Roundup.

Our bodies are under attack with all the crap that we are subjected to; Chemtrails alone are cause for concern. Some people are still trying to say that Chemtrails are nothing more than "condensation", but this is only due to ignorance; officials have already admitted they are spraying metal and everything else into the atmosphere -- one of the reasons for doing so, according to officials, is "to combat global warming". They have admitted they are doing this, have told us why they are doing it, and people still refuse to believe it is happening -- even physical scientific proof is not enough to convince still a large number of people of what is happening; they just refuse to believe it.

"In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. This discomfort is triggered by a situation in which a belief of a person clashes with new evidence perceived by that person. When confronted with facts that contradict personal beliefs, ideas, and values, people will find a way to resolve the contradiction in order to reduce their discomfort." - Wikipedia.

When people are experiencing cognitive dissonance, it typically involves denying what is obviously true -- and viciously attacking anyone who suggests otherwise.

Scientific laboratory tests conducted on soil samples have already confirmed elevated levels of the very same components that officials have said they were spraying into the atmosphere to combat global warming; it's really not difficult, at all, to understand what is happening here.

Look at what is in our food, drink, air, and medicine; look at the health-related symptoms associated with all of those things -- now look at the human population. It's not a mystery: we are suffering the very symptoms that are directly associated with what is being put into our bodies. It only takes a few brain cells to understand this.

A doctor will tell you that the mercury in a vaccine is "about the same as what's in a can of tuna", which of course is "harmless". Yes, maybe so, but when you get the vaccine, eat the tuna, drink the water, take some pharmaceutical drugs, breathe the air, get more vaccines, more drugs, have a trip to the dentist, eat some fish etc... now what? Is it still under the ever-rising "safe limits"?

Who decided what the safe limits were for -- my body -- to be exposed to toxic substances? Who decided that for me? And whoever it is, why do they keep raising the "safe limit" every time the numbers get too close to the previous safe limit? It will never be above the safe limit if you just keep raising it. Did mercury become less toxic somehow? No -- it most certainly did not, and no-one ever asked me how much poison I thought was acceptable to be put into my body! Did they ask you? Did they ask anyone? Since the "safe limits" are the same for everyone, apparently we are all the same and can all handle the same amounts -- makes perfect sense. We all wear the same size of shoes too, don't we?

It is the same with "safe levels" of radiation: they are today thousands of times higher than they used to be, because the levels of radiation in our environment have increased so much. They have had to raise the levels over and over again; if they hadn't done so, people might start asking them to do something about it -- can't have that, because they have no solution for what is happening. Besides, they want it this way; that's why they keep raising the "safe levels", little by little, bit by bit, hoping no-one notices until everyone is dying of cancer -- cancer that only "they" have access to the cure for.

It is amazing how few people are able to comprehend the absolute absurdity of the world, and the Control System we live under ... and there are certainly even fewer who dare to contemplate and attempt to comprehend the implications for the future world that all the children everyone pretends to care so much about will be living in. Care about the children do you? Then what are you doing about all of this crap that is going on? Nothing? Then don't you ever utter the lie of "caring about children"; if you are not willing to help make our world a better place, then you don't care about the children -- you couldn't care less about them!

All of this stuff is in our food, water, air etc... to chemically imbalance the body and mind, in a way that alters our physicality and behavior to the point of needing prescription medication -- for the rest of our lives. If they can addict us to drugs, like whores, they can control us for the rest of our lives ... and that is why, at least in part, that the whole human body is under the massive state of attack that it is. Look at it! Look what is being done to us! It is horrendous!

When you look at the whole picture, instead of all the little pieces individually, it is clear: something is obviously being done to us. The human race will not be the same, maybe not ever again, and there might not be anything we can do about this.

GMO Humans

Genetically modified food has nothing to do with feeding the hungry; they would have done it by now ... it is about genetically modifying us. Think of it, we are being genetically modified before our very eyes, and we can't even see it.

The FDA is supposed to protect us from this kind of stuff, but how can they when there is a revolving door between the FDA and companies like Monsanto?

Monsanto (Bayer) wants to put poison in our food - FDA says no - Monsanto executive resigns to be appointed head of FDA - FDA approves putting poison in the food - Monsanto executive returns to Monsanto and proceeds to make billions of dollars selling poisoned food.

This is how it goes, and why so much is the way it is ... and it is being done systematically.

Immune System

There are all kinds of wars going on in the world; one of the invisible ones is the war on the human immune system. What? Immune system? What is that? Some people believe that having a flu shot is "better than nothing at all". Nothing at all? What? Do you not have an immune system? Of course you do; we all do -- it is what protects us from sickness and ill-health, but our whole society has been structured in a way that has devastating effects on our immune systems -- and it is done intentionally, to make sure we are weak. How do you make sure you can defeat your enemy? Make him weak, too weak to fight; then, you can roll right in with whatever equipment you want and face very little resistance.

It can be viewed as a sophisticated type of "sanctions", like countries always try to put on other countries before they militarily or otherwise invade. If you can starve the soldiers in the land you want to invade, they won't be able to fight back when you attack; this is what is happening to us. Somebody is weakening us, and when we are sufficiently weakened they are going to come in and take us over ... if they haven't done so already. By the time we realize we have already been taken over, we will be too weak to do anything about it -- brilliant.

We are in some real trouble here, and for those of us who realize it, it is horrific; to the rest, they can't even see it ... "if it was a snake..." -- it's a freakin' snake!


This gradual weakening of the human species through all of this stuff eventually leads somewhere. What happens when you gradually weaken a person, weaken them, weaken them some more, and some more, a little more still ... what eventually happens? That's right! They die!

This all feeds into the Depopulation Agenda; ever heard of it?

They cannot physically control billions of people ... the numbers alone are unmanageable. They are tiny in comparison to us; in order to turn our world into what they want it to be, they are going to have to eliminate a whole bunch of us. Some people suggest up to around 90 percent of the existing human race will be exterminated.

This doesn't mean that blood will be pouring through the streets and bodies piling up sky-high. No, it will mean that everyone has cancer and is slowly dying. It will mean that the human being's ability to reproduce will, like cockroaches, be reduced dramatically -- if not eliminated completely. Ask any exterminator how important sterilization is, and they will tell you that it is absolutely necessary. In some places, like war zones, we will see mass murder; in other places, people will just be eliminated in ways that are invisible -- like sterilization through food or vaccines, for example.

The sperm rates of males around the world have already dropped to levels that ensure the population of the world will mandatorily reduce -- there will be no avoiding this. It isn't going to look like mass murder, but what if chemicals have been introduced into our food and water, chemicals that sterilize males? What if this was done with the intention of depopulation? Wouldn't this be just as much mass murder and slaughter of the innocent as anything else?

This is what's goin' on, but unless you are able to connect everything together you won't be able to comprehend it. When you are able to see how everything connects, there is no denying it: they have ... already have ... wiped out a huge portion of the population -- they just haven't all died yet!

Drugged Children

In the past few decades, there has been a massive increase of people on mind-altering prescription drugs -- especially children. These drugs do terrible damage to the immune system; if you can damage the immune system of a young person, you have created a customer of prescription drugs for the rest of their lives.

Behavior issues? Oh my, the children are trying to play again! Quick, give them some drugs to calm them down -- that will cause permanent mental and physical damage to their bodies resulting in them being completely dependent on the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of their lives. This is brilliant from a business model perspective -- they will die if they don't buy your product -- brilliant!

PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION: poison them, they get sick, provide the "cure" -- this is how it works.

There is no money in us being dead, and there is no money in us being healthy either -- but there is plenty to be made by us being sick. Somebody is going to make a lot of money while the population reduces, and who do ya think that might be? It should be obvious by now. The population will drop to manageable levels, no doubt about that; they have already ensured that it will.

Dumber by the Day

Part of the reason no-one really realizes any of this is because of the methodical systematic dumbing down and brainwashing of The People; it is absolutely remarkable. People barely even read books anymore, they barely can read at all! Most people have apparently become incapable of reading even simple books; let alone long boring complex books about things that actually matter! High school graduates of today can't pass the same basic tests as what students in 1900 passed with ease ... and there is no systematic dumbing down of the population happening?

William Casey (Director, CIA): "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

All anyone needs to do to verify that this has come to pass is to spend a few minutes on social media. It is so blatantly obvious ... no dumbing down of the people huh? Yeah right! People think some of the strangest things these days, and are generally oblivious to higher or deeper more meaningful levels of thinking -- people's ability to think has been tampered with. A 2015 study, conducted by Microsoft, concluded that we now have an average attention span of less than that of a goldfish! A goldfish! (nothing is happening here, move along -- nothing of concern whatsoever...)

It is an overused overly simple expression, but if we have not been "dumbed down", what other words can possibly describe it? People are eating laundry detergent and setting themselves on fire for YouTube videos ... look at it! How can anyone honestly say that nothing is going on here? People don't know or understand basic stuff anymore, but we are not being dumbed down? Please!

Most people have become incapable of reading anything longer than a text message or a meme on social media. Advanced concepts like punctuation and cursive writing are now mysterious concepts of the "good ol' days" or something, because it seems like fewer and fewer people are capable of understanding these things. Even counting one's own fingers seems to have become difficult for some people!

Think about it: the generation coming out of the Education System is petitioning the government to take away their rights; how far does this have to go before people will realize what is happening? It has already gone too far.

The End of The Agenda? -- Brave New World --

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is before our very eyes and slapping our faces ... but we will not awaken from our dumbed down ill-informed ignorant slumber.

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” - Aldous Huxley

© 2019 Jason Horne


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