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The America I know and Love

Updated on June 27, 2015

What this flag represents


What this flag means to me

This flag was draped on the coffin of my father. He was a World War II veteran. He fought and died in that war and this is the flag that draped his coffin for the journey home to America. He died September 13, 1944 at the age of 22. I was born September 15, 1944.

I never met my father but I know enough about him to know he believed in the United States of America and gave his life, as many others did, to keep us a free nation. This Flag represents that freedom.

I feel compelled to write this because of what is happening in our beautiful country. Sometimes I feel like we are living in the Twilight Zone. Everything seems to be upside down and side ways. A 6 year old boy gets expelled from school because he ate his pop tart in the shape of a gun. Teen-agers get tossed out of school because they were wearing a shirt with the United States Flag on it. The Ten Commandments are taken down from a county court building and so the list goes on.

This flag represents who we are as a nation. We are lovers of freedom, we are a generous nation, we fight for the underprivileged, we are compassionate and we believe that if we work hard and play by the rules we will succeed in life. Succeeding in life is not a monetary count, it is about being happy. Give us a roof over our head, food in our belly, clothes on our back and a happy family, well, that's about as rich as you can get.

My Thoughts

Let's talk about immigration. I have some strong feelings about people coming across our border illegally. Not sure why people won't call it what it is. If you are not here legally, then you are here illegally. Sounds pretty simple to me. However, some people want us to call them undocumented. Well yes, they are undocumented but they are undocumented illegals.

My family came to the United States in the mid 1700's and settled on the East coast. In the early 1800's they traveled West and settled in Western Michigan. Where I live today. I have nothing against immigration. I don't blame millions of people who wish to live in this great country of ours but there is a right way and a wrong way to come here. Past immigrants came and assimilated to this country. They wanted to be Americans. Yes, they settled in neighborhoods of their own nationality but they assimilated to America. They learned the language and obeyed our laws and respected the flag of the United States of America.

Today illegals come and want us to educate them, give them health care and speak their language. So we hire people to speak a foreign language in schools, offices and even on the phone. If we dare wear a shirt with the United States flag on it, it offends them. Children were actually taken out of school because they wore t-shirt with the flag on it and it upset the Mexican children. This is lunacy.

And, please don't give me the argument that children are here because their parents brought them here so don't take it out on the kids. Sorry, the parents brought them here illegally and they are responsible, not us. There is a slippery slope to all of this and it is the children who are born here of illegal parents who are then citizens. Well, again, mom and dad should have thought about this. This law needs to be changed. If you are here illegally and you give birth to a child that child is also illegal.

Do I sound heartless? Probably. But why is it that this is the only country that is shamed if we don't open our borders yet other countries have laws about crossing their borders illegally.

The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare

The government can now force people to buy a product whether they want it or not. Health Care. DO NOT relate this to car insurance. You are not forced to buy a car and insure it. But, if you chose to buy a car and drive you need the insurance. Just by being alive you are forced to buy health care.

Those that can't afford the high premiums that come with the ACA can rely on the government for assistance. It might be helpful to them but guess who is paying for that assistance. That's right, it is the person who pays taxes.

What do you call a person who does not tell the truth? I was taught that he/she is a liar and not to be trusted. Well, that is exactly what I call our President. A liar and I don't trust him. Do you remember "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan", " the ACA is going to save families $2,500 a year ", "the cost of insurance is going to come down". All of these statements were lies and they were repeated loudly and around the country. Over 6 million people lost their health care plans, their costs went up, they lost their doctors and hospitals because it wasn't in there plan. 60 year old men are paying for maternity coverage not to mention other coverage's they no longer need. Because now with ACA everyone must buy the same coverage.

This year (2015) the cost of insurance has gone up from 10% to over 50% for some plans. Most deductibles have gone from a manageable $250 to $2,500. Really, the Affordable Care Act.

This month the Supreme Court has now ruled in favor of this law for the 2nd time. This time it is over subsidies. The Law states " Exchanges must be established by the States" in order to receive subsidies from the Federal government. If the State did not set up an exchange they would be ineligible. The Supreme Court has "rewritten" this law and in essence saying that this was written in error and the law doesn't really mean what it says. So, no longer do words have any meaning. The Supreme Court is now irrelevant. They are no longer impartial but a political arm of the Left.

We had, notice I use the word had, the best health care system in the World. People from around the world came here, to America, when their country failed them. Obamacare has now ruined this health care system and put your health care into the hands of unelected, non-medical people. And, we still have over 30 million people uninsured. For what??

We are no long the United States of America but becoming a Socialist country. God help us all.


Let's talk about marriage. For centuries marriage has been between one man and one woman. I believe in the Bible, I am a Christian and I am white. For the Left, that is 3 strikes against me from the start. But, lets get this straight right from the get go. I am not a homophobe (did I spell that right). I don't care who loves who. I don't care who lives with who. That is your business and what you do personally is between you and your maker.

I have several friends who are gay and they are wonderful loving people. I enjoy spending time with them and am thankful for their friendship. On the other side, they know how I feel about their relationship as it concerns God. This is my belief and they respect me for it (and often tease me about it).

I think gay couples should be able to have some of the same privileges that married couples have when it comes to legal matters and medical concerns. I just don't think it should be called marriage. Without this one man and one woman these gays would not be here.

I am really sick and tired of gay couples not respecting the beliefs of people that disagree with them. For instance, the bakery out West who did not want to participate in a gay wedding. What did this pair do? They destroyed this family business because they didn't think the way the gay couple thought they should think. Why are we villains if we don't think like the Left wants us to? Was there no other bakery in the area? At that point I don't think this couple cared, it was all about destroying.

Persecution of Christians

As I mentioned before, I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ my Savior. I think Christians, around the World, are being persecuted for their faith.

Daily you can see video's and hear news stories of how Christians are being persecuted by ISIS for their faith. Children are being crucified (hung on a cross) in front of their parents and when the mother comes out to help these savages cut off her arms. Christians are being beheaded for their faith, burned alive for their faith and even drowned for their faith. Gays are being pushed off the top of buildings, only to fall to their death. This evil is going on as I type. What are we doing about this? Nothing much that I can see.

I keep hearing that we (Americans ) don't have the stomach for more war. Well, when will we? This persecution has all ready reached out shore. We choose to call it "work place violence". After the Holocaust we said never again would we sit by and allow the slaughter of innocent lives...but here we are watching history re-write itself. Every day children are sold into slavery, women and children are being raped, boys are being beaten and hung. This evil is all around us and it is getting worse by the day.

Answer These Questions

Just Wondering:

  1. If we are such a horrible nation, according to Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Sean Penn and the like, why do they choose to stay and live here. They have the funds to move to any country they choose?
  2. Why do we allow the main stream media to "mis-speak" the truth when it comes to the news?
  3. Why do Global Warming fanatics think that if they bankrupt fossil fuel companies here it will have any impact on our climate? And, why do they continue to believe false scientific evidence?
  4. Why do we allow the Teacher's Union to corrupt our school system and fail our children? These unions protect bad teachers and these bad teachers are with our children.
  5. Why do we allow Congress to rob Social Security (something we pay into all of our working days) and then call it an entitlement?
  6. Why do we continue to re-elect the same people when they continue to make laws that affect others but not themselves?
  7. How long do living people, black or white, have to be responsible for what other people, black or white did generations ago?

Our National Debt

The photo here represents 3 reasons why this rising National Debt scares the life out of me. Why is no one paying attention? Politicians are only concerned with saving their posh jobs, liberals just want to spread the wealth around.

We are nearing 19 Trillion dollars in debt. We are borrowing money to pay people to stay at home and collect welfare and food stamps. Why should they work when they can make more in government handouts. These programs were set up to assist people during rough times and now it is a way of life.

A few years back I divorced with 3 children to support. I went to the government hoping to get some help with medical expenses. Do you know what they told me? I was making too much money (about $125.00 a week) but if I would quit my job they would pay my rent, utilities, find me a car, give me food stamps and pay all our medical bills. Wow, that's quite a deal. My pride would not allow that. By the Grace of God I managed and no one got sick. I took on a second job and made sure my children were fed, that they had a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs. It was hard work but well worth it.

People, we are borrowing money to pay for these entitlements. Who do you think is going to pay this money back? That's right. Your children and grand children. That should make you sick to your stomach.

Pretty soon we are going to run out of other people's money. We will have worked the middle class to death and taxed them to the point of no return.

Your Thoughts?

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