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The American Myth

Updated on December 21, 2011
Victim of Propaganda?
Victim of Propaganda? | Source


In the United States of America the power of propaganda seems to have worked.

It has been said so often over all forms of media TV, Newspapers, Radio and Internet that the majority of Americans now actually think that it is true.

What is this myth that has proved that propaganda can work so well?

The myth is that the rich create jobs and by taxing the rich you hurt the job market and thereby the economy.

The facts are that yes, the rich invest in and create new companies. These new companies do in fact employ people but that is where the truth stops and the myth begins.

Buy American

War Won't Work
War Won't Work | Source

The Companies

For the new company to succeed and the jobs to remain, people have to buy whatever it is that the new company makes. Yes, they may make something that people want but if the people do not have the money to buy the product they can’t.

Ultimately the success of the company depends on how much spending power the people have. Usually the biggest buyers are the middle class and if they do not have money then any new company is doomed to fail.

There are several types of companies that can be created.

The first is one that makes an old product under a new brand. This company is in direct competition with another American company and if the new company succeeds, then it is at the expense of the old company. The new jobs remain but the old jobs are lost. All that has happened is that the jobs have moved and wealth has changed hands from one set of rich to another. The United States, as a country has gained nothing.

The second type of company is one that has an American name but most of its work is carried out in other countries. This does not do anything for the American job market and may even hurt it if the competition is another American company with its workforce in the US.

The third type of company is a fully American company being created to go in opposition to a fully foreign company. If this new venture is successful then it helps the US but in most instances the success is dependent on a thriving US economy where people have money to spend.

The last type of company is one that introduces a totally new product. This truly does create new jobs, provided that the people have sufficient funds to buy new products.

Put the Truth in the Box

First Ballot Box
First Ballot Box | Source

The People

So the myth has been busted. The rich can create new jobs but only in a healthy economic climate.

The true secret to creating new jobs is to ensure that the people have spending power; otherwise the money spent on creating a new company is lost. The rich owners of the company then complain to the Government that the company failed because they had to pay too much tax.

History shows that the last time the rich paid as little a share of the tax burden as they do today was in the 1920’s. Then it led to the great depression. Then, just as now, the rich could do nothing to lift the country out of the depression; it took the war in Europe and ultimately the World to do that. The need for more munitions factories increased, requiring new jobs. They sold these munitions to Europe fortunately boosting the US economy before the occurrence of Pearl Harbor.

Unfortunately, for the rich, this time the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did not help the economy. Now that the American forces are pulling out of both of these, there will be a reduction in the need for munitions and a reduction in the military, will bring a swelling to the jobless figures.

Is it co-incidence that the same ones who claim that they can create more jobs are the same ones that voice the need for American military action in foreign countries?

After all, their family members will not have to serve.

Will America give these rich the chance for a third strike?

It would appear that the US is again looking for Europe to suffer pain to lift it from its own self created woes.

When will the American President, Senate and Congress stop listening to and promoting the propaganda and get on with doing what needs to be done.

The situation will not go away and another war won’t help. Reduce public spending, raise taxes ensuring the rich pay at least their share of the burden. When the economy is again healthy, then you can return to your petty party politics.

I know the rich may not back you for a next term but if you do the right thing now, you may not have to be a politician or rich to live well, as an American in America.


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    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      All quite true, but the solution will only come when people finally learn how to organize themselves in a number of ways:

      1 - Counter propaganda and manipulation with proper education

      2 - Part of such education will have to be how to start and run small business, co-op enterprises, community based services and dismantle the corporate machine which is selling BS at high prices to the brainwashed.

      3 - Give people a real stake in bringing about this kind of greatly over-due change to society by replacing religion and consumerism with class identity and a critical thinking process so people can see the American dream was nothing more than part of the set of tools to make them into fools!

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Yep, yep, yep...sad old tale isn't it? The trough-hogs use the same tired tricks to manipulate the electorate; same in the UK...the Brits taught you all to be swine! Now you are better at it than us possibly.

      It's the poor all over the world who are suffering huge losses as well: disasters, disease, poor housing.

      My cave in Baja beckons Bob

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well stated Rafken. The middle class is shrinking rapidly and the wealthy want to pay less and take more from the lower classes. It is disgusting and shortsighted. I hope the American electorate sees through this in 2012 and throws the Republicans out. Then the Democrats must serve the people and not the wealthy and Corporate America. Great Hub.