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The American Threat

Updated on February 16, 2016

A political desert: the danger of White Supremacists in America is a growing dangerous bomb

In review of history, in 1939 Europeans were stifled in shock when the Germans invaded Poland. No one could believe it. Actually the storm was brewing many decades prior. In the 1840’s the Conservative movement had grown throughout Prussia and in 1848 exploded in street violence. We are not far from that point. The rebellion was quickly put down and many climbed aboard ships fleeing to London. The idea was they would wait it out and the problem of the conservatives would dissolve. That never happened. The following years Germans living in London gave way to the idea that things would change and they began to come to America and take up residency here. They are known today as the 48ers.

The growth of conservative ideology never ended and the outcome of World War I only fueled the fire of hatred. We have that growing fire here. In the 1960’s a growing resentment to change brought fear among those with exceeding economic power. A new push for the conservative movement grew here. By 1980 Reagan was elected President. He was a powerful leader behind the new American Conservative movement. Democrats became afraid of the powerful plan they were executing and people were buying in to it. Big money contributions began to flow out of corporate hands and into the electoral process. The Democrats need this money in order to keep in power and keep power away from the growing Conservative force. But as the corporate money flowed in much corruption took hold of the Democratic Party. Jobs were handed out and deal after deal was made to keep the steady money flowing in. With this money they were able to stave off the conservative threat. However they ultimately lost their power to the corporate interest. If we expect the Democrats to save us from supremacy ideologies we are in big trouble. Their loyalty is to their campaign donors only.

Today in 2015 there are many conservative and white supremacy groups right here in America. Fascism is not gone. Stormfront operates out of West Palm Beach, Florida. They are white nationalists who give scholarships to school children in access up to $ 1,125. They hold writing competitions and grant awards to those who win the contest. There is also a group known as the White Nationalism Organization, the New Century Foundation, and the Council of Conservative Citizens. Southern Poverty Law Center battles many of these groups with an agenda to expose their fascist threat. The Aryan Brothers and the Aryan Nation are two more hate groups that promote racism and racists attitudes. There is the American Nazi Party and the NAAWP, the EURO, another American hate group. There are the Nationalists of Mississippi and the National Policy of Georgia. In Virginia there are the National Vanguard and the Headquarters of the Nazi Party in Arlington. At the present time the Ku Klux Klan only has 8,000 members but there are growing numbers in the Creativity Alliance and other religious fanatic hate groups.

The White Supremacy groups have to co-opted the Christian churches in America and infiltrated the military and the police departments. In 2010 Los Angeles Chairman attorney Daniel Johnson was a well listened speaker at the Tea Party rallies. He was leading the American Freedom Party, known to Southern Poverty Law Center as another supremacy group to be aware of. Johnson supports Israel and deportations of all NON Jews out of Israel. He also supports the relocation of all American Jews to Israel. The group called the National Alliance supports relocating all Americans of African descent to African shores. They are very sick tickets. They are a threat who is determined to now infiltrate our government. If we do not stop these movements now we will relive the nightmare of 1939. I would not want to see minorities rounded up, women killed, children killed, or our government for the people by the people become a fascists cruelty loving state. By Joanne Kathleen Farrell April 2015


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      They are not supreme to anyone. They just want to think of themselves as better than others. It is my belief that they are a danger to our society. Racism is always wrong.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      Those supremacists should deport themselves too. Why would they have more privileges than the other minorities in the US? We, all, come from everywhere but the Indians' land. If African Americans shall leave so will the Anglo-Saxons.