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The Asterisk Impeachment Scenario

Updated on December 17, 2019
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

Since President Trump was chosen by voters to run as the Republican candidate against former First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the left has worked tirelessly to find political dirt on him. Opposition research that was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, found its way into official channels through questionable means. Deep State actors that included high-ranking members of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the State Department, and members of the Intelligence Agency worked together to frame a narrative about Russian collusion. This group was aided by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, himself a former Director of the FBI, and a hand-picked team of Democrats, who went after every associate of President Trump, digging for proof of a crime, when a crime didn’t actually exist.

The Mueller Report and The Ukraine Call

After the Mueller Report was published and failed to produce evidence to charge the President, the left regrouped and shifted the narrative to the current one. A simple phone call between the President of Ukraine and President Donald Trump was the catalyst for a mountain of information to be revealed to the nation. Most of the information was damning for Democrats, as it exposed what appears to be a massive pay-for-play scheme that was orchestrated by many of those same high level bureaucrats. We’ve already seen multiple instances of Joe Biden’s son being personally enriched, John Kerry’s son being personally enriched, and even Nancy Pelosi’s son being personally enriched. What we haven’t seen is any wrongdoing by the White House.

The Sham Impeachment Hearings in Congress

Regardless of guilt or innocence of the President, the Democrat-controlled Congress, led by Committee Chairmen Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) started conducting interviews to gather information in preparation for an impeachment. Since then, America has watched Congress waste countless hours interviewing person after person in hopes of finding a smoking gun that would once and for all put President Trump out of office. To date, they have found nothing of substance. During the process, the media worked hand in glove to help push a false narrative to the American people about what took place on the phone call; despite the actual transcript being released for public consumption. Both Congressman Schiff and Congressman Nadler ran the hearings with a partisan bias.

Republicans were not afforded the same level of participation in the Congressional hearings as Democrats nor were they allowed to bring in witnesses. While the Democrats focused on second and third hand testimony, Republicans worked to bring the facts to light. The White House exerted Executive Privilege to stop some key staff members from testifying, a move which the Democrats called “Obstruction of Congress.” Each day both Chairs would have press conferences, accusing the President of bribery, extortion, violating the public trust, and putting national security at risk. And yet as the days passed, no actual evidence was produced by any of the interviewees that supported those claims. The Democrats continued to press forward, regardless of facts.

The Boomerang Effect

Initially, with the help of the media, the polling numbers appeared to be favorable for impeachment. Yet, as more people learned about the corruption of Hunter Biden and the valuable research being done by Rudy Giuliani, support for impeachment fell, and continue to fall. Also, the polling now shows a majority think the leadership of the FBI has acted illegally. Congress continued to push forward with Articles of Impeachment that are supported by most of the Democratic members of Congress, and at this time it appears enough are on board to complete the process in Congress. Even with the near-lock in Congress, no one expects the Republican-controlled Senate to force the President out of office. Senate Majority leader McConnell and ranking-member Graham have already vocalized complete support for the President; a fact which the Democrats are now crying foul about.

Once the Articles of Impeachment have been voted on, they are to be sent to the Senate, where a trial will take place. In this trial, the President’s legal team will have the opportunity to introduce evidence, bring in witnesses, and state their side of the case; something which the Congress tried extremely hard to prevent. It’s already been circulated that the first group of witnesses would be Congressman Adam Schiff, the so-called whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, Hunter Biden, and members of Adam Schiff’s staff. This information is terrifying to Democrats on all levels as it would expose them as being corrupt and would likely lead to further criminal investigations. That scenario, especially when coupled with the recent release of the IG Report that clearly identified countless irregularities in the FISA process, spells a no-win situation for Democrats. In fact, if everything is allowed to come out, it could destroy the Democratic Party permanently.

Political Maneuvering

As polling continues to swing in favor of the President, the Democrats are looking for an escape clause. They do not want the Senate to expose them, but they do not hold a majority in the Senate, so they cannot do anything to stop it. That is unless they take a drastic measure. Yesterday, it started as a rumor, but now it is gaining tractions. The idea that the House of Representatives would hold the vote and pass the Articles of Impeachment, thus permanently tainting the President’s name, but then immediately take no action to send it the Senate for a trial. It would be the biggest asterisk in world history. The Democrats could say they impeached, but because the Senate was working with Trump, they couldn’t get a fair trial, so they didn’t bother trying.

Remember that the Democrats were so positive that this time would be the time that they finally got Trump. Remember that Adam Schiff, for years, has been telling us he has evidence to convict Trump, but somehow never produces it. Mainstream America is watching as the work of the nation sits by idly while partisan politicians, stuck in 2016, keep trying to litigate the last election. With an election less than a year away, people are getting nervous. The media tries in vain to offer cover and concealment to the left, but the sheer volume of negative news is too much to keep a lid on. AG Barr is still doing criminal investigations. Hunter Biden’s girlfriend is demanding money for child support, which will force his finances to be exposed. Democrats are being verbally accosted by their constituents as to why nothing legislatively is getting done. The whole Democrat world is falling into shambles.

An Asterisk Equates to Democratic Surrender

An asterisk impeachment would certainly be the equivalent of surrender by the Democrats. It would telegraph a message to all Americans that this was purely political and no real crimes were committed by the President. And, even if they choose to hide behind this procedural trick, Attorney General Barr isn’t going to stop doing the work of exposing them for their corruption. We all can see that a complete acquittal by the Senate would afford President Trump a victory lap that would take him all the way to another term in office; something that the Democrats fear. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what Speaker Pelosi will do, but it is certain that there is no way President Trump will be removed from office.

© 2019 Ralph Schwartz


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