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The Australian Parties

Updated on November 8, 2018

Australia House of Representative

The house of representative in Canberra, has seen a lot of prime minister and other leaders come and go, we hope that this new Prime Minister can calm things down a bit, and wait for the next elections to be held when they are due.
The house of representative in Canberra, has seen a lot of prime minister and other leaders come and go, we hope that this new Prime Minister can calm things down a bit, and wait for the next elections to be held when they are due.

The Australian political parties and people

Welcome to our article (88) the Australian parties

In Australia there are two major political parties and some small ones. So, it is always one of the major parties that forms government. Anyhow, if we happen to talk about political parties, people would like to ask, which party you think is better? I don’t know if they do that to make up their own mind, or to know to which party you belong and whether you are with them or against them.

In my view there are no better or worse parties, it all depends from what we the people want them to do for us. You see, both political major parties have good policies and bad policies; people view these policies in different ways, according to which group they belong and to which party they belong and their needs, which will include what they do for a living. Having said that, now let us discuss which party might be better for this or that group. We have to say that whatever job people do, it influences them to choose the party they belong, which would be the party that could help them most; so, let look at the parties, starting with the largest party.

I believe that the largest single party is the Labour Party; the Labour Party is the workers party for good reasons, since they represent the workers unions, which helps the worker receive the proper wages from the employers and other things. The Labour Party has many other good things, that helps the poor people, at least as much as the coalition party does if not more, because the Labour Party aims to pass laws that the poor people can benefit from; so, it is a good party, except for the fact that they aim to make laws that penalize the people that are rich, they also don’t care for the people that own anything; so, this is the political party for the have-not and the workers, because as soon as you have something in your name they want to collect more tax from you.

I don’t mind if they tax the rich, because they are rich, and they can still live in luxury, even if they pay more tax. But this attitude of taxing the people that have a few things to their names, and my guess is that they have worked hard to achieve that, so, I believe that they could do more if encouraged to continue, but they are not encouraged, this could bring in a negative attitude,this may not be the best result for the country. You know, there are a lot of these self-starter and they pay a lot of tax, if they keep going they might even become richer one day, and pay more tax to the government; so, the Labour party in this case should watch out what they are doing. They should let these middle income people continue to work hard and grow.

But the Labour Party is not alone, they have company in doing these negative things, because also the coalition fails to do the right things to these groups that are neither rich or poor. So, both parties fail to make fair and just laws for the middle hard-working class worker of Australia, so to speak. The social security system will completely fail them too, because there are not set up to help them, they are set to help the poor and have-not

Now, let us see what the coalition does and who are the people that vote for them. The coalition favour the rich, therefore, it is the party for the rich people. It is formed from two main parties, the Liberal Party and the Country Party, they both aim for policies that makes people run their own business, like the rich people that have their business, because they already own their business and other things. This system works well, because it is self-driven, using the will of the people that are self-driven; this seems okay up to a certain point, because the self-driven people are business people that put making money first, so, sometimes there are problems because they are greedy, but they have to be greedy and work hard to stay in business, that is the only way to succeed. Some people don’t like them when they succeed, they don’t see the hard work they have put in, they only see these people gains and that upsets them; so, this is not the way to solve all political problems. People need to see that these people are the self-driven people that helps run the economy, and they pay a lot of tax, even if sometimes they try hard to minimize the tax they pay, so, both parties have some problem to solve.

Anyhow, while we are writing these articles, we are looking which party is more likely to make laws that will benefit those middle income people that are self-starter, but they are not rich enough to withstand negative happenings for long, like what is happening to the farmers today. You see, even these people need help from the government sometimes, just like the have-not do. We will suggest something as we continue to write these articles.

The Labour Party stands for the many

This is how the Labour Party see themselves to continue
This is how the Labour Party see themselves to continue

Both political parties have faults

As we have said, the Australian political parties have a good side a bad side and faults. The Labour Party works in favour of the workers, the coalition is too far in favour of the rich and forget the rest, they believe that the rich people by trying to make more money for themselves, they will create more jobs, so, the economy will run better by itself, while the government doesn’t do much. They also have and use the support of those middle income people that are not very rich, as they may have only a few things in their names; you see, these people follow the coalition because they believe that it is more likely that the coalition make laws in their favour, since the Labour Party looks only after the worker that work for wages.

Here we are talking about those people that are the core of the Australian economy, because they are so many and work hard, we mean those people that for their own personal reasons become self-employed, they work hard and if necessary take risks to improve themselves, because that is their nature, some of them may even get rich, if they are lucky. Anyhow, most of them will try to own a house and a few other things, because they believe that their savings plus the superannuation contribution would help them to live a better life when they retire, most of them believe that if they are lucky and work hard, one day they may become rich enough, so, they will not need the government to help them when they retire, that is one of their aims. Anyhow, I believe that we need this group of people like that, which are self-employed and take risks, because it is from this group of people that some of the most successful people come from.

But, I must say, that most of them are dreaming, and their dream will not become true, because only a few of them will get rich enough to retire and live on their savings and superannuation contribution without the help from the government. You see, most times what you do during your life, it does not work out the way you want. Anyhow, what happens to these people is that not only they don’t get rich, but also the are rejected from the politicians, because no major party is geared to look after them, and that is not right.

Therefore, from what we have said above, it is that both Australian political major parties fail to look after those people that are not poor, and they are not rich ether, they are left on their own, but not only that, some political idiots make laws that hurts them, because they forget to put the people first, as we are going to show you in our next article, while we are continuing to look at the parties and the stupid things they sometime do, but before we do that we need to tell you about, today Liberal political scene in Canberra.


The Liberals and Country Party in Canberra

A group of liberal party in Canberra to continue
A group of liberal party in Canberra to continue

Today Liberal political scene

Today, after electing a new Prime Minister in Canberra, if the Liberal and country party coalition want to continue to hold office after the next federal election, I believe that they need to overall many laws; they have this opportunity to do this, since their leader has changed, so, a new leader can change a few things to his liking.

We need to point out, that one of the main reasons why they were not that popular anymore, it was the budget when they changed the assets test, because many people were financially hurt. So, this new government must check and reset the social security system, because they made a mess of it, when the treasurer Joe Hockey, with then PM. Tony Abbott made a disaster, by changing the assets test and other things, just because they needed more money and didn’t care about the people. So, people were hurt.

Only if they fix those mistakes, which I think is going to be the key issue for next elections, even if the politicians are not going to mention it, the public will not forget it, because they are hurt from the injustice and hardship it continues to bring.

It is also very upsetting, because what they have done is a contradiction to their own liberal principle, which some people count on it. They believe that people should be free to do what they want, they should be competing to give the best possible service to the community, at the same time, the community should not be put in a disadvantaged position, from laws that punishes them just because they try hard to work and save money, so, they have some personal assets. Assets in your name are only good if they can give you added security and not be punished from stupid laws, just because the government needs more money.

On this assets test subject, I am going to write my next article, where I am going to show you what I mean, of course, what we are going to say will link to the farmers that today they are having a hard time, and the reason for that is that they cannot qualify for help from the government, because of the assets test. Anyhow, I want to talk about the assets test for the whole community. I know that they are only my personal views, but if I want my views to be known, then I need to write them down.

Anyhow, this article is becoming too long, and people don’t like long articles, because they don’t have time to read them. So, see you in our next article, Australia can do better, if those in power put people first. Anyhow, we will discuss about the assets test, and we are discussing the drawback it can produce. See you soon.


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