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The Battle for the Budget December 2014

Updated on December 13, 2014

There appears to be a new wave growing in Congress in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The battle of the budget December 2014 is seeing what it hopes to be a new resolve by both political parties to buck congressional leadership and the President. It appears that Democrats now serving in Congress has gotten the message from the voters. They are tired of Congress not standing up for the people and accepting party policy and pressure to agree with proposed legislation. It is true that some currently in the House of Representatives and those in the Senate may not return as part of the new legislative session but that is not stopping them from having the backbone to change their perspective.

I have never seen such a display of displeasure with legislation and its content as it relates to the current proposed budget agreement. It is refreshing to say the least. Several areas of the proposed budget brought criticism from both political parties. It is hoped this resolve will spread into the new Congress. Individuals who were elected for the upcoming legislature in January 2015 it is hoped will see a change in the culture in the way Congress does business.

Members of both parties are standing up to their leadership and with their leadership in some cases in addressing their unsatisfactory opinion of the proposed budget agreement. The vote in the House was close and there currently is a battle in the Senate. Individuals are standing up and making their own decisions on legislation regardless of who is pushing for a vote one way or another. The 2016 election is not that far off and those who will be up for reelection in the Senate have heard the voice of the people and it appears it is affecting their decisions on issues of the day including the budget.

It is hoped that with the total control of Congress in the hands of Republications that difficult decisions will be made and that Democrats will stand up to pressure from party leaders and the President regarding their voting decisions. Some will say that the election results do not present a mandate for Republicans but the sweeping changes both in Congress and in state elections points to a different story. It does not make a difference about the number or percentages of registered voters who cast their votes in an election it is the results that matter. Individuals who do not vote either are dissatisfied with the present political environment or feel their vote does not make a difference but each vote cast has an impact on the results.

The next two years under President O’Bama look to be interesting with the control of Congress changing from each party in control of the legislative bodies to one party being in control. It is not about the fact that control has shifted but the volume of change in the numbers for each legislative body. Some feel that Republicans should take a strong stand immediately on issues for which voters gave control back to them but it is better to take the time to develop the right response than to be reactive. Decisions affecting issues such as the Affordable Health Care Act and immigration are in the hands of our judicial system. One decision rests in the hands of the Supreme Court. The decisions that will be made will impact us for years into our future as a country.

Individuals currently in both legislative bodies in Congress who are returning to fight the fight appear at this point to have an increase in the numbers who feel the same way. The final action on the budget may signal what the legislative approach may be like over the remaining two years of this administration. Something needs to change and it appears the message sent has been made loud and clear. It is hoped the new Congress both Democrats and Republicans will listen to the people and make the right decisions for all citizens and the country in the decisions that will make on all legislative proposals.


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