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The Battle is Over, but the War Goes On

Updated on October 7, 2018

Bug Prepares a Celebration Brunch

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, October 7, 2018. Our new friend, Bug, is at the stove preparing a celebratory brunch in honor of Brett Kavanaugh's conformation to the Supreme Court of the United States. Bug is preparing souffl├ęs of every description for the party. I will be manning the bar preparing everything from martinis to bloody marys. Please join us for a chat about the victory and what lies ahead. I'll leave the door open.


The Confirmation is Over, May the Party Never End

Thanks so much for joining Pop and me for brunch. We celebrated the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh into the wee hours, so breakfast had to be moved to brunch. The confirmation process was the ugliest in our history. The unhinged, unethical Dems pulled out every stop to destroy the nomination, the man, his family and the American people who believe in the rule of law. I can't imagine anything uglier than what we witnessed. A parade of false accusations, liars and antics unbefitting the senators and the country. . The Dems have a great deal to atone for. They willingly participated in the take-down of a decent man all in the name of power. They didn't care about his reputation, his wife, his daughters, or his parents. They dragged his name through the mud and didn't flinch or show an iota of remorse. The good news is that the American people got an ugly fast lesson on the term "dirty politics." I hope this disgusting display of hatred haunts them into the mid-terms and beyond. In the short term, justice has been served. It is the future, we need to deal with now, because the Dems have vowed to continue their resistance until they bring our nation to its knees. We must not allow that to happen.



In order for the cruel and dangerous tactics of the left to be curbed or eliminated, there must be consequences for ugly behavior. Sad to say we have people like Maxine Waters who encourage people to stalk members of the Republican party and Trump supporters and tell them they are not wanted. She advocates throwing people out of restaurants, screaming at them at airports, at home and in the halls of Congress. Waters should come under investigation for inciting violence. This time, and every time going forward, these investigations must be dealt with by punishment. What Waters is doing is the equivalent of yelling "fire" in a theater. She should pay a price for her viciousness. The same must be said about Diane Feinstein. She set this sham in motion, and she needs to be held accountable. So far, all we ever have is Congress holding hearings that go absolutely nowhere. They just fizzle out, not because of lack of evidence, but because of lack of resolve. If all of this ugliness is allowed to continue, all of our lives will be changed forever.



Is it just for the left to block every move President Trump makes? Is it just for the left to taunt anyone who doesn't believe what they believe? Is it just to pay people to act as protestors, causing havoc and trouble? None of this is just and it is time to look behind the scenes and reveal who is playing fast and loose with our system of justice and our values. When Senator Jeff Flake was confronted in an elevator by a screaming woman, it appeared that her rantings got to him. It's a good thing he voted yes in the end, but he caved to this woman.. She wasn't a real protestor who felt for Ford. Her name is Ana Maria Archila. She is co-executive director of The Center for Popular Democracy.. This groups is a left-wing organization funded by billionaires. They were behind confrontations involving other Republican lawmakers, and they organized other professors when the news emerged that Ford's allegations could not be corroborated. This group pretends to need money. They portray themselves as poor, ordinary people trying to preserve our democracy. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and it is time to unmask them. They receive massive funding from the Ford Foundation and George Soros. Let's get the blinders off our eyes and deal with those who are trying to destabilize our country. Some of those are already in government, and others work from the outside. Nevertheless, they are the Deep State and they are dangerous. It would be wise to find out how all those rude, screaming protestors were allowed into the gallery of the Senate. Someone had to invite them in, and that "someone" should be exposed and punished.


Go Out and Vote

It is up to law enforcement, Congress and the president to deal directly with those that are trying to destroy us. We can get involved in a big way by going to the polls and voting against those running who are anti-America. There isn room in Washington for people like Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Peosi, Chuck Schemer, Robert Melendez, Corey Booker or the newest "winner" Ocasio-Cortez. If we elect people of integrity and intelligence, we will all benefit now and in the future. I believe there will be a red wave in November. Let's hope I'm right!

Bug's Song

The bugs crawl in

The bugs crawl out

They go to work

They sing and shout

They're just like us

In many ways

They want the left to go away!


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