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The Beast Within Serial Killer Dennis Rader

Updated on December 29, 2020
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Kadee Grace is a ghostwriter/freelancer and author. She has written hundreds of novels and novellas for clients in many genres.

The Beast Within the Man

Inside Dennis Rader we find what evil seeks. We find a disturbed demon that is lurking and hungry to devour. Over a span of thirty years this demon or demons lived inside a man who (according to his own testimony) knew at a very young age what he would be capable of and accomplish. Eager to kill as a child, he attacked animals. Later in life, his true beast of himself emerged, killing at least ten innocent people and kept a town in absolute terror.

Imagine a man who held so many high-up positions in his local surrounding counties and having such control over his deeds. An ADT employee who actually installed security alarms in people's homes. All the while the people's requests for the alarm systems were in fact because of the B.T.K. killer they feared the most. All the while, the killer himself … the Beast was the one who was installing their alarms and inside their homes, where they were supposed to feel safe!

Worked as a Census field Operations Supervisor in 1989. Again, he was able to get close to his neighbors and their private lives and able to portray control over them.

He also worked as a dog catcher and a compliance officer....imagine that one!

He... the Beast was also a Cub Scout leader. That alone drives a fear in us that can smother our senses.

He was a husband and a dutiful father and he was elected as the President of his church council at the Christ Lutheran Church. Imagine sitting next to him on a pew, eating Sunday brunches with him and trusting your children to be in close proximity with him!

We never know someone... really we never do. We can't waste any time judging anyone that lived life near Dennis Rader because the beast within is just one face the man carries.

Travis Heying/AP
Travis Heying/AP | Source

The Face of The Beast

Faces of Dennis Rader

This is the face of a Cub Scout Leader

This is the face of a dog catcher/compliance officer who had lots of authority.

This is the face of an employee of ADT, installing security alarms in homes.

This is the face of a census field operations supervisor.

This is the face of a President of a church council.

This is the face of anyone's neighbor.

Dennis Rader Quotes

Wrote a poem in one of his letters to the media called "Oh Death to Nancy".

Admitted that he was furious when victim, Anna Williams did not return to her home soon enough. He waited in her home for hours for her to come home from an evening out with friends. He finally gave up and left before she arrived.

Admitted he planned to kill again in October of 2004.

Communicated with the police, asking if a floppy disk could be traced through a Newspaper ad. Took their word for it when they answered.

Dennis rader and a Really Dumb Question to the Police

BTK Confession

From the Mouth of Dennis Rader

If you watch the above video you can see the Narcissist Dennis Rader. This is the mind of a beast indeed. Animals are not this evil. They hunt and kill their prey for survival and they certainly do not torture as he does.

Listen as he addresses the Judge in the courtroom as if everything is natural to him. Not many of us can really even understand his state of mind and we should be glad that we cannot relate. As he clears his throat several times and finds his own way to get the attention he feels he deserves, we see evil in its purest form.

Facts About Dennis Rader

Born March 9, 1945.

Dennis Rader … aka B.T.K. that he gave himself (just as a true Narcissist would do).

Between 1974 and 1991 he killed ten people and terrorized many. He had plans and stalked out many victims that he claimed in one interview to the Police "There are a lot of lucky people".

Taunted the Police with letters and described in detail his fresh kills.

Had a sexual fetish with women's underwear and stole them from his victims and wore them himself.

Was in the Air Force from 1966-1970.

Worked in a meat department where his mother was a bookkeeper at the time.

Attended Butler Community College in El Dorado and received an Associate Degree in electronics in 1973.

Went to Wichita State University and graduated in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in Administration of Justice.

Euthanized a neighbors dog for apparently no reason at all.

First kill (known) was the Otero family of four. Hideous crime and unimaginable what they must have endured. The 11 year old daughter was found hanging from a drainage pipe in the basement, where he had tortured her for his sexual desires.

Wasn't too bright when it came to computer usage and floppy disks. He actually communicated with the police department, asking them if a floppy disk could be traced. How crazy is it that he even believed them when they answered the ad and told him that it was safe? That floppy disk ended his killing spree later. His own ignorance led him to being caught. Imagine a mind that must not be capable of thinking clearly at all. He was able to plan out tediously many murders, yet he could not think with any common sense.

References and Influences

I am including many references in regards to Rader, his kills and his life. Between books, interviews and videos; we are able to see the sadist for what he was.

Katherine Ramsland wrote the book, Confession of a Serial Killer about Rader from a five year correspondence with him.

Stephen King claimed that his novella A Good Marriage was inspired by the BTK killer.

Novelist Thomas Harris said that the character of Frances Dolarhide in the novel Red Dragon was somewhat based on BTK.


After reading and hearing about such a beast, we all should realize right now that we really do not know someone. I cannot express enough how cautious we all need to be in and around someone's presence. This man lived, worked and entertained with people just like you and I and still inside lurking was someone they never knew. My heart goes out to his remaining family that he (in no doubt) has shattered their lives.

A narcissist (sociopath, psychopath) can be someone you know.


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