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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Updated on October 16, 2018

Harlotte Spins Breakfast

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Tuesday, October 16, 2018. Our creative friend, Spider Harlotte, is in the kitchen this morning. She is creating Pumpkin Pancakes for our enjoyment. I will be mixing up a batch of Bloody Marys to add to the fun. Please join us for breakfast. Come in costume if you want because, our nation is in the midst of a wonderful time tarnished by the antics of some very disturbed people on the left. We hope to see you soon.


It's a Jungle Out There

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table. President Trump is doing a fantastic job. He is keeping his promises despite severe interference and obstruction from the left. Nevertheless, he and the rest of the nation have to push on despite the lunatics who are trying to tear him down.

Facebook is advertising an event organized by witches who are planning to place a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, The hideous event is planned for October 20th in New York City. I think I'll skip it.

Speaking of insanity, the Washington Post is holding President Trump responsible for hurricanes! This absurd statement comes on the heels of the Trump administration's attacks on former president Obama's climate change plan. The left embraces the idea that man is causing climate problems simply by virtue of their breathing. The only way to solve this, according to the left, is to make our nation fork over tons of money. I don't see the correlation, so I think I'll skip this particular argument along with the witch event.


School Days

President Trump has created a robust economy with plenty of jobs and very low unemployment. That's the good news. The bad news is that todays' students graduate from institutions of higher learning without learning anything. The trouble starts early. The United States Department of Eduation released a study showing that a majority of eighth grade students are lacking basic reading and math skills. It would appear that schools are skilled at calling the police on kids who eat a grilled cheese sandwich that ends up looking like a gun. Perhaps they should focus on teaching the kids how to spell "grilled cheese." We are failing on the education front, and the tragedy of this failure will come back to bite us very soon. I'm fairly sure most of us are already feeling the sting.


Lowering Intelligence Through Higher Education

There is no question that the current political climate is troubled. The left is causing so many problems that it is hard to believe we can get anything done. The Dems in Congress believe that their sole purpose on earth is to stop President Trump. The media holds the same belief, and presents the nation with false reporting and non-reporting. Our colleges and universities take up the task of completely brainwashing our young once they graduate from high school.

Not a day goes by without a reminder of just how far we have fallen from grace. Colleges are now dealing with ways to help students survive the current political environment. Where is the help for people and bugs like Pop and me for how to survive the students. The Student Counseling Center at Texas Tech University has published a list of tips for these so terribly troubled students. The Counseling Center speaks out against the violence, prejudice and discrimination seen in society. Certainly, we do have our share of devision, but the suggestions by this Center are absurd. Their resource catalog features articles such as "101 Ways to Take Care of Yourself When the World Feels Overwhelming." Their catalog focuses on racial discrimination and social unrest. These are actually great times in terms of accomplishment for our nation, but these poor, worried and frightened students are cowering in corners afraid to smell the roses and enjoy success. They live in an alternate universe. They are not going to be prepared for the real world, and we will all suffer because of that.

Just to add fuel to the fire, the University of Kansas will be fostering a "feminist parenting group." It's purpose is to teach participants strategies for raising intersectional feminist children. I have no idea what this means, and truthfully, I don't want to know. I suggest that the school and its students focus on contributing to society in ways that make sense. The idea here is to challenge stereotypical ideas of gender. These students and their parents would be better served if they stuck with the fundamentals, and forgot about social and sexual engineering. The Obama years fostered a great many things, most of them detrimental to our nation. We need to raise children who are strong. We need to raise children who have morals. We need to raise children to strive for success. We need to raise children who would laugh at the idea of hugging a goat or fingerprinting in order to cope. We have lost our way and our senses, and enough is enough. The days of saying college "was the beat six years of my life" are over. It's time for everyone to grow up, and that means everyone. Congress has to shape up. Teachers have to teach and keep their political preferences to themselves. Kids need to be kids who know right from wrong. Wrongdoers have to be punished whether they are in the halls of Congress or at the border. We need to take our country back from the left, and we need to do it now. Let's make America great again!

Harlotte's Song

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott


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