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The Bilderberg Conspiracy - why the illuminati and freemasons are irrelevent

Updated on March 1, 2008

The term Bilderberg has become synonymous with conspiracy and New World Order, though it is largely unheard of beyond the circles of conspiracy theorists. The group is an assortment of bankers, politicians, media moguls, and royalty who meet once a year to discuss global events. The details truly are that vague, there is no complete list of conference attendees and rumors abound regarding the identity of the participants. Wikipedia identifies Donald Rumsfeld, and Peter Sutherland (former EU Commissioner and Chairman of Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum) as active Bilderberg Group members. Bill Clinton is rumored to have participated in the most recent conference - and apparently a Drexel University student’s question of his participation earned him a visit from the secret service.

Membership seems to be revolving - some are life members, while some country representatives rotate each year. The group’s size is approximately 130 members at each annual meeting.

What do they discuss: New World Order? How to keep the black man down? Interaction with extra-terrestrial life? Despite the presence of media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch and journalists such as Peter Jennings and Bill Moyers, the media never reports the content of discussions.

Rumored to have attended:

Notable US Political attendees have included:

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford

Former Vice Presidents Dan Quayle, Walter Mondale and Nelson Rockerfeller

Former Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger

Former (and current) President(s) of the World Bank Paul Wolfowitz, Robert McNamara, and Robert Zoellick

Current United States Senators:

Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Jay Rockerfeller, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Chuck Hagel,and Dianne Feinstein

Former United States Senators:

John Edwards, George J Mitchell, and Adlai Stevenson III


Former Democratic Party Chairman: Terry McAuliffe

Former Republican Party Chairman: Ken Mehlman

US political participants have included a diverse cross-section of hundreds of former Senators, Congressmen, Treasury Secretaries, National Security Advisers, Governors and Ambassadors; most participated in only 1 conference.

Also represented are some notable corporate leaders and private citizens:

Lord Conrad Black - Chairman of Hollinger International (recently sentenced to 6 yrs in prison)

Louis V. Gerstner - Former Chairman of IBM; Current Chairman of the Carlyle Group

Eric Schmidt - Chairman and CEO of GOOGLE

Josef Ackermann - CEO of Deutsche Bank

Dwayne Andreas - Chairman and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland

Rupert Murdoch - Chairman and CEO of News Corp.

Lloyd Blankfein - CEO of Goldman Sachs

Melinda Gates - Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Media:

Bill Moyers - Journalist, Public Broadcasting Service

Peter Jennings - Journalist, ABC News

Charlie Rose - Journalist, Public Broadcasting Service

Martin Wolf - Journalist, Financial Times

Paul Gigot - Editor, Wall Street Journal

I like the diversity of ideology of the US participants, and looking at the full list, it seems a majority of the group represents the US. If this group is attempting to take over the world, and I’m satisfied that US interests are being represented.

Anytime the influential and powerful collude it seems to draw ire and suspicion from the general public. Conspiracy theories are often dismissed citing lack of evidence and this absence of evidence is often construed as evidence of absence . A belief in conspiracy is entirely reasonable given the common definition: two or more people colluding in secret. Our government indicts people on conspiracy related charges daily; the Mafia does exist in some form, and groups of politicians often make back-room deals to pass and/or block legislation and shape policy.

Does this implicate the Bilderberg Group as propagators of a New World Order? The pragmatic answer is of course not. Despite the secrecy surrounding Bilderberg membership it is rational to assume that their members have some degree of diversity of ideology, ethnicity, and nationality. The individuals’ identity and personal concentration of power make it unlikely that full collusion is even possible. This does not exclude the possibility that some members of the group may collude, but individuals are especially wary of relinquishing sovereignty, lowering the likelihood of a cohesive “New World Order”. The mainstream media does not report on the conference to facilitate openness of discussion; a more plausible scenario than other nefarious theories, meaning its more likely that they meet to discuss global trends and that the individual members discuss adaptation strategies with their national, political, and industrial counterparts - considerably less cohesive than a massive New World Order conspiracy.

I often wonder why conspiracy theories feed our fear and paranoia; it seems counter-intuitive. On a psychological level it seems that there are diametrically opposing views as to how an individual responds to a conspiracy theory, and their subsequent endorsement or rejection of the theory.

1.) The conspiracy psychologically satisfies your perception of the world. The world is complex, and global events often cause confusion, especially when accurate and objective information is unavailable. You either believe that rationality and order is the natural state, or we exist chaos. Indulgence in the conspiracy can be calming - the assurance that somebody, somewhere, has a plan (much like a belief in God). Proponents of conspiracy theories that fall within this paradigm generally believe the conspiring agents are acting (or believe they are acting) with benevolent intentions. Opponents of the conspiracy theories in this paradigm reject the theory wholesale - they do not dispute the conspiracy is occurring, but rather refuse to acknowledge specific events as evidence of the conspiracy or the intention of the conspirators. Either they believe the natural state of affairs is order and rationality - and thus forces exist to check conspiracies or they find insufficient evidence to acknowledge an active conspiracy. Similarly, if they believe that chaos is the natural state, the conspiracy becomes impotent, unable to exercise control.

2.) The conspiracy satisfies your personality. The belief in the conspiracy correlates to the individuals’ perception of free-will. Belief in the conspiracy may translate to the perception that the conspiracy impedes an individual’s free will, potentially serving as an external cause for events outside of the subject’s control, or an indemnification of the individual that justifies their passive acceptance of the situation. Rejection of the theory is then either an exercise in free will or the individual’s belief of the absence of free will.

The real question is: Where’s the beef? Humans are social beings, collusion and conspiring are inherent to our nature. The fear, anxiety and sensational nature of conspiracy theories seem to be product of psychological tension rather than conspiratorial policy.


1.) Extreme Pessimism: Assume the agents of conspiracy act only in their own self-interest; then it is only a matter of time before other forces check their progress. This is not to say the conspiring agents actions won’t directly effect our lives, they most certainly will, but their self-serving policy will be diametrically opposed to other interests, and it would seem natural that both sides live and die by the organic ebb and flow of power and influence.

2.) Extreme Optimism: Assume the conspiring agents are acting with benevolent intention. Again, their actions will certainly affect our lives, perhaps even negatively. Once again, their policy will be diametrically opposed to other interests, and similar to the nefarious agents, their power will wane according to the fluid nature of power.

For some fun reading on the nature of power - check out this Wikipedia article on Michel Foucault.


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    • profile image

      Time to wake up 4 years ago

      Want to know who the 'Bilderbergs' and the 'Illuminati' really are?

      First find out who authorised the monetary system onto the world and there you have your answer.

      Today we call these ridiculously rich family bloodlines of financial power the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS whose genealogy can be taken back through time that established the fraternity order of the 'Knights Templar.'

      Trace this lineage further back and we will see this order controlling the government behind the Roman Empire and thus creating the might of the Vatican sovereignty.

      Yet this order which has always hidden in the shadows of kingship, masquerading as a priesthood under many names and secret societies first appeared out of ancient Sumer/Babylon before sitting behind the throne of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. It is here where they become known as the black priesthood of 'The brotherhood of the snake'.

      Today we know some of their offshoot orders as the 'Illuminati' 'Skull & Bones' 'Bilderberg' etc...

      Yet these orders only serve the power that lies in the dark priesthood of the Vatican.

      We know this priesthood as the 'Jesuit Society' who only serve the 'Black Pope' who is the secret ruler of the Holy See.

      This secret order is the military wing of the Vatican.

      They are Mossad of Israel, the MI5 of British Intelligence, the CIA of the American military industrial complex etc...

      They pull the strings of every secret society and military operations intelligences worldwide. They are the reason we have public schools, altered history books, banks, governments, religions and any type of controlling institution whose purpose is to control the minds of the people and to rule and divide humanity.

      They are our controllers and hidden masters....


      They too serve something GREATER....

      something that grants them all Power here on earth.

      And what is this something GREATER you ask?

    • profile image

      EFHerne 4 years ago

      Here's some proof or should I say link that the Illuminati & Bilderbergs are connected: found out about the Illuminati/Freemason book "Proofs of Conspiracies" by John Robison. Yammerings from a former now-dead member of the group written in the 1700's. Google the PDF and download it. From the 1st page copy/paste the latin phrase "Nam tua res agitur paries cum proximo ardet" and add the word Bilderberg to your Google search--and it will bring you to a Bilderberg copy of the same text at Bilderberg d o t o r g. Interesting sidebar: when searching this Google tracks you saying when you last visited the page.

    • profile image

      Heathcliff 4 years ago

      These members believe in a unified World Govt, where they control everything from borders to wars to taxes. Banks are the prime mover here, driven by greed. Money is loaned to, spent by and never repaid by poor countries. Wars are started to distract the masses, steal minerals and land. The signs of this NWO are everywhere. One our money, in history books, in church stained glass, in the secrecy that surrounds most governments and the annual Bilderberg meeting. There is so much to steal from the masses, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Why does the UN want to control, then remove, gun ownership in the US? Because We The People stand against the Illuminati like no one else. We represent a threat to them, which is a good thing. The UN should be forcibly relocated to Haiti, which would be far more than those murdering thieves deserve.

    • profile image

      Bhekuzulu Khumalo 5 years ago

      These people get away with things because they sow divisions among people

    • profile image

      Jasper Nowiki 5 years ago

      "It pertains to a colusion of nationality as a weapon of preserving an ever increasing tyranical system"

    • profile image

      Randy Dandy 5 years ago

      But...check this out re: Bilderberg 2012

    • profile image

      daniel estulin store 5 years ago

      we want to inform you that there is a promotional code available for the ebook "the true story of bilderberg group". The promotional code is "ebookestulin" and you will obtain a 10% discount on the price. The page to purchase this ebook is

    • profile image

      Unplugged 5 years ago

      Some people like the idea of sleeping. We would have loved NWO if it was for the betterment of the people. But it is more about creating a slave race over whom the rich would sit. No, conspiracy theorists aren't trying to satisfy our fears. The signs are everywhere. But the best evidence is found in illuminati cards. Just google it and you will see them. And US is nothing actually. It is only a freemason state. The real thing happens from UK where Rothschild dwells.

    • profile image

      SOPHIE 6 years ago

      ...and all who worship this mess, will die Says,


    • profile image

      Ciaran 6 years ago

      look, who cares about NWO's or illuminati, I'm enjoying my life and if they want to have their little power struggle up there then so be it! I have fun every day and I don't work hard for it! That's all that matters!

    • profile image

      big mike 6 years ago

      if me and my friends had a secreat organization to overthrow the government we would be terrorist! but since it is people that is in the government i guess it is o.k. in there eyes. we might as well be living under the rule of people like hitler. the gov. has taken almost all our good paying jobs and give them to other countries expecting us to live on nothing.OUR COUNTRY HAS TURNED THERE BACK ON US!! I think its time we take a stand, get rid of all these money hungry *ssholes and try to get a leader that cares about this country and our future. not how much $ they can put in their pockets. while they eat steak dinners im trying to figure out where i can find a job and feed my family.I made less than 20k last. I make to much $ for any assistance, and at the same time we are barely getting by. My company i worked 4 closed,no new jobs are being created and if they are they only pay minunim wage! I would love to see these pricks in the whitehouse hold down a household of 4 on less than 8.00 per hour when it takes $80 a week to get to work when you make $250 a week. then you cant find a job because of all the mexicans that are not here legally!!! right now i am discusted with the way this country is ran. if i lived with 12 adults 8 kids and 3 dogs in a 1 bedroom apartment (like mexicans) i would go to jail,have my kids taken, and plenty of fines im sure.its to the point i think i would rather live in canada. sorry for rambling on but i am so discusted with the way this country being ran!

    • profile image

      TakenbyForce420 6 years ago

      Order without collusion is denigrated to the position of inferiority. To maintain priorities on a grand scale requires diligence, accountability and foresight or history will continue its cyclical ambiance. The conical acceptance of the present will forever diminish any future existence on a mass scale....

    • profile image

      seriouslyareyoujokingme? 6 years ago

      wow, sheep effect. you all would loooove to be led??? comon, don't you have enough self knowledge, intelligence and survival skills to be able to live your lives without interference of the top 1%?

      bjbrown7, hate to bring it to you, but i don't think that nwo will give any money to usa households. if you look at history, and even the more recent developments, the economic focus is not on providing for people, but to keep control by keeping the people hungry/needing more (i am specifically referring to consumerism). check your facts.

      the only way is to stay fully self-sufficient and reject the brainwashing that you need 2 mortgages and 3 cars to have a happy life. i would hope that occupy movement is a step in the right direction - take the power away from the 1% and spread across. class war? better than wars in afganistan & irak...

      peace out

    • profile image

      bjbrown7 6 years ago

      I don't know who rules NWO,but I do know they are doing a very poor job.German and Jewish sounding names are irrelavent.We must focus on one human family,working together for a common good,and trying to save our planet.

    • profile image

      bjbrown7 6 years ago

      I don't know who rules NWO,But I do know they are doing a very poor job.German or Jewish sounding names must be irrelavent we must focus on one human family,working together for a comomn good.

    • profile image

      Who rules NWO? 6 years ago

      Why so many names of the Bilderberg members sounds like German or Jewish?

    • profile image

      bjbrown7 6 years ago

      David Bositis states median networth for black households is $5000 and $6000 for hispanics.The median networth for white household is $115,000.These are very troublesome numbers.Add to this the fact that most American households can raise $1000 in an emergency and this spells social chaos. Government must mail checks of $50,000 to $20,000 to American households reporting $65,000 or less in income for 2010 immediately.We must stop being afraid to put more dollars into American households.This will be the best jobs creation strategy ever.Giving more dollars to household is very sound fiscal policy.Politicians wouldn't dare vote against legislation that sents dollars back to the households in their districts.We have to do this its the only way out.The US Treasury,IRS,EIC program is setup to accomplish this mission.We should not allow fear to to prevent us from doing what is right for our country.

    • profile image

      bjbrown7 6 years ago

      we should not be focused on optimistic or pessimistic assumptions about the Bilderberg,Iluminati or the Society of Free Masons.We must communicate to them how much the world needs them to make more effective decisions about sharing the with more evenly.Keeping the blackman down hurts the world more than it helps.We must abandon the old neanderthal way of thinking.

    • profile image

      notsurprised 6 years ago

      hey if gerstner is part of me, it's shady.

    • profile image

      pier 6 years ago

      Like the article, i realise the idea of the illuminati became strong with the political and economic tension we live. There is no 1 world gouvernment but several power group struggling to get the ultimate power. There is lot of info about illuminati but i personnaly think this is all hate and fear propaganda from one of those groups. They seem to make us believe that bilderberg ,freemason and anything they want to as evil, but really its only a secretive FREE THINKERS groups. I know freemasons are hated from all despotism gouvernment and they have been propaganda against them since their beginning (they dont even know when freemason started)

    • profile image

      Levi 6 years ago

      All participents are involved in the negotiating or achieving some sort of power over the rest of us. Clearly, either financially or of a power nature. The nature of behavior gives away the secret. Seduction of the love of financial gain or the subordination of the people under them. This is nothing new. It has been an agenda since man has recorded time.

    • profile image

      seeker 6 years ago

      its all a farce people...everything you know, everything you are conditioned to accept as knowledge about any form of institution... wake up everyone and is the only way

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Anyone familiar with this:

      I was at the Bilderbergers

    • profile image

      WakeUpProject 6 years ago

      Everyone find god and you'll be safe. And I really think this is a group that plans things that surround world domination. Geroge Bush is obviously not to be trusted, Rockefeller is one of the thirteen bloodlines of the illuminati..and so forth. The illuminati also puts symbols and little messages into the media to almost make fun of the ignorant population since it is actually reality. I say this because I have seen groups that might as well be called Bilderberg on TV, such as in The Simpsons and they are portrayed as globally important people that want to lower the population by inventing a disease (illuminati agenda). It's also very fishy how this annual meeting isn't broadcasted, probably because the people who control the mainstream media is heavily filled with people who work for the Bilderberg members. Why else?

    • profile image

      Julie 6 years ago

      In Revelations it talks about the last world government. It is the revised Roman Empire who takes control of the world in the end. It is the last beast. He is non other than the Dragon who is Satan. On the beast sits the woman who represents the city of Babylon which is the city of Rome... talks of seven hills which the city of Rome has... also other clues too many to mention. The mark of the beast and temporary control is given to Satan for a time. But he will be overcome by the return of Jesus. This is end time prophecy and it will happen. Get saved if you're not. Find out what it means and study the word.

    • profile image

      RIIIGHT 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Iskandar Ibrahim 6 years ago

      Please don't get serious about the Bildelberg in an issue. Those people have the right to do anything they want _ including the money and power vested in them.

      Now _ we are at common level; unfortunate we don't get the opportunity hence not even the rihts to be invited in the same meeting. Tough lucks ?? May be _ can't you guys accept that ??

      Next _ if you guys would worry about what they are going to do with the issue of "" The New World Order "" ?? _ yes you guys also deserve that as your right to know _ hence let's find out. Hence this is exactly what these articles and writing have been all about. Similarly i am writing this comment to be based on the same quest.

      Enough for now ?? _ will continue later.

      Good Luck.

    • profile image

      Alejandro Corona 7 years ago

      Trying to view this meetings with good faith, the reason why they keep secret their results is because they want to be able to proceed in secrecy with enough consensus if needed. There's no question that this group intends to keep control over the world as they already have it. My question is: why does almost anyone in this blog the fact per se, the secrecy of these meetings. Do we still "need" this as mankind? Let's hope that some time in the future, this kind of behaviour becomes obsolete.

    • profile image

      Quba 7 years ago

      I thought God was doing a good job looking after all our intereste and affairs, he knows us by name and knows no of hairs on our body, etc. Seriously, I don't see the need for mere mortals who hold meetings in secret and wont even admit to holding such meetings, drive the world economy their way to look after me. Further more, now that the US is loosing ecionomic and probably military power to China, will this group engage the chinese as well or is there a chinese equivalent?

    • profile image

      SEAN FRALICK 7 years ago


    • profile image

      peter radenkovic 7 years ago

      If you cannot run this world than keep your mouth shut. For everyone who thinks we don't need secret societies to run this planet you are wrong. We have resources we need on a daily basis. Imagine these people you hate so much died, what would you do when everything shut down? How would you feed your family, friends, or other people you care about? We need them to make our world go keep moving. They need their privacy to do business and make life possible just like you need privacy when you piss so nobody sees your little ppz, and you women need to bite your tongues because you ladys are the ones reproducing at crazy rates. Let them do their job like you would want people to let you do your job.

    • profile image

      ilookintothenewworldorder 7 years ago

      Hi, your article was very interesting - we can find illuminati stuff in the one dollar bill, do the Bildenbergs have any symbols or hidden stuff? What is the point in these organizations? Why?

    • profile image

      JIMM 7 years ago

      GOD will prevail!!!...for all them Bilderbergs, freemasons, Illuminatis and name them, of this world!!!... Peace

    • profile image

      jayson  7 years ago

      thats rite! i saw the news report on RT.

    • profile image

      Lenox 7 years ago

      There is a meeting of the Bilderberg group this week in Spain (3 - 6 June). Some comment (in Spanish) here: and in English here:

    • profile image

      tj 7 years ago

      the conspiracy theroy that conserons the bildaburg group is a group all about new world order they want to keep the world population under 500million they are posining the water and food supply and medicie

    • profile image

      billo 8 years ago

      so what about the freemasons and illuminati

    • profile image

      CJ Duffy 8 years ago

      The real issue, which Mr Johnson, for whatever reason, does not address in his article, is not why the participants at these meetings wish to keep the details secret, but rather why the media also draws a veil over the whole Bilderberg business. This is the same media that is so keen to wag the finger at politicians over relative trivia such as expenses claims. So why so little curiosity about secret meetings of the world's elite?

    • profile image

      paul 8 years ago

      Steve likes nazi styled popaganda

      Steve does not think people are capable of thinking by themselves.

      Steve loves club bilderberg


      Im sure that Club bilderberg loves Steve

    • profile image

      granny 8 years ago

      So ... will Barack Obama be invited?

    • profile image

      Steve 8 years ago

      LOL... Andy, as already established by some of the previous comments, not everything hidden is sinister.

      I am also in favour of a single world government for the betterment of humanity. If I was president, I wouldn't be able to anounce this to the world, because the fact of the matter is: most people aren't ready to give up their ideals of national sovereignty.

      My fellow countrymen view me as a traitor, and with suspicion when I argue my ideals of a united earth.

      As much as I hate to admit it, the only way we can overcome peoples perceptions regarding this is through Nazi-style brainwashing (yes - the media). This is why I beleive presidents around the world already talk of a new world order, to allow the public to become accustomed to the idea.

      Not all propaganda is bad. For example, 100 years ago, the common perception amongst westerners was that they were superior to other races. I know because I was brought up in apartheid South Africa. Only through the massaging in of the idea that we’re all created equal in the eyes of God has this truth been established. I have witnessed this paradigm shift myself. Amazingly it only took about 10 years for white people to become accustomed to this new way of thinking. It happened through the media by demonizing racism, and exposing people to images of multi-cultural relationships.

      This same concept must be applied to the world if people are ever to accept that they are no better than their neighbours across the border. They need to be shown through the media that the only way to combat the problems facing humanity is through unity. That united we can far more effectively strive for a better future for all.

      I apologise for going off-topic and having a political rant, but I have established a good reason for the secrecy within the Bilderburg group.

    • AndyBaker profile image

      AndyBaker 8 years ago from UK

      Q. Why does someone keep a secret?

      A. Because they have something to hide...

    • profile image

      Greg 8 years ago

      With names like Peter Jennings, Charlie Rose, Colin Powell, and Melinda Gates - the names of people I actually trust and who have demonstrated a commitment to truth or good will - it's hard to see the big Bilderberg meeting as nefarious.

      The boundaries of power and statehood in the world have always been in flux. It should not come as a surprise that they continue to be. I love being an American but I desire a future where people identify themselves as Earthlings. The paradigm of warring nation-states is one that I hope comes to an end.

      While we bicker and complain and dread what the global elite are planning for us, we should insert ourselves into the discussion and be asking what we want the future to look like, not fighting the inevitable. Dare I say the "new world order" is an idea that has existed since the beginning of civil society.

    • GaryLeeVilleneuve profile image

      GaryLeeVilleneuve 8 years ago from Cheyenne

      It's a gross violation of the Logan Act for U.S. representatives to meet in secret with representatives of other nations because of the inherent threat it poses to U.S. national sovereignty and security. "Perhaps you're upset at the secrecy because you would like to hold power over the powerful yourself?" (from the comment above.) Perhaps this is the very principle upon which the Constitution of the United States was founded? By, for, and of the people, as opposed to the elite? This is a very well-written article and there are a lot of truly pertinent contemplations being offered within it. It takes a position, but I wouldn't necessarily call it 'one-sided.' Instead, it takes in a range of opposing considerations and makes a decision, which is always a good thing. I don't necessarily agree, but then, that's what it's all about isn't it? Listen, check out this hub and see if you wouldn't want to take on one of the suggested questions in an article of your own. I'd like to hear what you have to say:

      Request link:

    • LionelBoydJohnson profile image

      LionelBoydJohnson 9 years ago from San Diego

      I suppose I could take a more pessimistic chance regarding the intentions of the group. Why the secrecy and denials? I think you're analysis answers the question perfectly. These are some of the most powerful people in the world. Powerful people go to great length to prevent transparency because a clear understanding of their power would completely dilute that power; a more ambitious person would no doubt exploit the former's now obvious weakness.

      Perhaps you're upset at the secrecy because you would like to hold power over the powerful yourself? If you can accept this premise, then you should ask yourself... if you were in a position to be invited to the Bilderberg Conference, would you believe that you would participate to serve as a benevolent protector of the people or would you seek to exploit for your own personal gain? Chances are you would believe that you would use your position to help people... If I were to give you the benefit of the doubt regarding your intentions, would it not be fair to do the same for current participants? Of course, not everyone has benevolent intentions, and it is not uncommon for people to hold diametrically opposing views and be steadfast in their belief of righteousness.

      So what will transparency reveal but a quagmire of incoherent arguments and more questions?I am not defending their lack of transparency, merely trying to explain their actions in a Socratic method. I agree, we have a right to know what our politicians are up to. They serve the people and should be made accountable for all of their actions. Unfortunately this is rarely the case as our political system is laced with polarizing hacks who wantonly engage in stalemate tactics. I think we should focus more on the lack of transparency in our own political system before we begin to critique the lack of transparency outside of the system.

      Perhaps Britney and Paris would be less popular if the American people would focus more on the corrupt and immoral antics of politicians and celebrity. Maybe it's just a drawback of capitalism; celebrity gossip is far more profitable and less risky than exposing politicians.

      There is little doubt in my mind that the battle between good and evil is cyclical. The good intentions of the benevolent will slowly erode systemic corruption. Power is not inherently good or evil, but rather good and evil are exercised by the conscience of powerful people. As the influence of the good intentioned wane, so rises the power of the corrupt, and the cycle begins anew.

      I would love to debate this further. The premise of your argument is correct. The benign nature of the organization is still in question. I merely advocate that we can never know everything about the Bilderberg group because their super-structures of power will always prevent absolute transparency in the interest of self-preservation. Without that absolute knowledge, we cannot judge absolutely. This is not a religious argument about "god" being the only one who can judge, rather that the logic of the argument demands that your view is merely optimistic or pessimistic, and such a perspective can never be absolutely proven right.


    • profile image

      fearlessfasels1 9 years ago

      i do appreciate the general imfo in the article, but the benign nature of this organisation,"as you portray it" is still in question! If it's so harmless, why all the denials and secrecy? As you say, these are politicians, corperate and media moguls along with bankers and royaty from around the world. these are "all" public and civil servants. we have the right to know! After all, if the public has the right to invade brittany spears and paris hiltons lives, we most certainly have the right to know what our "so called ELECTED OFFICIALS" are up to! conspiracy nut or not!

      but thanks again for that one sided bias news story! It's not like we don't get enough of that!


    • profile image

      Dapo of The Yupp Lounge 9 years ago

      Solid article. Many people don't know about the Bilderberg. This year's meeting should be quite interesting seeing as though many nations are electing their leaders (mainly U.S. and Russia)

    • profile image

      Moin Ansari 9 years ago

      Liked your article. There are a couple of exhaustive and detialed articles on my site about the asassination of Benazir Bhutto. Let me read yours, and I will give you my feedback