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The Black Caucus did not Vote to Support Hillary

Updated on February 12, 2016

Are black congressmen really for Clinton?

The pac from the Black Caucus, not the Black Caucus has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Who can fault them? If they think she will win the election why support a loser and earn the wrath of the Clintons. They send money. However all black congressmen do not support her. John Lewis does. Keith Ellison does not.

So lets look at her record. Her husband was certainly not friendly to the blacks. He did not help unemployed blacks. It was a time of desperation for black men. There were no jobs. He did not denounce racism or find them jobs. He cut welfare. He made jail sentences longer and harder. In fact they were the longest increase in history. A quarter of the inmates are black. Then they invested in the private prison system. He supported mandatory minimums and three strikes laws that put inmates in jail at the tax payers expense for life for stealing a slice of pizza. Clinton had achieved the highest prison incarceration rate in the world. Hillary was squarely behind these policies and said so publicly. This was not good for black citizens, either in terms of employment or prison. In fact almost half the men with high school education or less were unemployed. Welfare was restricted. More groups were excluded including felons who could no longer get food stamps or welfare. Extreme poverty doubled. Public housing was slashed. After prison Bill Clinton eliminated Pell grants for felons wanting an education, denied educational loans for students with drug convictions.He made rules allowing for public housing bias against felons. Felons were permanent second class citizens.

Now Hillary says she wants to eliminate private prisons. But they were invested in them at one time.

Sanders opposed the 1996 welfare-reform law. In the 60s he was in CORE and SNCC and was arrested in Chicago for protesting segregation. He was opposed to welfare reform and get tough on crime policies. He was the first to call for getting tough on the factors causing crime. He opposed ending federal grants and benefits for prisoners.

So why is he opposed by some black congressmen? Simple-they will get more from betting on a winner than a loser and they are part of the corruption that is politics.


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