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The Breakdown of the Family and Our Currency: Is There a Common Thread?

Updated on June 1, 2010

When Taxes Weren't Enough

In fairy tales of times past, trolls hid under bridges, in caves and behind trees and rocks awaiting unsuspecting sojourners daring to cross their paths. While trolls were less powerful than dragons, gargoyles and sea serpents, they had no qualms about devouring their victims if their demands for payment and servitude weren't met.

But trolls could go hungry. If they ate too many male billy goats, for example, they could little expect to have a replenished herd on which to feed once the more productive males were gone.

In essence, this is how our government works. Productive young males are swallowed up by taxation, regulation, wars on drugs, terror, and any other war that suits the governing authorities fancy, including the war on "dads".

War on Dads? Am I kidding? Don't men with children, for the most part, still run this country? Well, in a way, the answer to the last question is yes - but recognize how small in number are these men compared with the millions of fathers they govern.  We are living in a country of tyranny of men over men.  The equivalent of black-on-black crime has become, Dad-on-Dad oppression.

In our supposed culture of domination by fathers, how did this come to be?  It seems that once upon a time, one Dad, named Reagan, met another named Bradley - and they struck a deal.  The national (or federal) government had grown so huge, it could no longer survive on taxation alone.  Yet Mr. Reagan did not approve of the heavy hand of the government taxing its people at every turn - in essence, he believed the trolls should be kept in check.

But Mr. Reagan was limited in his own power to control the trolls appetite, so he needed to find some allies.  One key ally would be the man named Bradley.  Mr. Bradley's team of troll-feeders worried deeply about collecting enough taxes from the people to keep the trolls healthy.  The herd had been worn thin from generations of over taxation and there was little more the government could do to skin off what had been left behind.  

Moreover, years of printing paper as a counterfeit shadow of real money, had been exposed for its fraudulence when interest rates soared too high for nearly anyone to borrow against, and the government was forced to try to maintain at least a facade that it had a stable currency - and thereby had to stop printing so much so fast.  How then would the trolls be fed?

Tax revenues were threatened, and the money supply was stabilized - how could every  government program and expenditure possibly continue to increase unabated as the trolls demanded?   With no limits on their term of service in office, yet facing the electorate every two years - they needed to both win votes and maintain control over voters at the same time in order to keep their power. 

Then Mr. Bradley (his highly paid team of troll-feeding staffers, actually) came up with a great idea.  Child support would be the substitute - that was it, child support!   Just as sugar substitutes launched diet soft drinks to the top of the beverage market, the tax substitute of child support would be used to continue funding social engineering for a generation to come!  Mr. Bradley's idea - no state, no locality, no judge, no court - could ever forgive one dime of a court ordered child support obligation under any circumstances whatsoever.  The money would be collected - no matter how little ability the payor had to pay it - no matter how long it had been since it was ordered, no matter how far removed Dad was from the child(ren) - no matter whether that was his choice, Mom's choice, or some agency or court ordered psychologist paid to ensure that the support would be ordered.

Please understand - it is an utterly true proposition.  The massive amounts of child support that are both due, and uncollected today, are part of an inter-generational, bi-partisan scheme to shift the general, social tax burden from tax collections agencies to human services agencies funded through the imposition, collection and enforcement of child support. 

When Ronald Reagan's Treasury, Bill Bradley's Senate, Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, and Bill Clinton's Department of Health and Human Services all figured out there was not enough tax money, nor enough paper to print the currency that would be needed to fund the grandiose social experiments of our democracy - they chose to re-label and re-define one-fourth of the entire tax system, dubbing it "child support". 

As the family Goes, So Goes the Culture - and the Currency

Another place, another time, I can offer further proof of what has happened - and the utter failure and tragedy it has become. 

But my point here is to more precisely argue and demonstrate that there is a very strong link between the effort of our government to move father's outside the home, yet force them to be providers to that same home and many others - the further devaluation of our currency to its present state of near worthlessness.  Today, the American dollar is nothing more than a mirrored projection of what Enron stock was ten years ago.  It maintains its price - its perceived value - only through the belief that is actually has value.  In truth, however, it does not. 

The promise of value in the American dollar is worth no more, perhaps less than the promise of a vow of marriage - no matter than 50% - will last, perhaps far less. 

The disenfranchised American male, the loving Dad who didn't make enough to make Mom happy at home - is the microcosm of the American economy.  He is NOT the exception - he is the rule.  We look away from the millions of families where this is true and ignore the reality - but go spend a day in paternity court - how will the children of the next generation ever have a viable chance to learn, mature and prosper?  They won't.

Meanwhile, Dad, wherever he may be, has no hope - job losses, bankruptcy, failed businesses, child support arrearages - baggage he could not avoid - and will NEVER, ever be forgiven in America. 

But Dad is a man of hope nonetheless - he simply can no longer place his hope in America - or the American dollar.  He will, and he must turn to some other means of support, some other way to pursue his hopes and his dreams - and he will - even after everything he worked so hard to build was yanked out from his under his feet.

Think about it - as Dad goes, so goes the dollar.   If you want to bet on the future - this is the bet to make - and it will all become obvious sooner than you might expect.

Andrew J Thompson is an entrepreneur, attorney, social activist, and most important - dad to three beautiful daughters.  He can be reached at 877-365-1776 or by email at:


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