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Our Government: The Poorest Run Business in the Country.

Updated on March 8, 2011

More debt? Great! Just what we need.

What if?

As long as any Government has control over Tax Dollar Spending Decisions, you are going to have corruption, mismanagement of funds and a poorly run economy.

Can you show me any publicly run company in the world bringing in hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue (taxes), year after year and manage to be billions of dollars in debt, while still being in business?

Of course not. Any business student will tell you it's impossible. It's doomed for failure but our Governments manage to do it every year and have been for decades. How do they do it?

It's a simply accounting puzzle if you take away all the zeros.

Basically you are spending more money than you are taking in but any business owner knowing this, simple finds ways to cut spending and focuses their resources on what part of the company is making a profit and expanding on that so why isn't the Government doing it?

Why isn't Government run like a company and making a profit? It isn't rocket science. It's just business but there in lies the problem. Mixing politics with business. It's the only example that I know of where oil and water actually do mix and work well together. Or do they?

Obviously because of the size of the problem there is no simply solution but lets look at some of the factors that make a huge company successful and compare those qualities to the way our Governments are run.

The first place to go is right to top management because that's where it all begins and ends. In a company it's the CEO but in our example, it's the President/ Prime Minister.

A CEO of a public company is brought into power by the board of directors and placed there for one reason. To make money for the share holders so the first thing you would ask yourself as an investor, is that person qualified to run the company? How long do you think they would be in power if they were constantly losing investors money say after 1 year, never mind 4 years, so why the hell would you even keep them there? They would be gone one way or another.

As an investor in the company, would I want my hard earned money placed in the hands of someone with no real world business experience. Of course not. I would have to be a complete idiot and deserve to lose all my money.

I would want someone in there who has the experience and proven track record to make or save me money, period, so why do we, as the voting public, elect teachers, lawyers, doctors etc. etc. with absolutely no experience in real business, into power. We must all be idiots because we continue to do it every election.

Why? Because they look good in a suit and blow sunshine up our ass all day while all of their decisions are losing us money based on their hidden agendas or inexperience. Maybe they just don't have the balls to stand up to corporate pressure. Those are just a few among many reasons why they shouldn't be controlling tax dollars.

Whatever the reason, it's gotten to the point where I just don't vote anymore and believe me, I'm not alone.

Although I love my country, I just have no faith in our Government and know who ever I vote for is going to screw it up so why bother. Just another quick mouth, useless lawyer running things.

Why do we continue to support a company (Government) that is constantly losing our money and not only that, they are costing us more every year in the form of higher taxes with no return on our investment so ask yourself.

Would you consider that a sound investment and would you consider investing more knowing that you will continue to lose money year after year while your cost of living keeps going up and no additional money coming in.

All of your savings slowly dwindling away and not only do we not do anything about it, we continue to encourage and support it by electing them back into power.

What a pathetic, brain washed bunch of sheep we've become.

As I've stated many times, there are some great business leaders in this country but none of them are in politics and if they are, it is for one reason. To make more money for there own families personal wealth and there lies the seeds for corruption. I guess the Bush family's interests in the oil industry is a perfect example of that scenario.

What if the Government was run like a public company.

What if all politicians where put on a salary based on their position, along with some company perks and appropriate pension structure based of their years served in office, while all major tax dollar spending was controlled by a federal board of directors, for example, which was comprised of business leaders who already made their money and where experts in every sector of industry and who also had to answer to each other. You could also have the same structure for each province to allocate both federal and provincial tax spending in their region

In my opinion, a perfect example of experienced business leaders running the economy is the former premier of the poorest province in Canada, Newfoundland, Danny Williams

Mr. Williams made his personal fortune long before he got into politics and turned the Newfoundland economy around in his first year in power while averaging a 1.5 billion dollar profit every year after that since his resignation in early 2011.

How did he manage to do that? By running the economy like a business that's how!

He even donated his salary to charity all the time he was in office. I'm not saying that is a good idea for all politicians because they don't have Mr. William's resources and still have bills to pay and families of their own to feed but he quickly wanted to show that there was no hidden agenda involved except that what was in the best interest of his province and it's people.

To me, that's the kind of leader I would actually vote for.

I don't know about you but I am so sick of listening to these ridiculous attack ads every time an election is drawing near. They remind me of a bunch of kids in a sand box but are spending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars doing it and not answering to anyone

I guess the first thing we would quickly find out if we took away the money gravy train from politician is who is in politics for the right reasons and that is to help our country and it's people. It would certainly take the greed and corruption factor out of the equation.

The system is not working people I think we all can agree with that and if you don't, your probably somehow making money off of the current administration or are blind. Something has to change and the only way that it is ever going to change is if the people make it happen.

You know what they say about beating your head against the wall? It feels really good when you stop.

We have the power to do it but not while we are all arguing with each other and pointing fingers. It has to be as a collective but to be honest, I think it is going to take divine intervention to make that happen.

Einstein was right on when he described insanity as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

We can't continue to go on like this. Something has to change or it's all going to collapse and if that happens, we are all in deep shit.

We just got a small taste of what's to come with Wall Street but that was nickel and dime stuff compared to the next time it hits and it will hit again because we keep doing the same repetitive actions over and over again


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