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The Cattle Ruling Game

Updated on June 1, 2017

An Ancient Game

The CATTLE RULING GAME is an ancient computer game. Yeah, they had computers back then. Better than the ones we use. The CRG shows your rulers how to keep people like you and your complacent family subdued. Many of you poison yourselves with drugs, alcohol, bad diets. Foolish, if you ask me. Your rulers hypnotize many of you to the point where you love being a slave. Working your fingers to the bone. Yet, many of you can barely pay your rent. Yet, many of you will still pay a ton of money to see a worthless sports game or a worthless concert.

Hmmm. What a sad existence. Living a sad existence is what makes so many people become full of despair. It's so sad, but many people feel that their lives are worthless. Why? Well, the CRG has conditioned them. The people have been brainwashed repeatedly to believe that they are not important.

No connections

No connections to the ZionAncientz. Bummer.

The one eye has captured many of you. They have turned many of you into lab rats. The CRG is also known as the Code of Hammurabi. A program that works by programming and conditioning Humans. A programming that has gone through thousands of years of trial and error. Sure, a few kinks may pop up every now and then. However, those kinks are eventually ironed out through propaganda.

There is a question regarding the Cro Alie Bopp Tars. Will they be able to finish the great task? What is the great task? Their particular great task is to protect the Code of Hammurabi. The Space Aliens have it in their best interest to protect that Code. They don't want Humans to know about the code. They want it to be kept secret. The Code is actually your DNA, not the Code of Hammurabi. The Cro Alie Bopp Tars want to mesh your DNA with the Code of Hammurabi. If that ever occurs, you will become very easy to control.

Queen Nubiposh decides that she will not take the millionaire route. She has enough money as it is, thank you very much. The millionaire route takes too much time. There's too much dedication involved. Queen Nubiposh and King Clad don't want to be millionaires. She can leave the game whenever she wants to. She hasn't agreed to anything.

Space Cake

Queen Nubiposh eats a piece of space cake.

The more money I get, the more energy I get. The more energy I get, the better my products become.

Queen Nubiposh pretends to be living in 2017. She's actually in the future. She's pretending so that people won't think she's crazy. She finds it easy. She doesn't draw any attention to herself. She stays behind the scenes. The people find her to be a boring queen of Aggrogine. She expects 2 of her subjects to be loyal.

More Countries

She expects to take over more countries. She has learned the Secrets of Power. Queen Nubiposh knows she is a mere tool. She is a mere instrument for the ZionAncientz to use.

No one has any idea where Curloctor has gone. She seems to have just evaporated into who knows where. The citizens are no longer being pushed around. Many of them are resetting The Cattle Ruling Game. The people demand respect. They demand to be heard. They gain power because there is such a large number of them. No longer will they blindly follow.


At first, Queen Nubiposh was suspicious of me. She was thinking I was trying to wreck her life. Then, she followed some of my advice.

Every turn she made, things worked. I helped her get hired on. She started making money. And so it's been for the rest of her life. She must follow what I told her. She must find out new information. Sacrifices create multiplication. I am proud of her. She is a Queen. Today she is very skilled thanks to my awesome teaching skills. I trained her so that she could lead people.

I trained her well. She is still a student. Her career is steadily increasing. I have taught her the arts. I must leave now. I hear soldiers checking the other villages. Be back soon.


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