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The Chance: America's Opportunity to go on the Offensive Against Iran and Saudi Arabia

Updated on October 13, 2016

The True Nature of Two Nations

Acts of War

To say that the rift between Iran and Saudi Arabia is like the breakup of relations of two murderous lovers would imply that either nation understood the meaning of love. Both countries display hellish regimes and despotic living conditions. Because the lines between the Sunni Saudi Arabia and the Shia Iran have been drawn in blood, both nations exhibit a profound severity. But what they also share is a hatred for the West, especially the United States. While Iran professes “death to America” and Saudi Arabia funnels more dollars to organizations detrimental to the US, both have exacted jihad upon this nation and its allies. The acts of war which began on September 4, 1979 with the American hostage crisis in Iran and the Saudi funding of al Qaeda and other groups have only exacerbated over time. Both countries represent hornets’ nests which support and supply money to terrorist factions around the world. It is imperative that the United States go on the offense in relation to ceasing the expansion of not only the terror groups but these two countries.

The Nest(s)

Attack the hives
Attack the hives | Source

A Selfish Position

As Iran and Saudi Arabia represent enemies to each other, now is the ideal time for the US to strike at the very epicenter of these administrations. If that means death and destruction to “innocent” men, women, and children caught in the crosshairs of the targets, their blood would not be on the hands of America. Quite contrarily, the Saudis and Iranians who instituted the holy war against America would be responsible for any and all casualties. With guns blazing and a resolve to to not only swat at swarms but destroy the hives which inflict harm against the values of the United States, the most moral military might the world has ever seen would prevail. The plan to eliminate the Islamic radicals who proselytize about submitting to the unknown and unknowable ought to consist of obliterating the mosques and schools disseminating vicious garbage. No Islamic center in Iran or Saudi Arabia should be left untouched and every house should be converted to dust. Hellfire ought to rain down on the heads of the enemies. Whether that is nuclear warfare is up to the generals and civilians possessing military expertise. But the main issue is that the only way for America to defeat her enemies is to develop a firm ethical uprightness. If Americans continue to preach that same old thoughts of putting others first and having concern for your enemy’s welfare and to “[turning] the other cheek” this country will falter. Only a selfish position would suffice in the face of grave threats to the American way of life.

Severed Ties

The Case

Those notions of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness denote not floating abstractions but rather ideals which ought to be acted upon, lived by, and put into practice. Iran and Saudi Arabia despise America as “the Great Satan” because of these inalienable rights. Such nations view the separation of church and state abhorrent. But the basic principles of the rights mentioned remain that they represent what man’s fundamental existence should be. And they all imply a certain self-interest in that all of them do not speak to any mystic,altruist, or collectivist. They do not represent the random edicts of some alleged God but the deep and solemn words of the political geniuses, the Founding Fathers. But what would they think of this country today? Still involved in winning at least one unwinnable wars, America keeps on browbeating its citizens with the stale pronouncements of altruism. This only emboldens the enemies which never stop in considering how much damage and destruction that they can perpetrate against American and her allies. What Saudi Arabia and Iran exemplify most is the faith-filled brute dedicated to seeing the ruination of reason. The Quran details aspects of performing holy war against the infidels. Infidels in this case happen to be Americans; who happen to use basic logic in common sense; who engage in productive, purposeful careers; and who happen to flourish and enjoy life. These countries don’t want that. No, they would like to kill off as many Americans as possible and throw those who remain under the spiritual slave pen of Sharia Law. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If the citizens of the United States recognize the divorce of Saudi Arabia and Iran, then they should support the leveling of both of these evil governments.

The Bitter End

The two butchers in the Middle East have finally parted ways
The two butchers in the Middle East have finally parted ways | Source


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