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The Charming Moon-Child Cancer Woman

Updated on June 23, 2008

Princess Diana ~ July 1, 1961

Cyndi Lauper ~ June 22, 1953


The Charming Cancer can disarm you with her sparkling laughter and then suddenly draw you into her wistful woes. The Cancer woman is layer upon layer of intriguing complication. Her mood swings are sometimes extreme and always wildly unpredictable. Perhaps, best described as an imaginative bi-polar princess. Once you know how to maneuver her dangerous waters though, you'll be comforted with the most serene and beguiling waves.

Cancer women respect money and understand it's value. Generous but frugal all at the same time. This woman will know how important it is to save for that rainy day, and yet not think twice to creating a festive party. Enormously sentimental, it would be of no surprise to find a rare gold coin tucked away in her diary for that special day she looks forward to surprising you with a gift.

Kind words and sincere flattery are very important to the Charming Cancer woman. Keep in mind, her sensitivity is at a high volume at all times, think wisely before releasing sharp words. Shy and demure, especially in the very onset of romance, you must be prepared to take her hand first and show her your true intentions. When this Cancer falls in love, it's hard and fast. She will make you her world and expect you to do the very same.

Family is of the utmost importance to Cancer women. They literally thrive on knowing their loved ones are cared for and content. Cancer women prepare their meals with love like no other sign. They take great care creating the most fabulous dinners that are as distinctive in quality as they are nourishing to your soul.

Tears may be seen often, for this delicate creature holds ever word with the most literal meaning. If you choose your words with the utmost care, then you will allow her to fully blossom. No one is more resilient, strong or capable of making you feel safe and supremely protected. Although, the future may sometimes seem cloudy and unpredictable, this Charming Cancer will know how deeply your shared love for each other will withstand the test of time.

Princess Diana Tribuite

Pamela Anderson ~July 1, 1967

Jessica Simpson ~ July 101980

Angelica Huston ~ July 8, 1951

Courtney Love ~ July 9, 1964

Kathy Bates ~ June 28, 1948

Liv Tyler ~ July 1, 1977

Meryl Streep ~ June 22, 1949


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      7 years ago

      Beautiful description. I am a Moon Child and I thoroughly enjoyed this article.


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