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The Code of Silence Simplified

Updated on March 18, 2012

What is it?

You may have heard the term used in gangster movies, mob movies, etc but really what is the code of silence? Well its not just a street term made up from people who sell drugs. In fact, the term actually is used in law. When a judge takes there oath in, their is the code of silence.Police, lawyers, lots of society's big businesses also use this. Their is sightly different meanings to the term under each group that uses this but the overall message is the same. TO STAY QUIET ON CERTAIN THINGS. So i am here to share with you not what is kept behind the closed doors because i wouldn't know but in fact what the code of silence means. So you maybe wondering how do i know or where did i learn this? Well i have studied this meaning for quiet some time. Please note, I am not exposing anyone in anyway, these are just some theories mixed in with some examples and fact. Take this as you will, but please do read on.

In the Law

In the law it means they are obligated to silence when speaking about any situation unless being served by the court which they serve under. They can't speak to your friend or family about any issues they have documented unless they have permission too. For judges it means they can't go and tell their friends or family about any cases they have. Even the President of the united states is obligated to the code of silence. He can't public speak on certain issues. So these are just some examples of the code of silence in law. I really don't know all the details under these codes but i do know they exist. You can always use google, or use your local library to look for more information on this.

Mobs, Gangs, Clicks

Well even some college groups that you join some of them require the code of silence they are called clicks, or fraternities. Mobs, Gangs, etc also use this code. For college groups it means that if they choose to bully or bring in another person they all swear to be silent on what they saw no matter what happens. Mobs or gangs it means to say nothing about what they saw or do. So what happens when this code is broken? Well it depends upon the group, mob, or gang. I honestly don't know much about the latter. I do know that each take it very serious and it can be very bad for that person.

In closing

The code of silence is very serious and you best take the oath seriously(if you take it). These groups of individuals range from high in power to the person on the street. The really ironic thing is that a lot of people don't compare the two. When in fact the law is run by a set of rules, so are these groups, and street life. The reason for this blog is simply to speak with readers so they can see another opinion on the code of silence. So examples of how it is used. You be the judge, but in my simplest words the code of silence is being able to keep your mouth closed unless you are given an order from someone directly above your position. Violation of the terms can be subjected to extreme punishment in the form of which they chose fits for what you have leaked. My best advice is to know who you are dealing with. :)


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