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The Collective Hate of Wealth and Its Threat to the Soul

Updated on August 29, 2012

Questions Concerning Our Government's Moral Authority

Is it true to say that those who hold contempt for the wealthy and its “material” counterpart are free of materialism in their hearts? Is it not fair to say that those who are focused on material ends in their hearts are in fact more materialistic than those who became wealthy by merely following their hearts? Can a poor man be just as greedy and selfish as a rich man? If one values only “wealth” as a measurement of a man, is it not fair to say then that though he be poor, his attitude serves only selfish ends and is just as materialistic as one who strives in life to be merely wealthy? And, if so, is his attitude just as “greedy” and morally bankrupt as that man who strives to unlawfully gain his wealth at the expense of others? Is one who is jealous of the wealthy just like a “miser” in his heart who will exploit his workers for his own selfish and greedy ends? Are all poor men good and all rich men evil? Or, in the alternative, are all rich men good and all poor men evil?

Is there a jealousy of soul of the successful individual because he reflects our own souls back upon ourselves, or is it truly unfair that some do better materially than others? If the goal of our government is income distribution, is it not also true that that effort can only be seen as an effort to win favor for its authority? If the moral dilemma for the liberals in our country is appealing to the “have-nots” by its denigration of the wealthy, what will it do when a person succeeds above others with the little he or she has? In other words, where will it end? If everyone were granted, for example, an income of $35,000 a year (for a family of four), would it not create some persons that would do better with that salary than others? What moral restraint will the government then impose on that soul? Will the government then break into the homes of such persons and demand they sleep more so others are not made to feel inferior by their frugalness? Will the people than strive for favor by an authority at the expense of others thus creating an inequality and greater rift than we have now? What strife would be quieted under the authority’s plan? To those who say they are prepared to submit to this authority, are you also prepared to submit to a suffering as a result of this authority that no individual would have the power to alleviate?

Who then is persuaded that wealth in and of itself evidences “selfishness” and/or “greed” at the exclusion of hard work and a good moral character? Sure, there will always be those who are unlawful – but this is true of the poor man as much as the wealthy man. And who is persuaded that the poor fellow who has inner gifts of his own cannot rise to fulfill his dream and forge his own destiny? Sure, one can find a bad apple in every bunch but why does this current administration believe it solves some great moral dilemma when it chastises the wealthy? One would have to be a pure fool to suggest any person’s success in life can be judged good or evil on the basis of whether he achieves wealth or not; and yet all the “collectives” (a/k/a liberals) are promoting this attitude as a justified political means to promote their own authority.

But once our government begins to denigrate the wealthy under the guise of “justice” for the “have-nots,” it cannot therefore claim no responsibility for anyone’s fate or position in the future. And it is here that the rich and poor can agree. For it is a grave mistake – and in fact arrogant – if any government believes it can succeed without destruction to many and the economy as a whole, to direct the whole of the economy. If the desire is for a planned economy, it will surely follow that we will soon come to know that it is not ourselves that have willed it but only an authority we have allowed to create it.

Individualism is freedom is capitalism that requires “character” within a person and individual control over his or her own destiny. Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success in life is in just showing up.” But this statement is only true in a capitalistic economy. What government but our own – that in a past economy held on average a five percent unemployment rate – does not require everyone to be the same as everybody else? Even if an individual decided they did not want to work, and instead decided to forfeit all their income to write a book, to paint, to become a singer, actress or musician, what country in the world would allow any individual to decide for themselves the direction of their own lives – to risk their own economic lives – than the former capitalism in the United States? Think about it. Think real hard about what we are giving up when we embrace the authoritarian government the liberals want us to have.

They are liars for sure. That anyone be convinced government intrusion in our lives will quiet our desires is a fool – and if they think they will be insulated by the power of that authority their whole lives is a waste. We forget – and so soon we have – that deep in our souls we want freedom more than wealth. We may be deceived for want of power but a moment; but please do not be deceived of power forever because if you are, when you wake up one day the promise of power will be replaced by that fierce desire for a freedom not truly forgotten. Do not believe for a moment you have forgotten what freedom is. As an American, it is in your soul and it will never die.


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