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The Core Values of the United States Air Force

Updated on October 30, 2015

The first value is an important one not only for the Air Force and the military but also for us as individuals. It seems or at least appears that this value is missing in much of our society. The value or principle is that of integrity. Integrity is a principle we should all embrace including those who are tasked with preparing the leaders of tomorrow in our education system. This principle should be considered as the “mother of all core values” as described on the Air Force website. It is also been described on their site as the “cornerstone for building trust” and the “glue that ties us all together.” I could not agree more.

It is important for all of us to have trust in other individuals and companies with which we do business and interact on a daily basis. Another statement or quote on the Air Force website is that integrity is “the fundamental premise of service in a free society.” Again I could not agree more. Individuals and even companies say many things which are often not backed up with action. If an individual or company commits to doing something it must be backed up with action.

The Air Force along with other military along with other military departments deserves our support each and every day not only from us as individuals but from our government. The principles or core values of the various military organizations are one example of why we should provide this support. The primary reason for our support is they are comprised of individuals who sacrifice and serve our country to protect the freedoms we enjoy as granted under the Constitution.
Individuals who serve take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and make a promise to live by the rule of law and the foundational principles upon which the Constitution is based. Trust as an element of integrity is important for it to exist between the military services and the free society they serve. Our military is our line of defense to protect our rights under the Constitution and in some cases keep us safe. Recent events have identified how dangerous being in the military can be for it does not matter whether you are in a foreign country or right here in the United States. The ultimate sacrifice has been made many times.

Competence is a value that is important for us in our daily jobs but this factor has or can have a more devastating impact. The competence of our military especially when combat is involved can mean the difference between surviving and being killed. This involves not only the action of an individual but the actions of a group of individuals for without the existence of competence in the military individuals can put others at risk.

The core value of courage is something we all should have as part of the principles we embrace but this element is especially important in the military. Individuals who serve in the military have must have the courage to make this kind of decision. Courage not fear is important fear not being a bad thing but having the courage to face the unknown which many in the military face every day in areas which are not considered safe. Courage can also involve having the knowledge that they have received the training and equipment to keep them safe.

Courage also involves several other characteristics. We as individuals often make mistakes and it takes courage to admit to others the mistakes we make. In the military it also takes courage to discipline others and stick to your principles such as the core values discussed in this article for the Air Force. There are many individuals who have the courage to put their lives on the line or at least at risks when circumstances require such action or decision to be made. We hear stories about such individuals not so much in the Air Force but the same courage can exist in cases of war or combat if a Air Force plane is shot down in less than safe territory.

Tenacity and patriotism are important qualities to embrace for individuals who enter the Air Force to serve their country with respect to their capabilities. The definition of tenacity from states it is the state of holding on to an idea or thing very strongly. In the military this characteristic or core value as an individual requires that individuals and groups have the ability to stand fast in the face of adversity and to maintain the resolve over time.

We all have our definition of patriotism but it is quite evident that it exists in all of the military branches. An individual serving or has served our country is evidence at least in part of a love of and devotion for the principles upon which this country was found. It also involves devotion and motivation to endure strict discipline and significant sacrifice some the ultimate sacrifice but yet they do it every day. Each individual entering the military take an oath to support and defend the Constitution and gives a significant depth not only to this allegiance but the courage to make this kind of decision.

Last but not least is the service of those individuals who serve or have served in the military giving their time for our welfare. Many individuals give time to serve others. In this respect this trait or characteristic is a common fabric of our society but the military has an impact on the need for our common defense. The defense of the Constitution and our rights is the call of the Air Force and other military branches. Service to country is sometimes a thankless job especially with the support or lack of it from our government. The strength of our military is being sacrificed through budget cuts for the sake of the budget but there is nothing more important that providing the necessary funds to have a strong military not a weakened one. The world is a far different place than in years past and our military should not have their budget cut and the numbers reduced but increased. We need and this includes all of us to support the needs our military. Granted there have been technological changes but technology does not replace the need for humans when it comes to protecting the freedoms on which this country was found.


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