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The Crusader: Israel and Palestine conflict.

Updated on October 1, 2012

A look at the long standing conflict between Israel and Palestine can make one wonder when the conflict started. It is better called a struggle rather than a conflict because the writer of this article views it as a long struggle for the Holy Land, Jerusalem. This is because both parties have an interest in the Holy Land mostly for religious reasons and as such it has not been easy for either side to let go.

Frankly speaking, just as the writer, many people thought that the struggle started when the West agreed and decided that the Israelite should return to their alleged land. However, the writer realized that the battle for the Holy Land has been a long standing battle between Christians, in the form of the Crusaders, and Muslims. There were many battles because of Jerusalem and who controls it. A battle the Knight Templar were active in and it was alleged that following the effort of the Muslim, Saladin, and his recovery of Jerusalem in which the Christians lost. The Christian powers saw no more need for the Knight Templar so that led to the persecution and the burning of their grand master Jacques de Molay for heresy and blasphemy and same people that persecuted them took their wealth which some people believe was the main aim of the persecution.

The struggle between Israel and Palestine for the holy land do not look much different from that in the past. However, it seems a new strategy was taken to avoid it being noticed as such if not one would not understand the decision by the West who are Christians as a decision body to introduce Israel into the Middle East when they know the possibilities of crisis arising from it and no proper arrangements were made to avoid any conflict before such introduction was made. Let us assume that the implications were not well calculated before the introduction or decision was made but now that it is clear that lives are being lost what serious effort is being made to end the conflict?

The main problem is that while many Christians support the Jews; many Muslims support the Palestine so it becomes difficult for a reasonable and strict decision to be taken to end the conflict and the world leaders look helpless in this respect because unlike in other countries where they used force to end conflict, they could not do it in this case because of what is involved, religion, yet they initiated it either knowingly or unknowingly by their decision to continue the crusade but this time they used the Israelite.

The way out of the situation is to end the long crusade between Christians and Muslims which has now involved the Jews. The interest of the writer is that lives are being lost from both sides and leaders appear biased because they value friendship more than human lives. There is no reason why both parties can not live together side by side in peace and use the Holy Land for their mutual benefit and spiritual growth but it is their decision to take else the struggle would continue and as predicted by some mystics will lead to Armageddon, someday.


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