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The Cyclonic Komen in India and Bangladesh

Updated on August 19, 2015

Komen,the Cyclonic Storm



Cyclone Komen out of deep Depression in Bangladesh and India

Komen is a dutch word which means 'to come' or 'to hapen'. This Komen has come in south Asia to destroy a vast parts of India and Bangladesh taking innumerable lives helplessly.There had been a lot of other calamities found in this part of Asia but this is something different from the others like Aila, Phailon etc. Komen is the cyclonic storm formed out of a depression made up from the Bay of Bengal over the Chittagong of Bangladesh. After it had formed a deep depression with heavy rains which had been downpouring incessant rains from Bangladesh to India. Indian states like West Bengal , Odisha, Manipur, Jharkhand etc are badly affected with those of Bangladesh's. West Bengal and Odisha are the worst among affected states of India.

History of Natural Calamities in Bangladesh and India:-

There had been several horrific natural disasters in Bay of Bengal since 1970. The inhumane gigantic gust of 1970 butchered a large number of people. Aila hit south Bengal to create a panic in 2009. Phailan,the cyclone compelled people to be homeless in 2013 in these areas.

History of Natural Disaster Over Bay of Bengal

Name of Calamity
Natural Disaster

Komen in Bangladesh

Komen in Bangladesh

“A slow-moving monsoon depression that has already unleashed lethal amounts of rain in South Asia formed into a tropical cyclone over the northern Bay of Bengal Wednesday.” Komen made landfall in Bangladesh. It started with 40-50kmph and speeded up by 70-80kmph. According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, Komen made landfall in the coastal regions surrounding south-eastern Bangladesh between Hatiya and Sandwip. Since Thursday afternoon, it had moved north-east .

Heavy Rains

There had been a repeated heavy rainfall in Bangladesh.Chittagong was over flooded with a heavy rain above 800 millimetre only within a three-day period from 24th . Bangladesh Meteorological Department reported that Cox Bazar had seen a downpour of 1000 millimetre in a three day duration since 24th July.It is noteworthy that the average rainfall of this area is 924.6 millimetre a month. Since 8:30 am on Thursday, heavy to very heavy rain was recorded over coastal regions of Bangladesh. 134 mm of rain in Rangamati, 93 mm Tacnaf, 74 mm in Cox Bazar, 65.4 mm in Chaudanga and 56 mm in Feni etc were recorded .

Casualties in Bangladesh

Five people were found dead in Cox Bazar on Monday. Six people were missing and two died when a boat was capsized with the coming of komen on Wednesday. Other two died as trees fell down on them. A wall caused one to death.

Casualties in Mayanmar

At least 20 people died out of flooding for the devastating squally Komen in Mayanmar, especially in western and central regions. Inhabitants of 17000 homes became homeless. Load shedding prevailed in some parts of the western part of the towns. Power supplies were cut off due to such a havoc blustery weather.

A Three Day Raining

Cox Bazar

Affect of Komen in West Bengal


Komen in West Bengal

Komen in West Bengal

Komen entered into West Bengal after it had devastated the coastal Bangladesh. The cyclone moved over Murshidabad, Nadia, north 24 Parganas, south 24 Parganas, Birbhum,Bankura and then towards Jharkand .

Precautionary Arrangements

Fishermen were given warning not to venture into deep sea for Komen would come to make a stormy sea.Mamta banerjee cut her London visit short to supervise and inspect the condition herself and to speed up the rescue and relief operations.. Administrators were directed to stay prepared . Districs of East Midnapore, North and South 24 Parganas, Hooghly, Howrah, Birbhum and Burdwan in West Bengal had been alarmed for Komen’s coming followed by a heavy to heavier downpour. Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee cut her London visit short to inspect and supervise precautionary arrangements in the state with enough rehabilitation promptness. A special task force to fight against this nature’s enmity had been formed urgently .227 relief camps had been put up to cope with the situation.26,000 people of seven panic stricken districts had inhabited these camps. A helpline no had been declared by the state government of West Bengal. In West Bengal ,the DMD(Disaster Management Department) said,"Altogether 1,537 relief camps have been set up to shelter over 2.14 lakh marooned people and 204 medical camps have been opened,"

Damages and Deaths:-

Disaster Management Department reported that there died 48 people from heavy rains and floods till on Sunday."Altogether 1,537 relief camps have been set up to shelter over 2.14 lakh marooned people and 204 medical camps have been opened," . Nearly 37 lakh people were affected.38,046 houses were destroyed and 2,05,901 houses collapsed partly. The havoc flood damaged crop over an area of 4,72,645 hectares.

Komen and its Affect in Odisha

Heavy Rains in Five Districts

Five districts; Jajpur, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Bhadrak and Balasore of Odisha have been flooded by a heavy rainfall in the coastal area of the state.

Precautionary Arrangements:-

Danger signal no 5(D-V) was raised alarmingly to make the ports alert.Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) G V V Sarma said, “Keeping the possible impact of cyclone Komen in mind, the district collectors have been directed to remain alert to meet any eventuality," Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force entered into the relief operations and tried to recover as much as possible.

Over-flooding Areas with Overflowing River Water

The three rivers Subarnarekha, Budhabalang and Baitarani were flowing fast. According to Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) G V V Sarma the 358 villages under 11 Blocks and one ULB in five districts like Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Bhardak and Balasore were submerged under water .

Deaths and Damages:-

3.93 lakh people were affected. 358 villages under 11 Blocks and one ULB in five districts like Mayurbhanj,Keonjhar, Jajpur, Bhardak and Balasore were flooded. 60 villages were marooned even after the rain stopped.4.79 lakh people of 597 villages under 15 Blocks and one ULB in five districts namely Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Bhardak and Balasore were reported being flooded heavily latest.

Relief Operation after Flood

About 4 lac people were badly affected in the stormy flood . 158 quintals of flattened rice and 15.6 quintals of molasses were given to the affected people in the districts of Balasore and Mayurbhanj. Houses were drowned.The five ODRAF units and one NDRF unit were deployed in the hit districts to play pivotal role in relief operations. The special relief commissioner (SRC) G V V Sarma said of late,”About 4.79 lakh people of 597 villages under 15 Blocks and one ULB in five districts like Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Bhardak and Balasore.

Komen and Its Affect in Other States

Subsequently, Jharkhand, Nagaland, Mizoram,Manipur, Tripura and parts of Assam were also predicted to pour heavy showers. Sea condition became angry .

At least 21 people were killed after the heavy rain had made a landslide in Khenjoy of Manipur. This has caused the rescue operation slow.

A "heavy to very heavy" rainfall in Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya and south Assam on Friday hit havoc.

An isolated places in Jharkhand over the next two days made the situation worse.

The depression over Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh turned to "well marked low pressure " over West Rajasthan and surrounding regions. Rainfall was predicted over Gujarat region, Daman, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Saurashtra, Kutch Diu, West Madhya Pradesh for 48 hours.

Relief in 12 Affected Districts in West Bengal

Relief Camps
Medical Camps

Some Cyclone Related Numbers in Odisha

Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Bhardak and Balasore
Villages Affected
People Affected

Komen Enhances Rains Flow On Roads



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    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 2 years ago from Somewhere in India

      yes, so horrifying but inevitable. More we help more lives get relieved. Your wish is sure to make them safe and secure.

    • Pollyanna Jones profile image

      Pollyanna Jones 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      It must be so frightening to see a weather event like this coming in, and having no realistic means to escape it. I hope that they get all the support and care needed to recover and rebuild their lives.