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The Daily Weird #5 (Brazilian clown in parliament)

Updated on July 1, 2013
An honest clown or just a clown?
An honest clown or just a clown? | Source

Who's Afraid of Clowns? Not Brazilians.

Running as a clown, because he is one, Francisco Silva, also known as Grumpy the Clown campaigned his way into the new Brazillian congress. He ran on platforms such as, “It can't get any worse" and "What does a federal deputy do? Truly, I don't know; but vote for me and you'll find out."

The people, apparently tired of all the bull usually fed them during campaigns, responded to the honest campaigning of Grumpy by voting him in to a tune of more than twice the votes of the runner up. (Loser #1)

While the majority of citizens were happy with their choice, those who opposed having a real, live, honk-your-horn clown in parliament have protested. Grumpy the Clown is now being subjected to a series of literacy tests. In Brazil, unlike the United States, you have to be able to read and write if you are a member of congress. We should have thought of that.

According to Brazilian Judge, Walter de Almeida Guilherme, preliminary findings show that, the clown can “read and write”. The full results of the literacy test will be announced on Friday.

I, for one, hope he passes. Birthdays at the Parliament will be much more fun for Brazilians. I wonder if he owns a unicycle?


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    • sueroy333 profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Mills 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      Pcunix- I shoot water out of my fake flower at you. Not because I disagree, but because it's fun to shoot water out of fake flowers.

      I lower my head and my stone. My clown wig is in my closet.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 

      7 years ago from SE MA

      I wish to protest this discriminatory attitude toward clowns.

      Who among us has not worn a clown suit and donned a bulbous red nose? Let he who is without a clown wig cast the first stone, I say!

    • ChrisLincoln profile image


      7 years ago from Orange (or Lemon...) County, California

      Ooooh, Jester, Good One.

      I'll start small, like being in charge of my own life, and move on.

      And clowns are scary,

      Jesters, not so much...

    • sueroy333 profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Mills 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      Chris. I am nothing, if not wise. (which probably means I'm nothing)

      Answers to your thought-provoking questions are as follows:

      #1. Clowns are scary. This makes them funny to those of us who aren't scared.

      #2 A pie in the face is funny. It's funny because it's encouraging people to eat without forks.

      #3. The big shoes are not funny. Clowns wear big shoes because only people with size 20 feet or larger are allowed to be clowns.

      #4. You are correct. Clowns and politics cannot be separated. It would be like switching all the beer to O'douls in bars and seeing if the bars would stay in business. It would be fun to try, but failure is pretty assured.

      #5. Agreed. Democracy is great, but all the morons and crazies shouldn't be allowed to participate. (I want to be the person to decide who is a moron and who is a crazy).

      #6. I see that you would like to be king. I understand your desire, as I, too like to order people around and wear cool-looking robes. I don't think She-Who-Is-Adored will let you, though. It's difficult to let go of a good jester.

    • ChrisLincoln profile image


      7 years ago from Orange (or Lemon...) County, California

      Sue, I'm here, just had to run a few errands...


      Are Clowns funny?

      Why is a pie in the face supposed to be funny?

      What the heck is up with the big shoes?

      I believe in strict separation of clowns and politics, never seem to get my wish though. The problem is this whole democracy thing. I mean really, would you ever invite everybody to anything in your life? No, you'd be selective, even in your town.

      Personally, I think its time to try the King thing again. And, yes, I'll take on that burden. I believe I was born to impose my will on everyone, but I'll have to ask She-Who-Is-Adored if I can go out and play....


    • sueroy333 profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Mills 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      Good comment, Judy (who is not my mom).

      If he became happy, would that mean he had joined the ranks of the un-politically corrupt?

      Thanks for reading!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      May he'll change his name to "Happy" clown, that is if he can get away from the politics of it all!

      You did god!

    • sueroy333 profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Mills 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      Jane-so true. Just when you think it can't get any worse-it so does. It'll be interesting to follow Grumpy on his new career path.

      As soon as it's finished sitting and fermenting a bit, The Daily Weird #6 will be re-edited and posted. To make up for the lack of toiletry issues yesterday, todays article will include flinging poop.... :)

    • Jane Bovary profile image

      Jane Bovary 

      7 years ago from The Fatal Shore

      Those crazy I love that campaign slogan, "it can't get any worse". Hahaha..oh yes, it can.

      Thanks for passing on this piece of (poopless) news.

    • sueroy333 profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Mills 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      I was in a hurry this morning, and can tell by the lack of response, I should have added the word "poop" in somewhere in this article.

      I'll do better next time.


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