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Severe Weather Warning: Ice Storms

Updated on July 28, 2016

In an era of unpredictable weather patterns, ice storms have blanked the United States more than normal. Winters have been particular harsh. From major sections of the Midwest to the south and toward the upper East Coast, ice storms have disrupted the lives and affairs of millions of Americans, shutting down schools and businesses and making life difficult for everyone.

An ice storm forms when frozen rain fall upon objects and surfaces in the environment, and then accumulates until it weights down power lines, tree limbs and other flexible objects. Thick ice glaze accumulate upon streets and sidewalks, making mobility extremely difficult.

Ice storms can wreck extreme havoc upon many areas of society. The lives of people are shattered time and time again.

The impact of these ice storms can produce many damaging effects that can be felt across the entire nation.

Impact of Ice Storms on Society

Flight cancellations and delays, as a result of massive ice storms have also caused undue frustration to passengers. During the holiday seasons many passengers were unable to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Some families look forward to holiday reunions all year long. They may have purchased expensive gifts and planed special activities only to miss the chance to submit them. Sure, gifts can be given any time of the year, but the holiday, especially Christmas, can mean so much more because of an ongoing family tradition.

Highway pileups, some of which are fatal, are common in this type of weather. Attempting to drive on ice is like trying to run on marbles. Traction is terrible and control is lost, especially when a driver is going to fast or falling too closely behind other motorist. Many pile ups happen this way. But to maintain some kind of safety, the ideal distance between cars in slippery and icy condition should be two car lengths.

Storm Preparedness

Are You Prepared for an Ice Storm?

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Schools have also suffered from damaging ice storms. Many cities and counties have shut down schools because school buses were incapacitated. Yes, even massive school buses are unable to move safely across icy roads and streets without endangering the lives of school children. The bus may slide into ditches or run into buildings or other automobiles. Worse yet, other drivers may slam into the buses which are filled with children. The dangers are unpredictable. Nevertheless, if children are not in school they cannot learn and teachers cannot teach. As a result, the flow of learning is interrupted.

Cost of Ice Storms

Ice storms cause major financial cost for"

  • Airlines
  • Schools
  • local business
  • Homes

Ice storms have been responsible for massive power outages in many states. The normal lives of people in their homes are interrupted when there is no access to electricity. For example, basic necessities such as taking a shower, making a cup of coffee, or fixing warm bowl of oatmeal for the kids are prevented. In addition, families often find out how dependent they are upon their computers, cable television as well as social media channels, such as face book, twitter and you tube.

People also make many unplanned visits to the hospital due to broken knees and elbows. Many people walk outside of their homes expecting to go to work but suddenly find themselves on their backs with cracked elbows, broken hands and tail bones. As a result, unexpected medical bills pile up, perhaps leading to added financial pressure.

Furthermore, the business community also suffers greatly when massive ice storms occur. Retailers and businesses don’t get customers, and as a result may lose many sales. Many small, struggling companies depend on everyday sales to stay afloat. When ice storms keep customers away from two or three days, small business fill the pinch more than larger ones.

Preparing for Ice Storms

Being prepared to deal with an ice storm is the first step in avoiding danger and staying safe. A smart choice is not to go out in it at all unless it is a genuine necessity. That means if you have to go to work because others are depending on you. For instance, if you are a doctor or nurse, your presence is very much needed for the sake of the patience.

If you have to travel or get caught in an ice storm, make sure you have a smart phone and other survival tools and resources in case you get involved in an accident or get stranded upon the road. Having a phone is a necessity in order to stay in contact with loved ones or friends who may be worried about you.

In addition, if you are aware of an ice storm, try to be extra layers of clothing in case you happen to fall multiple times while walking to your destination. Falling is guaranteed if the surface is glazed with ice. Some people were soft elbow or knee pads underneath their regular clothing in order to lessen the impact of a fall. People can save thousands of dollars of medical builds just by preparing themselves for slips and falls.

Here to Stay

Massive ice storms are here to stay. We must always be wary of the dangerous and slippery event. The ever changing weather patterns may even cause ice storms to increase in intensity. Your best bet is to be prepared and ready for all possible scenarios.


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