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The Darkerst Shadows Of Human Misconduct

Updated on March 1, 2017

Please, Lord, Save Me From Your Followers...

Because human existence is finite, naturally we fear the unknown. Because religion lacks scientific validity, any such respective ‘beliefs', by definition, remain faith-based. Because faith, much like impatience, is an emotional hybrid of our own human condition, logically it follows that our own mortality frightens us more than could the actions of any supreme deity.

Regardless of the respective Higher Power, all major belief systems share essentially the same root message: That these Higher Powers are beings of tenderness, compassion and love, not conspiracies and revenge or undue misconduct. Even in the Old Testament, when God would get pissed-off and wipe out whole cities or send pestilence and famine to entire nations, it was for good cause and not simply out of malice. No, the gods of our personal choosing, our respective Higher Powers, are not out to ‘get us.'

So, I never understood the rationale of getting angry at arbitrary faith-oriented beliefs when attempting to cope with the loss of a loved one. Hearing a person utter "I am so mad at God for taking away this person or that person" has always been completely ridiculous to me. Such statements deconstruct the very foundation of our respective spiritual beliefs, basically equating our respective ‘Higher Power' with little more than a street thug.

Equally, such Higher Powers, are not intent upon manipulating us into imperiling the preciousness of human life as pre-conditions for eternal salvation. Nineteen assholes masqueraded behind a misconceived lie entitled ‘Allah's Divine Will' in justifying their actions on September 11th, 2001. However, this notion is nothing new: Amin, Barca, Hitler, Hussein, Custer, Castro, Coresh, Napoleon, Stalin, and all the rest, have equally had their fifteen minutes of genocidistic infamy and called upon the Almighty-of-their-choosing to guide them in their carnage.

Not before human beings grasp these realizations, will our earth be any safer. Until then, the world will continue to be haunted by the darkest shadows of human misconduct. The world will continue to be haunted by the pure evil of which humanity is capable, and the evil pleasure from which some are capable of deriving through such acts.

Jesus or Buddha, Confucius or Allah does not commit terrorism and human tragedy...their followers do. Ironic, is it not, that until human beings take ownership we can't even save ourselves from our own God's followers.

Please, Lord, save me from your followers, and not necessarily your wrath.


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