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The Republican National Convention, circa 2012; Part Two

Updated on September 2, 2012

I must be blunt; the Republican National Convention was not at all what I expected. There were good things and bad about this particular convention. On one hand, I heard so many heart felt, inspiring stories about Mitt Romney as friend, neighbor, husband and father. I cannot help but admire his business credentials. And Mitts own speech humanized him in a way he could never have done on the campaign trail.

But the convention had less appealing aspects as well. Ted Cruz gave us a completely pointless speech; I thought he might have been reenacting "Ronald Reagan's speech at the wall" at one point. Clint Eastwood was a disappointment as well, because he looked like a doddering old man who seemed senile when he spoke to an invisible Obama in a chair. I sincerely hope that the whole thing was scripted, badly, by Romney's people. And Romney himself gave a wholly unoriginal speech. He told us that he would be a better President than Obama, but he never told us how he would do that...

Take his claim that he would create 12 million jobs while in office. Where did he get these wonderful, exciting, bogus numbers from? I have yet to read an economic report from anyone that projects that number as possible. Sure, I would love to see such gains in our national employment rate, and if a President Romney could pull this off, I will eagerly vote to reelect him in 2016. I have grave doubts about his ability to do this, because the economy often has a morbid will of its own.

If not the economy, then Congress. Mitt spoke of his five point plan. He spoke of energy independence. He spoke of many, seemingly unrelated plans that sound good right about now. What do all of these plans have in common? They've got to get through Congress, first. Assuming the Democrats somehow hold on to the Senate, none of these plans will go foreword during Romney's first two years in office. But come the mid-terms, in November, Romney's party will probably receive a shellacking of its own. It would, after all, be in keeping with recent election patterns. Either way, Romney will not be able to keep all of those promises he has made.

Romney delivered a speech that succeeded in humanizing him, but that failed to give undecided voters (what few there are left) any substance. He made grand claims, and did not lay out a ground work for them. He tells us why he wants us to vote for him, but not how he will accomplish his goals once in office. He made me like him. He did not make me want to vote for him.

Overall, the convention seemed rather lackluster, with the high points being the speeches by Chris Christie and Paul Ryan. I do not think that the Republican National Convention raised a high bar for the Democrats in Charlotte.


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    • eternals3ptember profile image

      Col. Duke LaCross (...Okay, maybe I lied) 

      6 years ago from Sherman Oaks (Not the Nice Part, Unfortunantly)

      But Romney will be better?

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      Your mind was made up against the RNC so why bother watching it.

      Obama failed, end of story.

    • Wizard Of Whimsy profile image

      Wizard Of Whimsy 

      6 years ago from The Sapphire City

      I thought it wen beyond circus into the world of the bizarre . . .


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