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Power and Greed Can Lead to Revolution

Updated on November 25, 2016
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Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

Answers That Are Better Than Democracy Or Revolution

Imagine sitting in a window viewing the chaos in the world today. What would you think if you had never heard the words, violence, #revolution or democracy? Consider the word, "revolution" which is in the news a lot today. Revolution is defined as, "a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving; the overthrow of a government by those who are governed. A fundamental change in power or organizational structures that take place in a relatively short period of time." With these definitions, do you really think that the world is going in the right direction to gain true freedom? Consider carefully, the people's revolutions in #Egypt and now in Lybia. There are deadly clashes across both countries where hundreds if not thousands will die, all for the pursuit of freedom or #democracy. Once this democracy is obtained; will it benefit each and every citizen within these countries? Because in the end, that is exactly what each citizen wants, "true freedom" and happiness.

Now, let's pretend you are the individual sitting in that window, viewing the chaos not only in #Lybia where Gaddafi or as some news reporters have spelled it, Gadhafi is ruling presently. You've watch the battles of Lybia's citizens. There are reportedly, armed civilian supporters of #Gaddafi, who set up checkpoints where individuals cannot freely roam the streets without being shot or killed. Innocent blood is poured out on the streets of Lybia, simply because its people want their flamboyant and somewhat strange leader to resign. He has ruled Lybia for more than 40 years and now they just want him to go. Gaddafi's interviews, cause him to appear unrealistic, as he express the love Lybians still have for him. Gaddafi even believed outside forces have brought in hallucinogenic drugs, to taint the minds of his people against him. Even if any aspects of these statements were true, why would the citizens of Lybia, willingly give their lives in this revolution for this freedom or democracy, that they already have? People do not rebel, if they are happy with their leaders. Is it also true that one of the problems the citizens of Lybia might have, is the billions of frozen assets that may exist just here in the United States, owned by Gaddafi? Why do these leaders have billions of dollars and the people of their countries continue to struggle in order to survive? Do we once again see aspects of greed based on a leader's part? As a viewer from the window, looking at this world, an answer is desperately needed.

Another major news story concerning the people's revolution was recently in Cairo, Egypt. Citizens fought vigorously and some gave their lives for #freedom and liberal democracy. Many of them that were interviewed as they talked about hatred for their leader Hosni Murbarak. They were tired of poverty, although their ruler was a billionaire and the owner of many homes throughout the world. Is this another situation where #greed was the practice of its leader and the citizens was tired of the abuse? After the resignation of Murbarak as a leader in Egypt, the people were jubilant. They rejoiced in the streets for days. Some referred to Murbarak's resignation as, "internet revolution;" where he was forced to resign "due to the pressures imposed upon by the media." The possibility of the American discovery of facebook, was also used to organize hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who brought Murbarak's regime to its abrupt finality. Regardless, of what caused him to resign, the prospect of "true freedom" and democracy is now within their grasp. If you are watching the developments in Egypt, from that window, will this liberal democracy be a source of true happiness for its citizens?

Within the United States there have been activities of rebellion or revolution. Currently, within the city of Ferguson, Missouri, the death of Michael Brown, a black youth who was shot and killed by Darwin Wilson, a white police officer. This scenario has caused total chaos by daily protests, violence and looting. Michael Brown, was unarmed and shot more than six times by officer Wilson. Now the black community of Ferguson, want justice for Michael Brown. Workers in Wisconsin protested against the governor's budget because they were concerned about the loss of benefits. Their determination for the protection of rights, were powerfully demonstrated for days. In other school systems, teachers are especially concerned about their lack of pay and concerns for the educational system. High gas prices and unemployment is still major concerns here in the United States. Once again, if you are sitting in that window looking at the people in America, would you say that the citizens, although they have freedom and democracy, are happy?

There are very few humans that we can say. are truly free and happy. Whether they are sources of "true freedom" and democracy, happiness escapes them. Regardless of the governmental arrangement, people are uneasy and restless. We all desire true freedom and happiness as humans. It is not always about money because the majority of us realize, "money does not make you happy." So, what is the answer and who would know what is best to make us happy and free? As humans, are we created by a Creator; who has the answer somewhere in a manual, that we have thrown away or just don't read? If this manual does exist, would it give us answers that could help us to be free and happy? We are one hundred percent infected with sin and in need of help because we cannot always direct our own steps. The Bible at 1John 5:19 says, "We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of evil one."(New International Version 2010) If this "evil one" is the powerful satan the devil, his unwholesome influences does effect the thought process of some world leaders, causing such things as greed and slavery of their people. So even with democracy, humans can become very selfish and self centered, which are clearly traits of the "evil one."

Within a recent article of The Watchtower magazine, detailed information presented about how a true Christian, "might break their exclusive relationship with Jehovah. Note that greediness is linked to idolatry. That is because the object of one's desire, such as riches or luxuries, can become so controlling in life that it takes on the role of a powerful god." Greed can lead to idolatry and is connected to all other sinful practices. Our faith and trust in Almighty God and his word the Bible can keep us from these detrimental traits. For more information on how to protect yourself from greed and idolatry, go to www.

Our Creator reminds us, "Do not put trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. When their spirits departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing." (Psalms 146:3,4) Yes, #Satan is powerful but Jehovah God and his son Jesus are more powerful. That is why we need the love and understanding of our Creator, in this temporary walk through life. After all, we are here one day and gone the next. Almighty God is the only one who can restore us back to life just as he resurrected his own son Jesus Christ. That is why Jesus taught us to pray for that kingdom, in the Lord's prayer at Matthew 6:9-15. That kingdom will give us "true freedom" and happiness that will last forever because there will be "no death, sickness, pain or sorrow." What a world to look forward to, from the window of life in the future.

Greed in the pharmaceutical industry effects the health and cost for patients. This video is featured on YouTube.


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